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Who would have known that the ordinary house cat may be one of the greatest Buddhist teachers you will ever meet? My first experience with Buddhism and Cats happened when one of my former cats, Tara (appropriately named), was discovered on my zafu (meditation cushion). Cats (unlike most dogs) will only eat when they are hungry, and take a nap when they are tired. In Zen circles, Master Ekai is famous due to him meditating for six years on a single koan.
There are even many stories of cats that have traveled hundreds of miles and found their way back home after being lost, or even found their original owners when they moved hundreds of miles away.

Buddhism is a religion that must be practiced, as the only one who can help you is…you. Just like a cat, we shouldn’t put too much concern in that we were distracted when we were meditating, or that we got upset that somebody took our parking spot at work, or that we forgot to be mindful. When it comes to following the Noble Eightfold Path, our end goal should of course be to follow all eight parts.
Incorporate these techniques into your nightly routine and finally get the healthy, beauty sleep you need!
Every day at our local supermarket there is the same cat sitting in front of the store for a few hours.

Those who remember Nine Months will know that Moore is no stranger to romantic comedy, but in the past few years the prolific actress has been identified almost exclusively with heavy Oscar-bait like Far From Heaven and The Hours.

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