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After a quick review of our rules and goal-setting (points), we begin our fourth session.
After a quick review of our rules and goal-setting (points), we begin our fifth session. I know I say this all the time, but Pixar is one of the best resources for school counselors. La Luna is a beautiful story about a young boy learning "the family business." Both his father and grandfather try to push their views, but the boy learns to find his own way. Help elementary students maximize rainy days with Quickschools cloud administration school software. Intramurals - For schools with separate gymnasiums and cafeterias, elementary school students can enjoy daily exercise with an intramural gym activity in the event of rain or snow. Assembly - Another great option is to assemble classes and put on a favorite movie of the children. It is a proud day for parents when a child graduates kindergarten and gets ready to further their education in an elementary school.
Here are a few things parents, teachers and even administrators can do to make the transition from kindergarten to elementary school as smooth as possible with the help of cloud based parent collaboration programs.
After finding out who the homeroom teacher will be for elementary school over parent collaboration programs, set up a time to meet and introduce the student and the teacher. Parents should do all they can to excite students and show that there is nothing to worry about. Learn more about how parent collaboration programs make the transition from kindergarten to elementary school easier for students when you watch our 90 second demo video.
Elementary school is an important time in a young learner’s life, as educational foundations are established. Educational development that starts in the classroom should extend into the evening and into the home. For parents who want to stay completely up to date about their child’s progress, a parent collaboration system gives them the opportunity to receive updates about grades, attendance and behavioral development. To discover how a parent collaboration system can help elementary school parents stay connected and reinforce educational concepts, watch our 90 second demo video.
For students to build self esteem in a constructive manner, the school community as a whole needs to be involved.
With an elementary school management system, there’s no need to wait until conferences for parents and teachers to communicate.
While your school can’t control what happens at home for a particular student, you can help the family work through the situation.
For young students, understanding that they are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed can be more important than understanding advanced educational concepts.
Take a moment to sign up for a free trial and see how an elementary school management system strengthens school communities. Excellent skills in mathematics are an important part of the educational foundation that occurs for elementary school students. To make learning math a little more fun, try these creative ways to get elementary school students engaged and improve their performance in math.
Much of learning math at an elementary school age is achieved through repetition and exercises. Make math social and fun by starting an after-school program that focuses solely on the subject. The Internet is filled with exciting learning opportunities, and you can share your favorites with students and parents over the student information system.
For more information about how school management software plays an important role in education and student performance, watch our 90 second demo video below. On a rainy day the excitement of recess for elementary school students can dwindle into disruptive behavior from being cooped up indoors all day.
To learn more about how school management software can help elementary schools run more efficiently, watch our 90 second demo video below. Teaching in an elementary school is an art that combines creativity and knowledge into an educational learning experience. This classic science experiment never fails to amaze elementary school students, and its very easy to make with household items. With two empty 2-liter bottles and some water, you can recreate the cyclone effect of a tornado. If you want to see smiles and laughter from your elementary school students, play around with the force of static electricity. As you plan science experiments and other creative learning activities, consider how school management software can help.
To learn more about effective teaching techniques and how a school management system can help, watch our 90 second video.
Using creativity in the classroom is an important way that elementary school teachers can keep their students engaged throughout the school day.
Learn more about how school management software can help teachers create learning activities for elementary school students, watch our 90 second video below. Many elementary school teachers understand that in order to keep students interested in the learning process, creative homework assignments are a must. Instead of pouring through books of homework assignments, teachers can generate their own using a school management system.
Assigning homework can be difficult for some teachers, but using a student information system makes it easy to get started. Besides, creating online homework assignments also presents a whole new world of possibilities for the student. For more information about how teachers can make online homework assignments that inspire elementary school students, take a moment to watch our 90 second demo video below. An emerging trend in research into how we learn is that the ability to focus for an extended period is one of the most important skills we have.
Planning – when tasks seem insurmountable, it can be difficult to pay attention to them, but sometimes all that is required is careful planning. Chunking – Breaking time and tasks down into manageable and accomplishable sections is a great way to teach students to hold their focus for a sustained period of time.
Time Management – especially when tasks are broken-down, it is important for students to learn to manage their time.
Routines – many students, especially younger students, struggle with shifting gears into a time that requires sustained attention. As part of teaching the whole child, holistic educators are finding that it is very important to instruct students in the skills of maintaining sustained attention.
