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This heatwave in Los Angeles is so bad that I just saw Tom Sizemore cooking meth on the hood of his car. FFS Tom Sizemore, stop cutting Bret Easton Ellis off when he is about to say something about Robert Downey Jr.! Being alone is scarier than any boogey man and the reason why I don't choose to see horror movies as a rule. Every time I feel disappointed, I remember that Katherine Heigl and Tom Sizemore were in a movie that pulled in a total gross amount of $30. I think about that split-second cut where Tom Sizemore stares down the curious diner in HEAT more than I think about my own mortality.
Got a crazy question for my cast mates Tom Sizemore, Allie Gonino, Martin Henderson or Kiowa Gordon? When is a certain diminutive r&b singer going to stop larping as tom sizemore in natural born killers?
Remember HUSTLE, the Pete Rose movie with Tom Sizemore in a bad wig, directed by Peter Bogdanovich? Joe Namath caused a stir on social media when he wore a fur coat to do the coin toss at the Super Bowl. Do you think he is mad that when people think of the Jets they think of the Butt Fumble rather than Super Bowl 3? To be a leader, you have to make people want to follow you, nobody wants to follow someone who doesn t know where he is going. Just discovered that Tatum O'Neal is a woman, I thought she was the male lead in Love Story?!?!? La de menos edad fue Tatum O'Neal, con 10 anos, que se llevo la estatuilla a la mejor actriz secundaria por Luna de papel (1973). Why the hell would Tori's fugly mom randomly bring Tatum O'Neal to her estranged grandchild's b-day party. He was named one of Handsome Blonde Men by our Man Crush Monday bloggers.Chris Hardwick is straight. I didn't really have time last season, but this year I'm going to try to do a zombie Chris Hardwick portrait to send in to the show. Last Saturday, i geeked out with my girlfriend's uncle over Chris Hardwick and The Nerdist Podcast for an hour.
I wish that they had Talking Dead on Netflix too so I could just swoon over Chris Hardwick after every episode of TWD.
It is a complete waste of your emotional energy to create storylines in your head about things that you cannot control. The 1'st Year Sober Common Questions Goal List Example Sobriety Secrets It's all about choice Okay, I quit - Now what? Sara is in the process of Re-Inventing her own life.A She has extended the offer to communicateA other women if you feel you want another person to talk with. It is also estimated that 1 in 4 people will encounter a mental health issue in their lifetime.A A A  I have talked to various individuals recently about mental illness a€” people of all ages and backgrounds a€” with personal experience with a disorder or disorders.
The disorders ranged from anxiety to ADD to OCD to depression, but what they all have in common is the desire of each person afflicted to be like everybody else. Being bipolar means that for stretches of time, she can be so depressed it is hard for her to get out of bed and function. Things she normally enjoys, like playing with her kids, are devoid of happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes all she can do is listen to songs that seem to a€?geta€? her and how shea€™s feeling. Shea€™s learned, oddly enough, ita€™s more helpful to a€?embracea€? the depressive episode than try to combat it.
Overall, she feels horrible a€“ and she just wants to feel better again.A A A  At the opposite end of the spectrum, when the a€?higha€? (mania) kicks in, her brain is bombarded with thoughts so fast and furious that she cana€™t write them down as quickly as they come.
She is compelled to constantly a€?doa€? in this state a€“ clean, bake, exercise, shop; she cana€™t stop. She is euphorically happy; in the car, upbeat music is on the radio and she is singing at the top of her lungs with the windows down a€“ everything seems perfect.
It doesna€™t matter if the sun is shining or if everything is going right; she can plummet into a downward spiral.
She thinks part of why she likes fall and winter and rainy or snowy days a€“ weather everyone else seems to dislike - is because therea€™s no pressure to be happy when the weathera€™s a€?bad.a€? If shea€™s depressed on a rainy day, it feels somewhat justified.

However, the weather can be wonderfully sunny, and the depression can roll in like a dark fog, and hang on.
She just has to wait it out, let it subside, and even though it feels hopeless and never ending, she has to remind herself that she will feel good again a€“ until the next depressive episode. They kindly tell her shea€™s pretty, shea€™s smart, shea€™s funny, she has a beautiful family; she has it alla€¦so why is she depressed? I want the stigma associated with mental illness to go away, though, and I know that talking about it will be the only way in making steps toward that - one of the goals of Mental Health Month. It also doesna€™t help to say, a€?You just need to change your mindset.a€? Again, great in theory. When dealing with a chemical imbalance, however, (which has been discovered in the brains of depressed people) that can only go so far. Just as Ia€™d never profess to know what ita€™s like to be in the mind and body of someone with cancer, if people dona€™t have clinical depression, they dona€™t know what ita€™s like to be someone who does.
