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Good books often become movies that, to the reader, are either a tremendous success or a complete disappointment.
The Hunger Games suggested above…I believe every young girl should read the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn. I have my concerns after walking threw the new & popular teen books at on the major bookstores.
See my reply above, but more so- this is a natural time to bridge from young adult to adult fiction. So when the film version of this epic story about the friendship between two women in 19th century China hit the screen last week in New York, I was there. Keep in mind that Snow Flower is no ordinary example of chick lit; its film version is not an Asian-style chick flick. In the laotong tradition two girls would be matched at a young age as laotongs if they were destined to be together. As laotongs, they pledged to be loyal friends forever, and this bond was formalized in a contract that could never be broken. As both See’s novel and the film version show, women’s lives in China were difficult and emotionally brutal in those early times.
Their marriages were business arrangements made by their families with a matchmaker who tried to get the “best deal.” A women’s worth on the marriage market was derived from her family’s wealth and social status and by her feet. This instituted the painful custom of foot binding in which a girl of around six years old had the bones in her feet broken. Frequently, a professional foot binder was secured because the mother was often too emotionally weak to perform the excruciating process on her own daughter. In the movie, when the small child Lily cries out to her mother and begs her to stop, her mother replies, “In pain there is beauty. While bound feet might give a woman with a “Lotus gait” thought to be erotic by Chinese men, they also made her unable to walk.
Like any long, intimate relationship, the one between Lily and Snow Flower has its complications, and inevitably conflict occurs when the two friends are thrust by fate into different kinds of lives. In the film version, director Wayne Wang juxtaposes the tale of Lily and Snow Flower with a story of two modern Chinese women, Nina and Sophia, who struggle to maintain their own close friendship while meeting the demands of complex lives in today’s Shanghai. While Wang most likely intended to broaden the appeal of See’s original version, he loses its soul by offering us this contemporary story that was not part of the original book. However, there is far less attention, scholarly or otherwise, given to the subject of women and friendship. The bottom line on Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is to read the novel if you have not already. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, directed by Wayne Wang; written by Angela Workman, Ron Bass and Michael K. Interviews, stories, TWE Radio, and more, by and about women who want to make the planet a better place. Have an inspiring woman whom you'd like to see interviewed or a story idea for The Women's Eye? Both of them grew up together, always writing to each other on a fan with Nu Shu, a secret women's writing. When Lily feels like she's had everything in life, Snow Flower had to experience so much bitterness in life.
This story tells a heartbreaking story of women's lives in the nineteenth century in China. It took me quite a while to finish this book, but when i read the final pages, I realized how the story of Lily and Snow Flower had left a deep impression in my heart. The story is extremely deep with emotions which sometimes made it difficult for me to continue reading; because I kept imagining how they have to sustain through all the sufferings. I will also schedule to watch the movie adaptation of this book soon :) Here's the trailer for those who haven't seen the movie yet ;) bye for now !
A language kept secret in China for centuries forms the backdrop for an unforgettable story.

