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Beth woke up in the hospital beyond the reach of walkers, but she was anything but safe in her new surroundings. The more days Beth spends in the hospital the more she realizes she needs to leave, especially with a perverted cop making disgusting sexual advances toward her.
Tonight’s new The Walking Dead episode turns the focus to the bus that Abraham, his group, Tara, Glenn and Maggie left on.
Finally understand the dirty secret of what your cognitive distortions are doing to you all the time. By becoming aware of the real warfare we are in, and the real influence we have to connect with the real God who is LOVE, we gain practical perspective on the true power & authority of LOVE to overcome by applying Jesus’ teachings and scripture.

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Beth soon realized that those in charge of the hospital, a small group of police officers, expected payment in the form of services for anything they offered — including room and board. With the help of Noah, a janitor who also wants out, the pair make a daring escape through an elevator shaft, but Beth is captured before she can get beyond the hospital fence. We already know this bus will crash based on promos, and the group will confront many dangers in the hour ahead.
It’s a Biblically base thought training course that addresses the deepest roots of low self esteem, and depression.

Tonight’s new TWD episode will be able to watch online free streaming as well as live on AMC TV.

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