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If you have had an awakening experience the images below will make very good sense to you.. When one develops spiritually one quickly comes to the conclusion that ones inner is everyone elses inner. Buddhist monks and yogis throughout history and thousands of years have reached the realizations that you can reach.
Read the power of now if you haven't read it, good book, not written for the money, it is cheap.
You can also meditate yourself to there, but it won't happen in one day, meditation teaches you patience too. I teach meditation courses for about $90, learn to free your mind and feel like a child again, happiness in daily life and freedom in body and soul.
The Secret Self Spirituality & Meditation Retreat will be held on September 22nd to 25th 2016 in North England Yorkshire over a 4 day and 3 night weekend Thursday to Sunday, Food and lodging included.
Christopher introduces The Secret Self Teachings as the most effective aid for Self Realization & Total Liberation of the Mind for those on the Spiritual Path and those wishing to enter the Fullness of Life.
He invites all seekers of truth into The Secret Self Retreat where he uses the tools of Self Investigation, Transcending Root Beliefs, Meditation and Mindfulness to enable one to Realize the Truth and Liberation of their own being. We are happy to announce as part of the retreat each one of you will receive a free copy of the Powerful Secret Self book and a free Silent Truth Herbal health package. Get a Free Signed copy of the book with all of the teachings and practices from the retreat to continue your Spiritual Awakening journey. The use of intoxicants or recreational drugs is strictly prohibited for the duration of this Retreat.
There is limited space so be sure to book your spot below by either paying in full with discount or paying the deposit amount to secure your place. This morning I mentioned to a friend that I had increased some of the weights I lift at the gym. According to the customary definition of the word “competitive,” I don’t think that’s correct. I realize that competition is at the heart of sports, most games and much of human activity. I am often inspired by learning about what others do, even as I hope to be worthy of inspiring others. The Baha’i writings do not prohibit competition within sports, or as a motivator for business and innovation. The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or any institution of the Baha’i Faith.
Please tell us a little about yourself, and a Baha'i in your area will get in touch with you. Thanks for visiting, please enter your email address so we can forward you articles as they are published. Begin to Live theLife You Choose™.Subscribe to our newsletter, One, andreceive the firstchapter of The Powerof Oneness FREE! We came to this magnificent earth to experience our true spiritual nature by using our creative energy to manifest unconditional love into physical form. Oneness is our spiritual connection with everyone and everything through the energy of universal love. Each of us has the awesome ability to consciously and actively participate in the co-creation of a kinder, more enlightened world through the practice of vision prayers. When I completed the book, “The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose,” I was spiritually guided with the words for A Vision of Oneness. We instantly elevate our vibration by beginning our prayers with I AM, the most powerful two words known to man because they are the essence of ultimate creative energy. When we align the will of our minds and the actions of our bodies to coincide with divine will, we are exalting our minds and bodies to resonate with the infinitely higher vibration of Spirit, which clears the path for the energy of universal love to flow to and from us. The resonance of gratitude also raises our vibration and increases our capacity to receive. I see myself joyfully experiencing peace within, health at all levels of my being, and abundance in all forms that are in my greatest good.
We connect our visions with the universal field of unconditional love and infinite potential by declaring what we want to experience in our lives as though it is already in existence.
I see my personal healing contributing to a World of Unconditional Love, Harmony, Wholeness, Abundance, and Joy. Between our physical reality and our visions of new possibilities is a space in which we need to surrender our personal will.
This is the faith part of our prayer and the point at which our limiting belief systems many times start to creep in. Many times our greatest growth periods come through the experience of the pain of separation.  Those of us who have experienced “dark times” in life through tremendously challenging situations such as serious illness and mental, emotional, and physical trauma know the opportunities within these situations to gain enormous wisdom and insight about life.
We are all experiencing different dramatic versions of the pain of separation in our lives as we awaken to our true spiritual nature. Pure light includes the full spectrum of every color known and unknown to us.  When pure light passes through a prism, the prism refracts the incoming light wave into many other different wave lengths. Even though the status of the world may seem overwhelming and out of our personal control, we each have the power to contribute to the healing of the world, beginning with our personal lives, starting in this present moment. All change begins at the level of self, when we change our individual lives, the world around us changes as well. We can only change the quality of our collective personal reality by taking personal responsibility for the part we have each played in creating it. In order to heal our personal lives, it is imperative that we let go of the past and get in touch with the infinite wisdom of Spirit.
