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Recently, I put together friendship, feelings, and bullying bundle products to make it faster and easier for you to find what you need.
Looking to share a product from One-Stop Counseling Shop with all your colleagues at your organization? Each year, I address the needs of some of the students on my caseload through a check-in, check-out program. I was super excited when I came across Laura Candler’s Multiple Intelligence Survey freebie on TeachersPayTeachers the other day! Recently, I designed a bunch of social skills rubrics covering a variety of skills:  school success, problem-solving, friendship, feelings, communication, and self-esteem goals.
These rubrics were designed to help counselors, teachers, social workers, or SLPs keep track of a student’s progress on school success, problem-solving, friendship, feelings, communication, and self-esteem goals. Triton Central Middle School.Real-life Unit Rate Activity for middle school math broken down step-by-step. Middle School Math - PinterestThis 21st Century Math Project might find its way into a Middle or High School classroom. This activity pack contains 11 social skills, anger management, and social emotional activities in a fun spring theme to use around Valentine’s Day, St. Forms are presented in PDF format (except for editable files in Microsoft Word format) in color and in black and white!

There are tons of things that impact how we view ourselves and our confidence within ourselves (our self-esteem). Because our thoughts and perceptions that we have on ourselves strongly impact our overall view of ourselves it is important to take a look at those and work to make them realistic. There are tons of resources, books,and worksheets available online to help build it but what actually works? One emphasis of a mentor should be to help their mentee to accept themselves and have compassion for themselves. These are vital skills for a child attempting to succeed in school but also for an adult attempting to succeed in many other areas of life.
We often hold ourselves to impossibly high standards and beat ourselves up in our minds for making even the smallest of mistakes.
Many times these instances of negative self talk comes from frustration or a situation that is difficult, to help the child get through the feelings and situation assist them in re-framing (understanding they will need specific examples for the first couple of times) and providing them with guidance, coaching and the necessary assistance. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Rather than having to purchase an additional license for each person, you can just purchase this site license instead. This puts a lot of pressure on us to be successful and adhere to the behaviors and goals that our culture views as valuable.

There may not be a great answer to that question, and perhaps the question should be: Is self-esteem really what we need to be building?
This acceptance and compassion will help the child to become confident in their abilities and talents that they current have. It also leads the child to be able to know that even though a tasks or homework assignment may be hard but with persistence and utilize what resources are available they are able to complete it.
When we focus on self-acceptance we open ourselves to accepting all the facets of ourselves, those that are awesome as well as those parts that need a little work.
Lastly, this compassion will also allow the child to not only listen to recommendations for improvement but also leads the child to look at the parts of themselves they wish to work on.
This workbook is filled with reproducible activity-based handouts with age-appropriate language, graphics, and illustrations intended to help middle and high school students achieve increased self-esteem and learn important life lessons.

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