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Is it possible to survive 10 days without talking, a week without TV, or even three days without making eye contact with another human being? A vipassana, silent meditation, mindful meditation, or insight meditation retreat is up to 10 days of intense meditation practice where talking and all forms of communication with other students is banned.
Silent meditation retreats are based on the practice of vipassana, “to see things as they really are,” and a focus on the intense interconnection between body and mind. If, for you, meditation is the time between appointments that you spend with your eyes closed and a bar of chocolate, then you’re in for a shock when you step through the doors of the meditation retreat, which could take place in a center anywhere from Thailand to New Mexico. You must also abstain from eating after midday, not decorate your body with jewelry, fancy clothes or makeup, and abstain from sleeping in a luxurious bed.
Outsiders may view a silent meditation retreat as strikingly close to being a prison camp, but attendees that have survived – and thrived – through the 10 days claim to be changed souls. Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. Bali Silent Retreat is more than yoga and meditation- it’s a restorative and inspirational sanctuary removed from the demands of busy-busy complicated lifestyles.
This 6 day experience opened a new world of consciousness about myself, my truth, the planet, my spiritual side and how I truly want to live my life. Yoga includes morning and afternoon varied types of yoga and meditation, are shared in open air octagon tent, surrounded by the green of nature. With 100% cotton linens, down comforters, kimonos, lap desks, and stunning views, simplicity is combined with luxury. The personal examples made it easy to relate the material to my life.JTSpanaway, WARead moreVery informative and knowledgeable.

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Step away from the cell phone and listen carefully, because a silent meditation retreat could change your life. At the end of the experience, aficionados claim to be energized, creatively inspired and able to access a deep well of joy. Retreats are run on a non-charge, non-profit basis for anyone to attend – so long as they abide by the rules and regulations and stay for the entire meditation period. Secondly, you’ll be waking up close to 4am each day and spending until 9pm in lectures and silent contemplation – a silent meditation retreat is not a spa vacation; you need to work hard, mentally and physically, to gain from this practice. The code of conduct is designed to calm the mind and reduce the distractions that could harm your meditation practice. You feel all you need to feel without moving away from the pain or the discomfort – being silent gives you the certainty that emotions do not last  forever and pain passes through.
Many people return to experience silent meditation every year as a way of coping with the hardships of everyday life, easing depression, becoming more aware, and being able to fully exist in the moment – without relying on the clamor of modern life to drown out their inner voice.
Yoga asanas vary from Hatha to Ashtanga to Iyengar traditions and, of course restorative yoga.
Slow Food certified recipes are prepared by ‘Garden to Table’ chefs, who pour loving passion into every aspect of food, selecting vegetables fresh from our organic gardens to give you Living Food.
Constructed of recycled timbers, indigenous architectures, and local flavor, the feeling is simple, warm, earthy, rustic, relaxing, and friendly.
Without the get-out-clause of a chat with your best friend at the end of it, or a quick check of your emails halfway through? Here’s how vipassana is taking the world by silent storm.
The idea is that participants gain awareness, self-control, and peace through turning inward with meditation.

Different retreats vary in terms of the exact regulations but with any option, if you’re not willing to make a determined effort, then this experience might not be for you. Deep meditation can enable you to discover your innermost thoughts that direct your daily behaviors! Bella B.Everett, WARead moreI loved that the instructor, Stephany shared her story so we could relate.
Labyrinth meditation, jungle and rice field walks are yours for the taking – a photographer’s delight!
Bonus Track: Silent Meditation- Experience deep guided meditation in the quiet of your mind. During the hypnosis I was able to visualize myself with my ideal body and it was very real! This place holds so much magic and beauty, it is beyond my comprehension how one single place could have it all.
Each space is simple, with tasteful touches and stunning views (no air con – it’s cool at night). You find your way through the inevitable boredom and come out of the other side with greater clarity. The Lodge Library with spiritual, philosophical, self help titles, and fun-frivolous-fiction gets smiles and applause. The volunteer program offers an experience of a lifetime within a true eco community – off the grid and eco green to the extreme.

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