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Metaphysical Book Publishers and Their Books of Transformation.There are many metaphysical book publishers out there today, but probably only a handful have the ability to really transform your life. Metaphysical Schools and Other Avenues of Education in MetaphysicsTrying to educate yourself in Metaphysics? Spiritual Movies and DocumentariesThere are many wonderful spiritual movies and documentaries that have been released over the last few decades.
The Metaphysical World Has Always Been My Obsession.Having a thirst for the metaphysical and why things are the way they are is what has driven me to publish this website. Extrasensory Perception - Science and Spirituality Coming TogetherIn the opinion of many scientists today, extrasensory perception (ESP) is real. I have students work on an activity from Colorful Counseling (whichever one I think best meets the group's needs). The focus of this lesson is learning how to boost our own self-esteem by helping others boost their's. The first lesson involves students picking which confetti pieces (different shapes) that describe their positive qualities. Students can learn about self-esteem through Cupcake, having to list things that they like about themselves. You can have students in your group pick objects that symbolize various feelings or situations they experience at school. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training blog offers a lot of great information on play therapy techniques and credentialing. After viewing the video, we discuss how the sheep felt and how the jackalope was a good friend. However, within this sugary sweet world lives a gloomier cloud who likes to create more unique and, at times, unappreciated gifts, such as sharks, crocodiles, and porcupines.
Elementary school students with limitless energy have no where to run and burn off that excess excitement. Our goal is to replace the traditional clunky, inefficient and costly school management software with a breezy and highly affordable online product that everyone actually loves to use.
This can be a simple cartoon or animated feature or an educational or historical film that can further educate the population. For many kindergarteners, however, the transition to elementary school can be difficult and requires the support of parents and teachers. Our goal is to replace the traditional clunky, inefficient and costly school management software with a breezy and highly affordable online product that everyone actually loves to use.
Many school administrators purposely schedule an orientation day to let new students get used to the surroundings and new staff. Parent collaboration programs can play an integral role as parents can sit students down at the computer and introduce them to the school. To lay the best foundation possible, get the parents involved using a parent collaboration system. As a result, parents need to be notified immediately if there’s anything to be aware of, and communicate with teachers if there is a need.
Parents don’t have to wait for students to bring communications from their teacher home.
In addition to multiplication tables and spelling, students need to learn self-confidence and build self esteem.
This is especially important for students in elementary school when the development is dynamic and requires nearly constant attention. By communicating through your elementary school management system, you can tell parents of recent student successes to allow for positive reinforcement at home. Unfortunately, math proves to be a difficult subject for many students which leads to a lack of interest and lower scores on standardized tests.
Play games as a class to reinforce topics covered in class that in corporate counting and multiplication tables.
Check your local area to find competitions and other opportunities for students to compete with students from other schools. Once students play a math game or two, they’ll be practicing on their leisure time and not even realize how much they are learning! Don’t let the dreary weather affect your students by trying these recess activities that come in handy on a rainy day.
Students can play games of their choice on the internet or you can join everyone in a group activity. If so, take the kids down and play simple games to get a little physical activity in during the school day. If you want to amaze your elementary school students, try some of these cool science experiments in class that are sure to catch their attention. For an extra WOW factor, make a realistic mold of a volcano and use food-coloring to dye the solution to look like lava. With a simple balloon and an aluminum can you can provide all new scientific hair-dos that will leave everyone feeling like Albert Einstein.
Let parents in on the action by sharing photographs and more through the Parent Portal of student information system. Thinking outside the box to create learning games that students will enjoy so much, they won’t even realize how much they are learning!
However, being creative in the learning activities you choose adds an element of fun to the classroom to keep students actively participating. While some opt to purchase workbooks and other outside resources, all teachers need is school management software to generate online homework assignments. The homework feature enables teachers to create and share assignments with students and parents instantly. Our  goal is to replace the traditional clunky, inefficient and costly school management  software with a breezy and highly affordable online product that everyone actually loves to use.
If there is a question or a change, teachers can update the details or provide clarifications so that the students better understand.

Homework assignments can incorporate games or other online resources to make the homework more exciting and interesting to the student.
