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I enjoy having so much wisdom at my fingertips – even if I don’t follow the advice all the time – but what’s available for teenagers? As it turns out, it’s a growing area with authors queuing up to offer guidance to our young people.
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul: Stories of Life, Love and Learning by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. This is a great list and I think the Sean Covey book is a valuable resource for teens and parents. Across all different disciplines, including sales, “grit” is as critical as talent in achieving success.  You can read a study on the importance of grit here. Sean’s dad Stephen famously published the groundbreaking The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, now a global bestseller. This is billed as the ultimate survival guide for “smart girls who want to find their way and have fun doing it”. Now in its third edition, this book was written to allow teenagers to understand their own brains. As the adults’ world seems to be doing a reasonably poor job of clearing up the financial mess it got into, maybe it’s time for young adults to prepare themselves for taking over.

Life coach Nina leads teenagers through ten sections adding up to a sensible and accessible guide to a fulfilling future. No less an authority than the late Stephen Covey, author of  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, considered empathy to be one of the most important “habits”. Based on the research I did for my forthcoming book, The Smartest Sales Book You’ll Ever Read, this process lessens the possibility of converting a prospect into a client.
While this is about the physical side of growing up, it covers wider issues of body image, mental health and sexuality.
Being in charge of their own money is a start and this user-friendly guide will simply explain important things such as living on a budget and how a bank account works.
Hormonal Differences It will come as no surprise that there are hormonal differences between the sexes.
Instead, treat the initial meeting as a blind date.  How would you handle the initial call and your first dinner date?  Would you ask your date to bring anything to dinner?  Would you inquire about deeply personal issues like salary and future prospects shortly after you sat down? Like the original, some will find the chicken soup a bit on the yukky side, but there are some tasty nuggets in there too. Easy to read, despite communicating complex ideas – it’ll help everyone understand each other better.

It will help equip youngsters to make responsible financial decisions now and in the future. Empathetic people makes those around them feel important and valued, in both their business and personal lives. The financial services industry emphasizes improving investment expertise, presumably so we will have more and better information to present. Her book and her website offer valuable resources when planning for college and for the major that is right for your son or daughter.
There’s no shortage of information, because the industry keeps turning out more specialized and complex products.Presentation tools like PowerPoint or a whiteboard permit us to deluge our  prospect with a dizzying array of charts, graphs, and risk and return data. Don’t argue By focusing more on empathy and less on conveying the features that make your service or product suitable for your prospect, you will likely increase your sales and improve all of your relationships. I really think this book will soon be a must have for all teens and I definitely think you should give it a read and perhaps add it to a future blog list!

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