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Are you a pro or a beginner in the TV, movie or film industry - director, producer, writer, actor - or simply a lover of the seventh art? Our aim is to encourage a motion forward, to develop passions and to activate conscious awareness of what life has to offer.
Peter Hartman, speaker and teacher, enjoys a life of personal empowerment development. Drawing from science, philosophy and spirituality, he aims to be a catalyst to powerful yet simple understanding. In collaboration with Projet RAD, a total of 35 workshops were given to nearly 900 kids including 13 exclusively targeting young people with any disability.
Prima Danse gave free workshops to 350 underprivileged Montreal children who participated in a new outreach program about hypersexualization through dance. As part of the program for artists and organizations involved in cultural-leisure activities, Prima Danse offered dance workshops to multicultural youth at the Poupart recreation centre and the St. As well, the Caisses Desjardins des Mille-Iles and Rosemont–La Petite Patrie sponsored Prima Danse workshops for two schools in their respective districts.

Prima Danse gave eight free dance workshops on self-esteem to four community organizations that help young people with physical, psychological or social disabilities.
This project was made possible through the support of the city of Montreal’s Inclusion and Innovation program.
Prima Danse presented eight free dance workshops to underprivileged children at community organizations to foster awareness about bullying and violence.
Copyright Prima Danse 2012Les evenements Prima Danse est un organisme a but non lucratif qui ?uvre dans le milieu de la danse amateur au Quebec.
Here's an opportunity for like-minded people to meet, talk shop or simply shoot the breeze in a stimulating gathering of the minds. We would like to encourage a community of like-minded individuals focused on personal empowerment.
During the workshops, the students discussed, shared and acted out their thoughts on the subject of hypersexualization, after which they created a dance video free of any sexual connotation.
The aim of the workshops was to get young participants out of their daily routine and encourage them to pursue a creative activity.

Our Montreal group is made up of several divisons and has over 3,700 members which is the largest in the world. Typically, they'll be centered around discussions, though we will also have presentations, lectures and talks, events, activities and live web meetups. On May 5, 2014, the children were invited to a recognition event that featured all the video clips they had produced. In addition to discovering a variety of urban dance styles, the youngsters also learned to work together cooperatively and express their creativity.

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