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September 13, 2011 24 Comments Share this:TweetTo me, self improvement means becoming a more educated, more productive, more valuable and wiser person.
As individual money earners we are no exception, and should spend money on things that can increase or enhance our future potential to earn – not only monetarily.
A $300 tread mill at home pays itself off in slightly more than one year, considering the average gym membership costs around $20 a month, give or take. In my experience, investing in yourself almost always pays back (though it might take time), whether in increased self-confidence, more friends, or a job where that newly-learned skill sets you apart from your coworkers.
Attending Toastmasters International classes to improve on public speaking ($46 for 6 months).
I believe if I am meeting my responsibilities, saving for retirement, and avoiding debt, I can spend my hard-earned money on something I truly enjoy doing. Although I haven’t spent anything on my health apart from mandatory health check-ups and few medicines here and there, my neck is giving me trouble and I want to start a few acupuncture sessions. Additionally, in the next year or so, I plan to invest in some classes and certification exams, all job related.
As far my readers are concerned, let me remind you that spending on self-improvement is possibly the best favor you can do yourself.
Make sure you are committed to the cause (example: gym membership) and continue to participate once you have spent your money.
If a goal requires a huge cost (example: education), talk to your friends, spouses and bosses before you make a decision. LIKE THIS POST?Join our community of 5000+ subscribers to increase your net worth and build wealthWe hate spam.
SB is a husband and working as a software professional for a Fortune 100 corporation in Florida. You can receive free full-text articles from One Cent at a Time in your email inbox by entering your email below. Personally, I’m working on a plan to maximize the use of my time so that I can spend more of it writing and working out. Sometimes watching TV, not channel changing, gives some value, yesterday I was watching Us open final and it really relaxed my mood and body. Basically whatever improves you as a person you should be able to spend on, basically the rat race is to improve yourself and how people perceive you, right?
Well, I used to get near paralyzed till a year ago, gradually improving Toastmaster really helps. Very nice to be reminded that investing in yourself is important… and to never stop learning. I like your suggestions too about not trying to change everything overnight and I agree… sometimes compromise or sacrifice is inevitable. Thanks Andrea, it was your first comment and probably first visit ever, did you like my blog?
In the past I spent money to learn real estate investing starting with a $3,000 investment. When you fall into the habit of always positioning yourself in the midst of winners, winning then becomes inevitable in all your endeavors in life. Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
As per the self improvement astrology horoscope for year 2016 for people born under Cancer sun sign, it is predicted that it is time to give vent to your feelings which you have been holding inside you from long.
Another important thing that Cancer sun sign must keep in mind in order to improve is that you must need to understand that every situation and problem can be handled if you can take some time out to think than reacting without thinking.
The self improvement horoscope for 2016 for Aquarius sun sign predicts that it is time that you must detox your system to purify your soul, mind and heart. According to the yearly self improvement astrology horoscope predictions, the year of 2016 will be a year of learning for Gemini sun sign. The self improvement astrological horoscope for people born under Leo sun sign predicts that you must learn to control your aggression as it can adversely affect your life.