Be mindful of what you feed your mind –  Stop watching violent entertainment shows and videos and modify the amount of time you spend following the news.
Every person who is in the world at this time has been divinely gifted with access to the universal wisdom that empowers us to harmonize our energies to bring wholeness to this earth. You may find it helpful to review Are You Feeling Like Your World Is Dramatically Shifting? Many of us are living in a state of disorientation, as though the world, as we have known it, is gone.
The vast majority of our population is sensing a highly-charged current of change which is indiscriminately affecting everyone everywhere. The changes we are witnessing are not only in our external existence, but within our personal lives as well. The social changes we are experiencing are not issues within themselves, but evidence of a major shift in our collective thinking. After centuries of looking to our outer world for our sustenance and power, we are remembering a place deep within our souls where we have limitless access to unconditional love, support, renewal, and inspiration. The brilliant ray of light shining through all of this confusion is that the chaos we are experiencing is a burst of energy giving rise to a more enlightened world that is redefining the center of its existence to coincide with the qualities of spiritual love. What we are seeing is what we have thus far created together, largely in an unconscious way, through our thoughts and actions. Although this may all sound a bit overwhelming, take a deep breath – we are all in this together.

So how do we navigate our personal lives to align with a “new world” of spiritual integrity? There is a Hindu legend which says that at one point in time humanity had abused its divine powers so greatly that the gods convened to discuss what to do about it. This story calls attention to the fact that spiritual truth is within each one of us and is discovered through our personal soul connection to Spirit.
Many of us actually experience physical sensations when we hear or see something that coincides with our truth.
Although we all sense it in different ways, and some of us deny sensing it at all, every person has intuition – it is part of our human nature!
When we get an impulsive message, it is usually initiated by our ego in the form of a whim to obtain quick gratification, whether it is constructive for us or not. Intuitive messages, on the other hand, are messages of Spirit that come through the soul guiding us to make choices that are aligned with kindness and love. Our intuitive connection is unconditionally available to us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; yet we are sometimes so frenzied by outer stimulation that we have to create a personal space of silence in order to move into a receptive frame of mind that enables us to listen.
While it is very enlightening to become aware of our need to tune into our spiritual truth through intuition, what is even more important is to develop the habit to constantly forgive ourselves when we forget our ability to connect with our inner divine wisdom. By doing this, we automatically move back into alignment with the flow of spiritual truth.  Because intuition connects us with our Oneness of Spirit, the messages it reveals to us are always rooted in unconditional love and pure truth.
Religion is a social structure, created by humans, based on a system of beliefs, attitudes, and practices.
We are each a beautiful and unique piece in the whole puzzle – we are all a part of ONENESS! I welcome any questions you may have, as well as your insights and experiences regarding the paths you have chosen to become more whole.
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You realize there are no coincidences, that there is a meaning with everything that has happened in your life!
He responds to the questioners as they speak of fear, grief, confusion, suffering, relationships, spiritual practice and how to live their lives in wisdom, peace, joy and total inner freedom. He encourages everyone to follow the prompting of the heart and to present whatever is burning within during Retreat. Keep your interactions with others to a minimum so as to be immersed fully in the sessions.
If you have or have had any serious mental health disorders, please be aware that this Retreat may not be suitable for you.
My own idea of a good game is hitting the ball over the net more than we did the last time. Last semester I took a university course as a “mature student” and was happy to get a good grade—not because it ranked me as better-than-average compared to anyone else, but rather because I had put strong effort into my assignments. I do understand that measuring one’s progress against the standard of others’ performance can be motivating.
We see this when spectators applaud the other team or the challenger in appreciation of a great athletic moment, apart from their own affiliation or loyalty.
In such a body all will receive spiritual health and vitality from the organism itself, and the most perfect flowers and fruits will be brought forth. Through practicing the spiritual quality of detachment, I must be willing sometimes to re-define my goals. With this approach, I can win my own one-person race—and stay ready to cheer on everyone else, too. Your email address will solely be used for delivering the latest articles to you and absolutely nothing else. As we each become whole within ourselves, we have the strength to remember our connection with each other, and we experience Oneness. Visions are mental pictures, inspired by the soul, clarifying what we want to experience in our lives. Because this prayer is based on the spiritual truth of our unity, it resonates at an extremely high frequency and has the creative potential to manifest quickly and in ways that far transcend our human understanding.
