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When I picture someone who defines “healthy self-esteem,” this is a person who accepts that life isn’t perfect and rolls with the punches.
The term healthy self-esteem is used to define a normal waxing and waning of how you feel about yourself in terms of managing everyday life. Healthy self-esteem takes practice and getting to know who you are, your moods, your likes and dislikes, and your preferences.
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Become aware of your triggers, your vulnerabilities, and how far you waver on the bell curve when feeling sad, blue, or anxious.
Someone with a good relationship with themselves, who embodies healthy self-esteem, is certainly upset by it, yet doesn’t let it take over their life.
This is when the trigger or event is too much to tolerate and you are sent into a spiral of self-doubt and unsettling emotions.
They may find that they are sad, disappointed, or uneasy about their experience, however they recognize that it’s not forever and not all their fault. Rather than going into a cycle of self-blame and fear about what their boss thinks, they accept it, knowing they got there on time and did the best they could.

I think that is the short-term version of healthy self-esteem; someone who truly believes they are doing the best they can. That’s what matters.” The difference here is even though the circumstance sucks, you’re not letting it rule your mood.

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