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He was elated, completely blown over and he was just simply exhilerated because the moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived. But none of the other boys out there were descendents of the Special Lee line either, were they. His pals SHINee knew of his special ability and didn't comment on his insistence to wait for that special someone to finally arrive.
Oh Jooyeon and her family moved to Seoul after her father had been reposted to the Seoul headquarters for his job.
She couldn't understand why such a cute guy like Lee Taemin just have to attach himself to her when he could do much better.
How will she react when she finds out that being with Lee Taemin isn't as easy as it seems? In a dystopian world where Oh Sehun believes nothing to exist outside his dome-covered city, banishment is certain death.

Hey peeps I'm sorry for the false update because I had to retract the chap with techno flaws. He already knew who his soulmate would be, and he saw no point going after other girls when they're not the one he wants.
A little klutz, horrifyingly stubborn, and ignorant all the time, her paths cross with the strangest person she has ever met.
And after telling him that she doesn't believe him, he still insists on his way and clings onto her like a koala finding a tree for the first time. But whatever, she dismissed him continued looking for the love she was looking for, not knowing that he was just beside her.
Because sometimes when you look too far, you never realise that the one you're looking for is actually right beside you all the time.
That the history of his family's heritage and fame will eventually weigh down on the both of them?

I'm sorry for the numerous times I've asked you guys to do the polls, but I really just can't stand spammers. One could really use a friend that could always tell you things to look out for in the day to stay out of trouble.
But even his special ability wasn't able to detect this and he found himself struggling for her to even notice him. And it seems like they're ' falling in love' because of superficial reasons, at least in the beginning. At the part where Jooyeon was conversing with Himchan, "done you dare tell anyone" you have a typo.

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