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Self-esteem can be described as a person’s evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. Join our mailing list to learn about new worksheets, guides, videos, and other great tools for therapists. If you have a client who has difficulty recognizing the good in themselves, this worksheet might be just what you need.
Disclaimer: The resources available on Therapist Aid do not replace therapy, and are intended to be used by qualified professionals.
Parenting means recognizing you clearly are a constant source of embarrassment and know they are also easily embarrassed. If parents push kids to fit the parents’ definitions and back them into a corner to be extremely good, I guarantee that is bad parenting.
Kids today have lost track of who they are because they are caught up with looking beautiful, consumerism, and celebrity. Adolescents are a delicious blend of polarities: they can be very loyal and take you completely for granted. Adolescents can be very creative in ways to get to you because they are oh-so-determined to win. Listen, listen, listen without judgment, and put your hand over your mouth to prevent preaching. Impulsively blowing up is the trap of mirroring their system, of being like them, which is a mistake. When a teen is angry with you, good parenting means acknowledging whatever responsibility you can about the truth.
Raising Korean-born children in Pittsburgh, a city of intense blood connections where adoption is seen as a last resort, I felt compelled to ask my mentor, Sonia Nevis, if there was anything better about adoption than natural birth. For example when you look at colleges are you thinking of what you wish your choices were or are you filtering yourself out and being open to listening to their ideas about the process? Good parenting means trying to be creative about safe ways for adolescents to have power and control. I’m not suggesting support for the culture of indulgence that baby boomers have created for children. A good example of this can be found in the treasure of a book, Empire Falls by Richard Russo.
In parenting, you can make mistakes by being mothers or fathers who are too good or too neglectful.
Make kids feel guilty, then you end up with a lot of unspoken resentments, which totally erodes any relationship. Teenage girls having only crushes and not a steady boyfriend in high school can be a good thing. Some obvious examples of stress are sex, perfect grades, and death (of a peer or a relative). Greater awareness is the first step in any healing process and this is something parents can help out with.
Reachout – this web site from Australia provides information and help to sort things out.
Breaking Her Fall by Stephen Goodwin is a work of fiction that portrays family life in a crisis and the truely meaningful painful work of a parent struggling to maintain connections with his adolescents. Fortunate Lives: A Novel by Robb Forman Dew is a lovely work of fiction if kids are leaving for college.
The Myth of Maturity: What Teenagers Need from Parents to Become Adults by Terri Apter about Thresholders.

Ophelia Speaks: Adolescent Girls Write About Their Search for Self by Sara Shandler is a good book to buy or give to adolescent girls. When No One Understands: Letters to a Teenager on Life, Loss, and the Hard Road to Adulthood by Brad Sachs is a wise book of letters written by a therapist to a young client. Rebecca KiefferRebecca Kieffer, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 16 years experience working with children, adolescents and their families. Rebecca utilizes a holistic and strength based approach to working with children and their families. Professionals who use the tools available on this website should not practice outside of their own areas competency. Adolescence is traditionally a time of pushing boundaries and rejecting values instilled by parents.
It’s a time for risk taking, and being both scared and excited when going off to college is the right mix.
Parents need to have respect for the process along with a balance of clear limits and boundaries.
My biggest improvement with my daughter was to not take things so personally, to be able to be more indifferent. Preaching and complaining can be such a one-dimensional relationship, make the more interesting choice to be curious instead. Adolescents must juggle becoming their singular self, balanced with enduring connections to others. In 2004 there was a research study done in Britain that determined arguments between mothers and daughters are a way to build connections. A big battle I often have with parents is to let their kids define the territory of their room.
Let the kid ride the bus alone downtown, open up a bank account, and wear their hair any way they want.
It’s a dance of energy between support for power and independence, and clarity about limits and boundaries. The character of Miles Robey is really terrific at grabbing those moments for hugs and listening. Martin, who really did see him and had learned who he was during his four years of high school.
All four of these are more specifically described on the Movie Page (they are the first four listed).
In good parenting, it’s your job to remember that stress is not an experience unique to adults.
The proportion of high school students who have had sex has declined from 54% in 1991 to 46% in 2009.
If a child is able to start off the day with a positive outlook then the child will be able to follow directions in class and become a better learner. When it starts to hinder the child is when realistic expectations start to be forgotten and children are expected to do things that are over his head.
She is bi-lingual in Spanish and received her Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Children and Families from the University of Illinois. She incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques from Family Systems Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Attachment Therapy, and Love and Logic into her sessions in order to facilitate growth and healing. These tools are intended to supplement treatment, and are not a replacement for appropriate training. This is compounded by adolescents who often have bad timing when they’re ready to talk.

Kids are so bombarded by bad choices in drinking and oral sex that delay becomes an excellent goal.
Share your own experience of being self-righteous and perhaps they can begin to see themselves. Remember that kids’ brains do not become hard wired for improved judgment until age 25. Insist they make periodic hunts for wet towels, dirty dishes or to un-bury the rug to be vacuumed.
Seeing your son or daughter well, for who they really are, is the whole point of parenting. For example, if a son feels invisible to his mother because she’s obsessed with housekeeping or a career, he is likely to choose girlfriends who do not see him either.
Teenage girls need to get on track with the work of defining themselves and what pleases them. It includes lots of physical and emotional health information, along with inspiring stories.
A child can build self-esteem by forming and maintaining positive relationships with family, friends and other people he comes in contact with, for example, teachers, therapists and other adults. Too much cheerleading can cause the child to lose hold of what is expected and what is required. Rebecca specializes in treating children and adolescents who have faced trauma, abuse, loss and multiple transitions. When my husband told a friend who happened to be a city magistrate about the legal brouhaha, she wished that she had to deal with that kind of problem. Risk asking your teen in what specific ways you are annoying to learn more respect for their point of view, that’s good parenting. A child can also build self-esteem when he hears positive praise, when he does something good or when he is able to learn and master new skills. She has extensive experience in treating children and adolescents with developmental disabilities, behavioral challenges, depression, anxiety, ADHD, adjustment difficulties and attachment disorders within daycares, medical treatment facilities and community mental health centers. Ask them to share a story about some times they have displayed these traits, or just let them take the list home to keep as a reminder of their positive qualities. Have the patience to stick with the superficial because if you listen well the conversation will evolve to important places. You want to take the risk of knowing your kids because there is no greater gift you can give to them or receive from them.
This is the kind of trouble you wish for and it has the added bonus of learning more respect for authority. Often times a barrier can be placed in front of a child that will cause him to lose his self-esteem. It is very intense for everyone in the family to bounce around in all of those possibilities.
Negative comments from people such as adults or bullies are the fastest thing that can tear a child down.

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