As it turns out, tests of attention are the best predictors for success in career, finances, or health, but researchers and educators are observing the toll that “multitasking” and inattention is taking on student’s work. Timers, reminders, and schedules can all be used to help students focus on the single element of their chunked project for a specific period of time, rather than getting overwhelmed or lost in the details. Following set routines with clear cues, allowing students to know when they are expected to focus, and when it’s alright to let their attention wander. There are many reasons that today’s students are not learning this skill as well as their parents, even though it is just as important to their future success.
To make your search easier, I'll be compiling a list of these metaphysical learning centers over the next several months. I remind students about our rules and let students know that if they have more points in the happy cup, they not only get their regular rewards, they also get to pick a prize from my prize box.
Materials needed: plastic buckets, paper to write on, pencils*I adapted this lesson from School Counselor Blog.
As students work, I use food coloring to dye everyone's water in their bottle (color based on student preference). We play Whoonu again to see how much we have learned about one another since the group began.
This particular video shows an animal projection technique that can be used in small groups or during a classroom lesson (dividing the class into groups).
Rainy day activities can be a frenzy, but thanks to interfaces like Quickschools this is easy to manage.
Online elementary school parent collaboration programs can help make this transition easier for children as well as their parents.
If the student or the parent has any questions, they can communicate with the school directly through parent collaboration programs. Consider also including students from the middle school or high school to provide after-school tutoring.
To fill out the board games available, try your neighborhood garage sales or ask students to bring in old games to start the collection. During that time teachers can update the student information system if necessary and utilize the access to computers as well. It’s a significant problem in education, but certainly can be addressed with some time and practice.
In this day and age, teachers can use many simple, but effective techniques to develop sustained focus, rather than relying on multitasking. Teaching students how to plan projects can also show them how to focus on specific sections, without trying to do all of it at once.
Setting parameters around time helps students pace themselves, and learn to focus for specific periods, instead of trying to pay attention all at once. Students may “default” to multitasking or distractibility, simply because they are not aware that it is time to pay attention. Thankfully, with developments in neuroscience, the studies on learning all showing successful ways to teach the skill of attention to our students. Metaphysical Schools are just one way of educating yourself in Metaphysics, Here are some of the best schools. Students may need help reading the cards, so I always jump in and help so that no student feels uncomfortable. I write down their responses for my records and put the confetti into empty water bottles, labeling the top of each one with the students' initials.
The purpose of the activity is to help students identify their thoughts and behaviors and to reflect on how they interact with others.
One day, the storm cloud's stork friend flies to a neighboring cloud - when old gloomy sees this, his thundering anger builds and his rain tears fall. Quickschools cloud administration software can help facilitate rainy day activities for elementary students confined to  the auditorium or classroom. All schools, and especially schools that seek to develop the whole child, can cultivate the skill of attention in their students by teaching it directly. It is very important to prevent this miscommunication in order for students to get the most out of their in-classroom attention skills practice. When all the bottles are finished, labels and all, we shake them up as reminders of our positive qualities. If time allows, we stand in a circle and toss a beach ball to each other, sharing something we appreciated or learned about during the group. First off, I realized that I spelled Transendental incorrectly, but this seems to be the spelling everyone searches for. We typically play Jungle Fun again to see how much we have learned about one another since the group began.
Then, I ask for the receiver to say how they feel after hearing the positive feedback - I record their response at the bottom of the paper.
The weakened stork returns with a bundle of his own: a helmet and shoulder pads to help make the journeys easier. I make copies of the projects for my own documentation, but let the students keep their originals, which serve as a reminder of how valued they are.
The video is also great with individual students who may focus on the negative aspects of their life or have anxiety about the bad things that could happen. Here are some theories as to why.Continue reading "The Near Death Experience - Why Doesn't Everyone Have One?"Jul 04, 2015The Secret Review -- How the Film Could have Been BetterThe Secret review.
The jackalope shows the sheep that bad things happen and sometimes, you just need to keep moving forward until you feel better again; you can't let every little thing get you down. The storm cloud has a hard time expressing his feelings, so this movie could spark discussion on how to positively manage strong emotions. Sometimes students who are outside the mainstream are confused why the general population doesn't reach out to be their friend. I think "Partly Cloudy" could help these students reflect on the importance of the quality of their friends vs.
Being unique is great, but it can also make it more challenging to find great friend matches. It's hard being friends with someone you don't have anything in common with, so naturally, if you think and act outside the box, then you'll have fewer great friends at your disposal. I created two workpages (below) that could help students organize their thoughts and create a plan of action for finding and developing positive friendships.

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