We are affirming our direct and personal connection with the unified field of love and intelligence and are embracing our power to co-create with Creative Source. We can certainly express our thanks for specific things; however, when we are also thankful for everything that exists, we honor the divinity in every person we meet, every challenge we encounter, and every situation we experience, whether it has been pleasant or not. As we heal our own individual lives, we can honor our personal responsibility to contribute to a world in which we can all experience the qualities of Oneness by expanding our personal visions to a larger world view. When we surrender, we let go of our ego’s need to control the outcomes, and we place the masterminding of how our prayers are answered into the hands of universal intelligence.
The sound of “Amen” is extremely significant: “Aaah” is the sound of creation and breath, and “om” is the sound of manifestation (bringing energy into physical form). The greatest divine gift we have been given in this dynamic physical world of polarities is the power to choose our perceptions.
When we perceive humanity in the metaphorical sense of being one gigantic prism, we see that collectively we form a beautiful rainbow coming from one source of divine light.  As we focus on the light within ourselves and all others, we begin to merge back into one brilliant wave of pure light as, together, we return to our original state of enlightenment and Oneness. Like a drop of water, every single thought we have ripples out into the massive sea of the collective thoughts of all humanity.  By choosing thoughts of love, we automatically unite with other like-minded souls in forming a field of energy that has the infinite power to exponentially create an entirely new world that is the essence of love, kindness, peace, respect and cooperation.
Therefore, what we are seeing is an indication that part of our human society is predominately focused on judgment, violence, greed, and crime.
No matter how much confusion and change is going on around you, you can create a space of peace and spiritual connection within your life.
There is a difference between being informed and immersing yourself in the fears of the world.  Instead, spend more time reading, watching, and listening to information that inspires you and nourishes your soul. No matter who we are, where we live, or what our role is in life, everyone is personally feeling the repercussions of a major shift.
The outer world is a giant mirror reflecting back what is going on in our individual lives. We are moving away from the external values of materialism and moving toward the human inner values of Spirit. Our soul is our connection Spirit; and it is within this space that we have a sense of correctness that is our truth. We are becoming aware that we need to find our security internally rather than in external institutions. For ages we have looked outside of ourselves to find it, when, indeed, we have always had it inside of our hearts. You may suddenly get goose bumps, feel a tingling sensation, spontaneously take a deep breath, feel an electrical current going up your back, or sense an overall wave of energy. The reason it appears that not all of us have intuition is simply because some of us listen to and act upon our inner messages; whereas others simply dismiss them as insignificant. You can develop a sensitivity to perceiving these internal messages by listening, trusting, and acting upon them. Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the Universe.
If you are committed to finding out the Truth of who you are and going beyond Suffering, then this Retreat will set you Free.

When it comes to playing doubles, well—I don’t understand why I’m expected to hit the ball to an area where the other team doesn’t have someone within easy reach. I have no idea what grade other students received, though I do hope it reflects well on their own abilities and effort. In honoring the worthiness, dignity and nobility of all people, we can unleash creativity and realize higher potential. No matter how hard I try, I’m not going to be a professional ballet dancer, but I can learn to dance.
Because we are each created in the energy of unconditional love, it is divine will that we experience the qualities of Oneness in our lives. When we do this, we broaden our perceptions to accommodate an even greater flow of blessings because we recognize the blessings in all that we see and experience.
What matters most is that we affirm the qualities of life we truly want to experience and feel it within our hearts as though it has already been accomplished. When we surrender a prayer to the love of the universe, we are acknowledging the infinite wisdom of Spirit to provide resolutions that far surpass our grandest human plans because they are answered in ways that are for the good of the whole. Pure faith transcends believing or understanding – it is KNOWING that our prayers are always answered, even if we cannot see it with our physical eyes. Saying this prayer at least once a day has phenomenal potential to heal your life and to bless the world. We can point a finger of blame wherever and to whomever we want, but it does not change the truth that each one of us has played a part in creating the condition of the world in which we live.  Perhaps it has been in seemingly minor, passive ways, such as getting caught up in the turmoil and conflict of the world by watching and listening to endless news reports of violence and acts of desecration. We are presently being challenged with unprecedented levels of upheaval and uncertainty as we cope with economic volatility, globalization, major natural disasters, and phenomenal technological growth.