According to the self improvement horoscope for Libras for 2016, the astrological predictions suggest that it is the time when you must learn to deal with people as social interactions and communications will have an important role to play in your life.
As per the yearly self improvement horoscope for Sagittarius sun sign for 2016, the upcoming year will be a time when you really need to work on certain aspects of your personality which will help you have a comfortable present and future. The self improvement horoscope for Pisces for 2016 forecasts that all people born under this sun sign are required to bring in some changes in their life in order to have a better life. According to the yearly self improvement horoscope for Taurus zodiac sign for 2016, this is the time when you will have to start working on the weaker aspects of your personality. As per the astrological predictions for Virgo sun sign for self improvement in 2016, this year you should dedicate yourself to your commitments and goals. The self improvement horoscope predicts that Taurus people need to be engage in intense planning and study before moving ahead with any new professional plan. As predicted by the astrological horoscope, you really need to keep your health at high priorities. If you come across any problem at the work front then you must deal with such complications in a tactful manner. Though the financial situation seems quite comfortable for you but then again you need to deal with it with a practical mindset.
This is a follow-up post from yesterday, where I talked about making saving fun – you should also spend a reasonable amount of money on self improvement. Self improvement brings an overall gain in personality and acceptance from the outside world, including your own family. When more than 10 personal finance writers recommend a book, you can’t just ignore their advice. While not exactly a self improvement tool, occasional chocolates (on average, 50 cents per day) in the afternoon keep me energized, especially since my job is a bit challenging. Of course, as a bread and butter provider for your family, your first duty is to provide the necessities. Your email will only be used for subscription, and each email will include a link you may use to unsubscribe at any time. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
The opinions expressed herein by him are his own and not those of his employer or anyone else. Emotional catharsis is must for you to in order to feel light and live without an emotional baggage because it is going to interfere with your growth. You need to handle your life with maturity or else things in life will get complicated and out of hands. As per the yearly self improvement horoscope for Aries zodiac sign for 2016, you must learn to keep a pragmatic approach towards life. The horoscope predictions for 2016 for Capricorn zodiac sign reveal some important things that are essential for people born under this sun sign to learn this year. The self improvement horoscope for Scorpio for 2016 predicts that this year you will have to work on your reactions.
Whether you are in business or in job, you really need to work hard to reduce the uncertainties so that you can reap the best of the benefits without getting yourself into any risk. If you have time and if you are keen then joining come skill oriented classes can be of great help.
You really need to enhance the spiritual side of your personality as this will give you an emotional and mental boost which is necessary for your growth as a person.
These changes in lifestyle and personality are highly recommended in order to have a smooth future. You have always been neglecting it and it is high time that you start giving your health the required attention as it can save you from lots of problems and complications in future. Although there is no way to measure the direct benefit of this, over the years the potential savings on medicine, doctor visits, etc. I budgeted for ties and watches, and in the last year I bought about 6 ties, 3 watches, and a suit.

When I borrowed the book from the library, I liked it so much I wanted to keep a copy forever. I have to write that down to be sure I pick that up on my next library trip (every Monday). By letting your emotions out, you will be able to destroy the obstruction inside you which has been bothering you since long. You may get reminded of bad old time but you must not let yourself become a victim of them as that is past and you have to learn to move ahead in life. There are lots of negativities around you but then you should learn to look the positive side of the situation as this will make you more optimistic towards life.
You need to learn to avoid distractions in life and keep moving ahead with your eyes on your goals. This will not only help you add more skills to your personality but will also make you a more confident person. Involve into practices concerned with spirituality which are going to help you develop faith which will help you have positive energy.
Sort out the misunderstandings in a constructive way so that you can have stronger relationships. It is time to make savings so that you can impart strength to them and also have a stronger financial status. You can read books, rent DVDs on self improvement, and even use exercise DVDs to avoid paying for a gym membership. To get into a leadership position in my company, I have to not only garner public speaking courage but also I need to engage my audience throughout my speech. I also pay for proofreading of my articles, and now I am saving almost 15-30 minutes per post as I no longer have to read and reread them. If you have had any bad relationship in past and you are not able to get over what has happened, then catharsis will help to detox your system and for sure you are going to feel a lot better. It is very important for you to understand the importance of not letting the past control your present and future. You need to handle every situation with care so that you do not end up spoiling your relationship with your employees or co-workers.
If you can plan and manage your money well, unlike in past, you will be able to a much better life.
It is high time and you must start working on your approach to live a healthier and more organized life. You must learn to move on in life and embrace what comes in future rather than getting stuck with what has happened earlier.
There is no need to lose your cool when things don’t work out the way you have expected them to be. As far as professional relationships are concerned, you must learn to deal with them in a formal manner.
I view this as the cost of this pride – not exactly for self improvement, but again, it boosts my morale indirectly. Practicing yoga or meditation can be big help to you as you will learn to stay calm and give up the habit of instant reactions because you have already made quite a lot of damage in the past because of this nature. You need to control your anger and your annoyance for good or else it can distract you from your goals in life and can be very destructive.
You need to bring in the commitment and professionalism in your conduct to keep your official relationships on the track.

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