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More recently, throughout the 1970s and 1980s there was a boom in short life housing schemes and co-ops, as empty properties became available -often as a result of council redevelopment programmes.
At present there are only about 50 self-help housing projects in England and Wales making use of empty property. Some owners will never agree to letting their properties be used on a temporary basis, but many others ( particularly local housing authorities and housing associations who exist to provide housing ) can be persuaded. The directory of existing projects and Case Studies section provide details of what’s happening now which are intended to help people see what they might be able to achieve. It’s amazing what some people have been able to achieve by simply starting off with one or two borrowed properties.

Self-Help Enterprises will hold a celebration in Arvin at the site of two subdivisions that will be in construction. After the Second World War many families became involved in making use of disused military camps and temporary housing. With the upturn in the property market in the 90s and into the 00s the number of projects shrank.
They may not have any particular plans to deal with their empty properties and so approaching them with an outline proposal for their use could be the first step. The event will celebrate the creation of the mutual self-help housing program that began with Self-Help Enterprises in 1965, National Homeownership Month, and the 20 homes in construction.

However, there could easily be at least 10 times as many projects if people had the information and necessary funding was available to enable them to set something up. Participants in the process of building their homes, local dignitaries, the Secretary of Agriculture, partners, and Self-Help Enterprises’ staff will be invited to attend.

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