Many of us are experiencing turmoil in exactly the areas which, in the past, seemed to have provided us with the most stability: job security, personal relationships, positions of power, and financial wealth. As we get in touch with our inner truth, we are coming to realize that many of the external conditions of our personal lives do not coincide with our spiritual values.
Instead of looking to our outer world to define and control us, we are increasingly taking personal responsibility to turn to our inner spirit to reveal who we are and why we are here. Because we have all played a part in creating the physical reality we are presently experiencing, we each have the power to contribute to the healing of the world by healing our personal lives to integrate with the values of the unconditional love of Spirit.
After careful consideration, they unanimously decided there was one place where divine power could be hidden where humans would never even think to look–deep within ourselves! Spiritual truth is not something we need to be taught–it is the memory of who we truly are and why we are here. Because we are all one Spirit, what is in the greatest good for one of us is also in the greatest good of all of us. These sensations are indications that your mind and body are literally resonating with the energetic frequency of the truth of Spirit. We many times ignore our intuition because we want to validate our intuitive messages with our left-brain logic and analysis. We can use any technique we choose – the important thing is that we find a way to balance ourselves and become centered in a peaceful frame of mind so that we that we can become conscious of our intuitive messages. We can experience a more supportive environment, since in an overly competitive world only the most talented receive praise. I’m probably not going to be CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, but I can help a local organization find new ways to raise funds.
When our vision prayers coincide with universal truth, absolutely everything and anything is possible because we are living in concert with the laws of nature. When we expect positive outcomes, we are acknowledging that our prayer has been heard and is accomplished according to divine will. Since our thoughts create our reality, one can only imagine the infinite transformational energy that can be generated by the majority of our world population uniting with each other in this vision prayer for global spiritual healing! Or, it could be as intensively aggressive as being a perpetrator in a massive heinous crime.  Judging who is “most wrong” renders us powerless and only creates more separation and discord between us and within our lives.
Although change causes us to be uncomfortable, we also know that change is the nature of life and provides the impetus that challenges us to expand in our mental emotional, and spiritual growth. Many of the social institutions to which we have long subscribed are in a state of great upheaval.
There seems to be a relentless hunger deep within us that cannot be satiated by the usual physical gratifications of food, money, power, sex, and fame.
If our personal lives are not reflecting our truth, then the external social institutions which we have created in this frame of mind do not reflect our truth.
Our souls are uniting in a common desire to create a new sense of world order that resonates with the spiritual values that reside within the deepest level of our being.
Indeed, the word crisis, defined by Webster as a turning point for the better or worse, is derived from the Greek root word, krisis, which literally means decision. Intuition is our innate human power to instantaneously access universal intelligence without conscious reasoning. You might also get physical indications when you are experiencing something that is not aligned with your truth.
When we attempt to do this, we choke the flow of intuitive information spontaneously coming through to us because messages of the Spirit are coming from an infinitely larger perspective than the logical paradigms of the human mind.
Through encouragement, we can help people with all levels of skill build their capacity to work and to serve.
I’m not apt to compete in the Olympics, though I can improve my running speed and endurance—or play a friendly game of tennis. Whether it be within the areas of our government, corporate structure, health care system, educational system, religious organizations, or the family unit, the traditional institutions which, for centuries, have been perceived as the mainstays of our lives are no longer providing us with the kind of security for which we long.
Since many things in our lives are changing at the same time, we may feel that we have lost the points of reference which, in the past, have kept us centered. This desire is for a sense of order within our minds, not just in the conditions around us.
We can decide to make this a turning point for the better by making a commitment to our own personal healing. In essence, we are each a conduit for a constant stream of limitless wisdom flowing to us from the Universe. Usually, it is a contracted feeling, such as a knot in the stomach, a tight throat, shortness of breath, or a sudden chill. We are longing for a life of self-respect and peace and are becoming mindful of the fact that these qualities are a reflection of our internal state of being, not of external conditions. We are yearning to reclaim our sense of self and our passion for life, and we are realizing these are things that can be found only inside of our hearts and minds, not in a material world outside of ourselves.
We sometimes refer to these feelings as gut level, sixth sense, inner wisdom, inner knowing, and flashes of imagination.

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