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Self esteem is primarily the cumulative result of a set of judgements, what you have allowed yourself  to believe about yourself.  The lack of a positive attitude affects judgements about your adequacy across a range of dimensions such as intellectual competence, social skills, appearance and physical co-ordination. Your sense of self esteem is what informs yourself and others about "who" and "what" you think you are.
Suitable for All Levels - No matter what your current speaking level you will be made to feel comfortable.
If following your training with Speech Makers you are in any way unhappy with the outcome please speak to us and your fee will be fully refunded if you so desire.
Bush kindy allows children to take part in a program that progressively develops self esteem, confidence and an awareness of the natural world. The Brisbane Academy of Dance offers a wide range of qualified teachers in all areas of dance. At Brisbane Academy of Dance we encourage our students to enjoy and excel in all areas of dance, whether it's practising in class or performing on stage.
Dance tuition improves not only co-ordination and rhythm but helps increase the level of concentration and self-esteem in children.

At BAD we nurture these developments in all students and encourage them to achieve and perform to their greatest potential. If you are looking at this page you already realise that your low self esteem can negatively affect every aspect of your life, from work to relationships. Often, people with low self esteem are those who set impossible, rigid or inflexible standards for themselves.
From the first time I heard him speak I was impressed with the way he engaged and entertained the audience including myself.
Each session includes unhurried time for exploration within the bush, stories, a sharing circle and a growing appreciation for the environment and its inhabitants. They all have an energetic approach to teaching and encourage students to achieve their personal best at all times. I believe it is important to provide all students with a positive environment to grow and focus on developing their inner talents. My goal is to teach our students to love dance and have confidence in themselves and their abilities.

I am sure this is in part due to his fantastic natural sense of humour and quick witted nature. However, getting to know Ted better over the years on a personal and professional level I realize he is a very dedicated and committed presenter.
I have seen him speak at numerous functions in varying roles and always admire the professional way in which he conducts himself.
I truly believe he would make an excellent mentor for anyone looking to take their confidence and presentation skills to the next level. His knowledge and inspiration has certainly assisted me in my personal development and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

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