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Everything is accessible instantly through the web and in most cases we don’t have to do anything for them. Anyone who has immersed themselves in instant gratification without any kind of balance can most likely testify that it isn’t what they would consider ideal life. This is because the continuous usage of instant gratification makes our brains desensitized to the pleasure generated. The perfect analogy can be found from excessive drug usage: when the body becomes more tolerant of the drug used, a bigger dose is needed to get a high as good as last week. A study presented showed that instant gratification and delayed gratification activate different parts of brain. The conclusion of the study is that the emotional part of a brain overrides the rational part of the brain. This is why it’s so hard for people to make long-term decision at the cost of short-term pleasure.
They gave 4 year old kids a choice: they either get one marshmellow now or two marshmellows after waiting for a while. Long story short, the kids who chose to wait for two marshmellows ended up doing really well in life when compared to the impatient kids.
If you don’t have enough activity that brings delayed gratification in your life, you have to simulate it by yourself. This is the hard part because you are actually wired to do the opposite: to spend as little energy as possible. You have to step out of the autopilot and make a conscious decision to change your daily habits. In other words, meditation stimulates the same part of the brain as what is required to make delayed gratification decisions. I recently rediscovered meditation and being more in the present moment in my life and from my own experience, I can verify that my productivity has sky-rocketed. There may have been many different factors, but one of those was getting interested in investing in early age. When you consider that most people would take $50 now instead of having $100 in one month, my train of thought is considerably different. Hell, finding a great company with good management that returns 20% a year would like winning a lottery from my point of view. This kind of framework isn’t genetic, but something that has been cultivated over the years. When it comes to money, this kind of framework gives me feeling of instant gratification from delayed gratification simply because I take pleasure in owning great companies that I know well enough.
The beautiful thing is that the money isn’t even that important when compared to the pleasure of the whole process. But what you get isn’t necessarily more money or relationships, but simply the feeling of having yourself put in the effort.
They want to get out of the loop and live life with ease, not knowing it possibly couldn’t keep them happy for long. Through delayed gratification life will become considerably more tougher, but it will become considerably better too. You’ll need this mindset where you appreciate the effort that you put in instead of always waiting for that treasure at the end of the rainbow. When you are indulging yourself in really good entertainment, you may feel excitement, intrigue, all those good feelings. While watching something really good, you might describe yourself momentarily as happy because of that. Delayed gratification rewards those who are willing to sacrifice momentary good feeling with long-term good feeling. Not succumbing to your short-term desires will solve many of your concerns about sustainable feel good, but it isn’t the holy grail. This is deluding yourself by expecting that you can find happiness through some future event.
In my experience the best way to get out of the instant gratification loop is to realize that it isn’t getting you anywhere.
It will feel incredibly hard thing to do, especially when you have the lowest amount of momentum. And psst…at the end of this post there is a special bonus: 16 more self-improvement ideas from military spouses, who just like you, have been there!

All of these ideas are things I’ve done in the past and really enjoyed (blogging is probably my favorite!) or things that I hope to do very soon in the future! Take the leap with us and grab your copy of Modern Military Spouse: The Ultimate Military Life Guide for Military Spouses and Significant Others. About Lauren TammI'm Lauren and I write about my crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. My husband hasn’t deployed yet, but will soon and has been on a lot of underways so we do spend a lot of time without each other. A business partner and I have worked really hard and were able to get funding for a restaurant we have always wanted to create. I realize that this isn’t always possible for those who have kids etc, but it really helps to spend that time getting out of my comfort zone and being in a totally different place. If I didn’t have this opportunity, I would fill my time taking classes and writing books on health, fitness and food and figure out how to make income in a mobile setting so I could travel anywhere with my business. I’m really sad that we are apart from each other a lot, but turning the situation into something that works for ME was the best medicine. Born in 1972, Danny Alexander grew up in the Highlands and Islands and went to Lochaber High School in Fort William. In 2003 he was appointed the Head of Communications for the recently formed Cairngorms National Park Authority before becoming an MP for the newly created seat of Inverness, Nairn and Badenoch & Strathspey in the 2005 election. Danny joined the shadow Work and Pensions Team in 2005 and in July 2007 was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, holding the post until June 2008. He played a key role in the negotiating team and in the drawing up of the coalition document for the new Government.
Brian Sloan has a background in financial services, hospitality and retail, and he was for over a year Chairman of Age Scotland Enterprises, the Charity’s social enterprise arm.
Previously Brian was involved in strategic business development for Young Enterprise Scotland, charged with leading the promotion and expansion of enterprise into mainstream education. Brian is married with four children, active both as a participant (golf and squash) and a spectator in a variety of sports and in early 2011 was appointed by the Scottish Government as a member of the Edinburgh Children's Panel. Recent and current research at the Institute on ageing and work has included a systematic review of the health, safety and health promotion needs of older workers and on-going work is adding to this evidence base in an EU funded project called e-capacit8. After many years providing strategic management consultancy services within the Public and Private Sectors, although nominally retired, Bryan has continued to accept a number of strategic commissions across the Health & Social Care domain. Added to this he continues to be deeply immersed in international standards development with ISO, CEN and BSI, and is currently part of an international Strategy Group working on Ambient Assisted Living for the Elderly and those with Long Term Conditions. Typical activities have been aimed at countering latent and low-level Mental Health problems at source in the context of the IAPT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme via the development of enhanced inter-disciplinary cross-agency community Well-Being services.
For five years Tommy was a full-time carer for his late mother Joan who had Vascular Dementia and in 2011 undertook a walk around Scotland’s towns and cities to collect hundreds of life story letters detailing the experiences of individuals caring for a loved one living dementia.
Prior to joining PSYBT Brenda was employed by Scottish Enterprise, (SE) Scotland’s economic development body.
She subsequently was project manager with the SE Financial Services Team responsible for the design, development and delivery of a strategy for the sector in Scotland with a focus on skills development. Before joining SE Brenda was engaged in medical and scientific research with both the NHS and in the private sector. So if you are a military spouse and find yourself in a similar situation, here are a ton of awesome military deployment self-improvement ideas to get you started.
I know many military spouses try to become healthier during deployment, and a great way to make sure you stick to it is through a meal planning service.
If you find your faraway friendships becoming increasingly distant, now is a great time to focus on them.
When I first started blogging, I signed up with Bluehost, which is a totally awesome company for anyone getting started. Since I knew this situation was going to last a few years before he went on to shore duty, I decided to make the best of it by going on a deployment of my own. Around here I write about practical parenting, enjoying motherhood, and navigating the ups and downs of military life.
He became the Charity’s Interim Chief Executive in July 2012 and was appointed Chief Executive in January 2013.
His financial experience included over a year as Head of Business Development with Capital Credit Union, Britain’s fifth largest not-for-profit cooperative.
This is closely linked with developing Compunetics as a new inter-disciplinary research topic based within the School of Electronics and Computer Science, but also closely involving Applied Psychology and Management  sciences within the University of Westminster.

