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President John F Kennedy would have been delighted to know that his inaugural address is still remembered and admired 50 years later.
He had delegated his aide Ted Sorensen to read all the previous presidential inaugurals, with the additional brief of trying to crack the code that had made Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address such a hit.Fifty years on, the debate about whether he or Sorensen played the greater part in composing the speech matters less than the fact that it was a model example of how to make the most of the main rhetorical techniques and figures of speech that have been at the heart of all great speaking for more than 2,000 years. In general, the more use of these a speaker makes, the more applause they will get and the more likely it is that they will be recognised as a brilliant orator.But great communicators differ as to which of these techniques they use most. In the most famous fictional speech of all time, Mark Antony had shown sensitivity to his different audiences in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar by asking his "Friends, Romans, countrymen" to lend him their ears.
Donald Trump is set to win Indiana’s Republican presidential primary, dealing huge blow to Ted Cruz's hopes, US media project.

Be inspired by Bill Gates in this video - the most successful and the richest dropout in the world! Approximately 30 video clips are available from a speech given by Herb Kelleher at the Darden School of Business in January 2005.
Like other great communicators - including Winston Churchill before him and Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama since then - he was someone who took word-craft very seriously indeed. I also include the tips and tricks that worked to help Michael potty train so quickly and so young.
The clips are classified in five categories: people, purpose, process, philosophy, and performance.

The age of a truly global mass media had dawned, which meant that what he said would be seen, heard or reported everywhere in the world.At the height of the Cold War, Kennedy also had a foreign policy agenda that he wanted to be heard everywhere in the world.
Mr Obama also favours three-part lists, of which there were 29 in his 10-minute election victory speech in Chicago. For him, contrasts were the preferred weapon, coming as they did at a rate of about one every 39 seconds in this particular speech.

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