I have found, with the exception of The Princess Bride, movies inspired by books have some significant differences from the printed inspiration. I like to read the book no sooner than six months prior to seeing the movie so the inconsistencies are not as glaring, or wait until I have seen the movie to read the book.
A tragedy of humor as Kate Reddy tries to have it all: breadwinner career, husband, two children, friends and a reliable nanny. In a world of isolation where it is not certain a full stomach will ever be in one’s future, the government has developed a game competing a male and female from each district against each other in a reality program that has a nation engaged.
I have not read this See novel but have read Shanghai Girls and the sequel, Dreaming of Joy. Unto Meadow Farm, about to go under financially, is born the only animal to be named one of the top 10 athletes in the world … The history of a triple-crown winner is its own spoiler, yet that knowledge in no way diminishes the story supporting the facts. Her love affair with the world of books and stories is eclipsed only by her love for her family and God. I have read quite a few of these books, but I will have to check out the ones I haven't read yet. This is the theme of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, the international best-selling novel by Lisa See, recently made into a feature film by director Wayne Wang. All of my life I have been blessed with female (and male) friends who have cared for me, taught me, protected me, and given me opportunities that I would have otherwise missed.
So were hundreds of other women who waited in line to see the movie version of Lily and Snow Flower’s tale, which has resonated with readers around the world. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan tells the story of two laotongs which literally means “old sames.” The custom of laotong was not practiced throughout China, but was specific to a minority tribe in the Hunan province where the story of Lily and Snow Flower, played by Gianna Jun and Li Bingbing, takes place. In suffering, there is peace of mind.” This is a poignant belief which may have comforted her generation of Chinese women throughout their hard lives. When the two have a falling out, they chillingly inflict their anger on each other with silent, yet deep, cuts to the bone, something only close friends know how to do. This is sad because much of the rich detail in See’s historical saga is missing in his confusing rendition.
However, the gifted performances of the young actresses Gianna Jun and Ni Bingbing playing dual roles somehow rescue the movie. They manage to convey the agony and tenderness at the center of Lily’s and Snow Flower’s relationship and the intensity and playfulness at the core of Sophia’s and Nina’s. It is gorgeous to behold (although I do not know anyone who sees a film for the sake of the art direction). I believe the popularity of See’s original Snow Flower illustrates an underlying truth in the lives of women. She looks back on her life, starting when she was just a five year-old child during her Daughter Days.
Even though they both have different personalities despite having the same sign, everything about them matched.
At the age of sixteen, both of them are going to marry out, to a man whom they never even know before.
Through Lily and Snow Flower, we see their suffering, their sacrifices, even the joy and sadness of life. I've heard quite a lot of foot-binding culture in China, but never got to know the meaning behind it. In my opinion, the characters development in this story is very realistic and understandable. In a remote province, in spite of their forced isolation and bound feet, women developed a code, nu shu ("women's writing"), the world's only gender-based written language. The details so eloquently waxed in print become lost in staging, and many storylines are modified to create a film with impact in a reasonable running time. Bottom line, a good read is a good read; the cinema powers know the book will (often) translate into a solid script and ticket sales. The 1960′s in Jackson, Mississippi is the setting of a story exposing the world of the privileged Junior League ladies and the maids that see to their homes and children.

My friend, Joanna, introduced many women to this book to bring a little relief to a demanding life of a wife and mother. Each brings you into the world of women in China, drawing you into their culture while exposing the internal strength required to survive in the variety of social economic circumstances from a time of bound feet to communist rule. Told from the perspective of a man looking back on the most pivotal year of his life–the year he ran away from all he knew and joined the circus. I like the strength of Penney Cheney and the graceful way she walked out what she knew in her heart to be true. As a mom of an eighth grader girl, any suggestions on good quality, intriguing books that might peak her somewhat eccentric interests? You name some classics I have not read but hear good things about… Thanks for chimimng in.
He also directed the successful movie version of Amy Tan’s equally successful book, The Joy Luck Club.
For others, it is an extremely supportive marriage, and for still others, it is material success or worldly accomplishment. They were continually unbound and checked, but the broken bones were always folded over again and rebound. Their husbands are completely left out because men are unable to understand what was written in nu shu. If only Wang had the courage of the fictitious Lily and Snow Flower and dared to make this a full historical drama by staying faithful to See’s novel. If you truly would like to get the most from this story, make sure to read the book as well. Loyalty toward other women in close friendships is as essential to most women as are all the other aspects of their lives. Lily was born as a child of a farmer; and as a child who was born in 1823, Lily had to go through painful experience of foot-binding at age 7. After reading this book, now I know how foot-binding could change a person's life totally; just like how Lily's life changed because of her beautifully bound feet.
How Lily changed little by little, without her realizing, when she had higher social status. I find her characters to have relatable qualities revealing a depth I connect to woven into a completely engaging storyline.
The characters are rich, though the story at times is rough in the lack of value placed on animals and people by the antagonist. Each person has different band widths as to what they can intake and not be overly influenced by- so walk in personal discernment. Decades later as is shown in the movie, Chinese women look back on foot binding as if they were being shackled in slavery. At the same time, she met her laotong, which means sworn sisters; a relationship closer than husband and wife.
I also love how i gained so much knowledge about Chinese culture and old traditions from this book. Snow Flower is out, but in limited release and will probably be on DVD in the next few months.
If you see a sudden change in disposition pair with a new book or author- flag it, help the reader get some space from it and see the negative change fades away. To Jackee every character and plot line is a teacher, and she loves to share these lessons with others.
Lily was only a daughter of a farmer, while Snow Flower was known to come from a prosperous family.
I look forward to seeing how it plays out on the screen, though I confess I am holding my breath about what compromises to the story may have occurred to make it a movie.

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