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Eventually that unit was replaced by a 10 x 10 unit two years ago – about the time we moved from our big family home to our current, tiny doll house. I equipped that 10 x 10 unit with a complicated shelving system to maximize its storage potential. And then last month I received a notice with my monthly statement from the nice man at the storage unit informing me they were raising my monthly rental fee.
Saying goodbye to boxes with labels on the outside telling me about things on the inside that I once thought I couldn’t live without.
If you are a self storage facility, there are some affordable marketing methods out there you can do in order to promote your self storage facility.
Promote your business online:  Promoting your business online starts with creating a website. Host an Event Facility From Time to Time: Sometimes you just have to get creative and do something outside the box.
Great Customer Service: Great customer service is key customer retention and great way to get returning business and referrals. This guest article was written by Al Sefati who’s a writer for One by One Self Storage. Having a storage unit at Dandridge Self Storage can be a very good idea located near I-40W at Exit 417, especially when you take into account how there are so many things that many people tend to purchase from time to time.
Storage units are great for holding a ton of things that you need to have put away, but there are still limits to just how many things you can put in Dandridge self storage for example.
I was actually proud of myself for downsizing my house and my storage unit at the same time.

We have small locker units and very large 10a€™ x 30a€™ units a€“ and everything else in between.
People depend on us to keep their things safe and in good condition, and we never let you down!
Below is a quick-reference guide to help you plan what size unit you will need for your personal or business self storage.
For example hosting a college party at your self storage facility is one of those outside the box thinking. Attending and possibly sponsoring local events gives a good exposure to your self storage business, and also gives it a brand and reliability when people are searching for self storage, they will remember you.
The main key  to success is to keep reminding people that you are there so when they do need a self storage, they know where to go. If you like what you see, why not connect via Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed and always receive up-to-date information about new articles on this topic. You can store just about anything you want in a storage unit, and in doing so you’re making sure that you are able to keep the items in your possession without having to get your living residence cluttered up.
Most likely you’re going to have to store everything you keep at Dandridge self storage in large boxes. Is it only for a temporary amount of time, or do you picture yourself owning the unit for many years to come?
A freak accident could occur such as a fire or flooding which can damage the items in a storage unit. The owner inspects this location almost daily, and has an excellent reputation with the Oakland County Sheriff.

College students tend to be among those who like to rent self storages and a college party at your self storage is a good exposure to them.
If your house is full of stuff that you needed when you got it, but no longer need to have immediate access to, then a storage unit may work for you. With the exception of a few huge items that can’t possibly fix inside a box such as a couch or a piano., medium to large sized moving boxes are going to be very important to own and collect. Try to have an exit plan made available should there ever come a time where you have to remove everything from a storage unit. Try setting up a garage sale or open up a spot in a flea market and sell off as many of your items as you want that you know you no longer require. But if that is too radical, there are other type of events you can host, such as charity events, and community events.
Try to gain these boxes through various avenues such as an online store, the local Post Office, or even finding family and friends willing to depart with their extra boxes. There have been reports of some storage unit owners completely forgetting about their storage until not even realizing that the payments they were spending on rent were not worth keeping their very old possessions. The extra space in your storage unit will be very advantageous towards now only making your way into the unit, but also to add in the more important items that you don’t intend in selling anytime soon.

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