In the latter context he is guiding strategic development of the Dementia Action Alliance, having previously fulfilled a similar role for the Thalidomide Trust. As a result he has gained exceptionally wide range of expertise dealing with strategic and operational issues across the complete spectrum of Community, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Care service commissioning and provision, spanning Physiological, Mental and Social problems. Her role is to raise awareness of PRIME and what they offer to support self-employment for the over 50’s, to establish and develop partnerships with other organisations who share their interest in enterprise and to secure funding to support activities in Scotland.
Her main area of responsibility was to secure funding from Trusts and Foundations to support a variety of programmes.
This provided her with a varied career, initially in the field of securing foreign direct investment for Scotland, including a period working in the US. This strategy was devised in collaboration with industry partners, Scottish government, academia and the professional financial bodies in Scotland. She leads on all flagship programme developments and particularly our work with young people. He was a member of the Communities Committee dealing with housing, planning, charity law, and social issues, and more recently Convenor of Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee. As things stand, more than half the over 60 population are involved in some sort of formal and structured voluntary work; over half of the population believes that this is part of what they should aspire to in later life, and a third are willing to take part in informal volunteering. This can work wonders on nurturing your spirit and help you to surround yourself with positive people.
For awesome tips on home organization, check out my Pinterest board, and then treat yourself to a fabulous monthly planner to help stay organized.
It literally only takes a few minutes and costs a few bucks a month to register and maintain your own website. That’s why my friends JD, Jo and I wrote a simplified step-by-step guide for military spouses.
One thing that really helped me was living with a friend during deployment (pre-kids) and we did a bucket list together. Rachael has been instrumental in the last 10 years in raising the profile of creative approaches to engaging young people, with a specific focus on engaging young people within their local communities. Patrick has also been involved with issues from asylum and civil liberties to sexual health and food policy. It was really inexpensive, and it helped me commit to something I wanted to learn for a long time. After you create a website name and sign up with Bluehost you can do a simple install of WordPress through them. It’s time to take the guesswork out of military life and start making things easier on ourselves. Dawn was co-host of the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing, in 2012 and on the Expert Panel for the Chief Medical Officers Start Active Stay Active recommendations for physical activity and public health in 2011. She has in depth knowledge of the social housing, regeneration and youth sector, and understands the challenges and opportunities faced when transforming communities. He is also the joint Convenor of the Scottish Green Party.Before Parliament Patrick worked in the sexual health field, for an organisation called PHACE Scotland which is now part of the Terrence Higgins Trust. It means, quite simply, that a majority of the older population are ready to do what they can, unpaid, to support the fabric of society; they are doing exactly what we expect responsible citizens to do. She also runs training courses to move research into practice with allied health professionals and fitness instructors. Improving the environment through high quality public art is one of Impact Arts strategic priorities.
Once you are set up, you can try out a free WordPress theme (what makes your blog look pretty) for a while to see how you like it. Her recent research (MRC and NIHR) focuses on effects of visualisations of biomechanics on adherence to exercise in older people with a history of falls, group versus home exercise referred through the GP on habitual physical activity, effects of the Otago home exercise programme in visually impaired older people, the outdoor environment on avoidance of activity and falls in older people and reducing sedentary behaviour (long periods of sitting) in older people. Rachael has specific expertise in creative community consultation within a wider strategic framework, and has a long track record in translating this into highly creative, tangible project ideas which partners can engage in and adopt.

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