The brain just happens to be different from that of a a€?normala€? person.A A A  It doesna€™t help the clinically depressed when others assume they can guess what ita€™s like. And that erroneous assumption makes those diagnosed feel worse in that therea€™s something fundamentally wrong.
It can be frustrating, as well-meaning as people can be, to hear some of their cures, such as, a€?Count your blessings!a€? Ia€™m extremely grateful for all my blessings and well aware of all the a€?reala€? problems in the world, and this adds another layer of guilt and distress a€“ knowing that, logically, I should be happy. Many people with loving families and successful careers, such as Kurt Cobain and Sylvia Plath, have fallen into infinite pits of despair and taken their own lives.
Hea€™s stopped trying to a€?fix me,a€? because he cana€™t.A A A  If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from a mental illness, get help. Alcohol and a depressed person dona€™t mix.A  The hangovers had me pretty much suicidal at timesa€¦not to mention alcohol interfering with the medication, basically messing my whole body up. Bipolar people tend to self-medicate, though, which is what I did for a long time with alcohol. I think womens only programs are helpful the same way girls only schools are more effective and beneficial in assisting women to develop self-esteem and confidence.
She reveals the struggles and shares her feelings.Radio show - Living Sober Sucks - PodcastInterview with a woman who dated a reinvented alcoholic. A Our two founders, Annee Delaware and Connie Millimaki, A have more than 50 years of experience in the field of chemical dependency.We are dedicated to all aspects of insuring well being and integration into a life without substances. Safe Passages provides the following services:Escorting clients safely to and from chemical dependency treatment. To receive assistance from a coach during the stages of transition helps assure a healthy outcome leading to rewarding personal transformation. Smart, witty, intelligent, starting quarter back of his high-school football team for 3 years.
During his life, he has watched me mess up, get put into rehab and eventually graduate a course in Addiction Counselor training.A A A  I get a call from my mother, while teaching my substance abuse education class, that he is in jail. I know him, I know where he is mentally and I am feeling every ounce of his pain, and I can't do a damn thing to fix it. This bullshit isn't about me, it is about the rest of my kids life, but I was willing to hide from reality.
Not me, so I got mad and took action.A A A  How do you stop being a Mom and be an addiction counselor? All I could tell him was that classes and outpatient meetings are better than having a cellmate named Bubba wanting to snuggle at night in your bunk with you.A A A  This is the most crazy experience of emotions I have had to deal with since I have gotten sober. I am still on the ride of one second hurting so bad for him and the next second wanting to kill him, laugh and shove a Big Book down his throat.A A A  This is gonna be an ADVENTURE. I do not think I am as girly as some of the ladies on here are, even though I'm a mother of three children. But even while I was partying I didn't have time to be sick or hung over, I had to be a mother. I have awesome kids, but I wasn't the best mother I could have been because I was still feeling the effects of my night of work.
SoI went everywhere looking for help (church, group therapy, outpatient rehab, AA)and read every self help book I could get my hands on, until I found what worked for me. I went to school to become a registered addiction counselor so I could answer the questions that no one was answering for me. I do not do warm fuzzy bunnies and unicorns and rainbows and think everything is gonna be perfect.

I have made amends to the people who deserve it and continue to do what is right for me andmy family.A A A  Sitting around and wallowing in how horrid I was, is not an option for me. The no nonsense approach, clear and direct language speaks to a lot of people I imagine.A A A  I am not scared anymore for the never again a buzz, or missing out on the fun moments and joys that alcohol also brought to my life (because it did, on numerous occasions).
I am not scared anymore to acknowledge myself and express thoughts and ideas that I thought would be received as not socially excepted.A A A  I was drilled into the idea that something was wrong with me, and needed to be fixed.
I know that, because my life was already fine, except for the intoxicated interludes of course.
I do understand that difficult moments will come, but I will embrace them.A A A  I am not being naive here, that would be an insult to myself. I am equipped now with all the tools and strength it will take to be sober, but most of all, I am equipped with all the tools to have the courage to be ME.A A A  Over the last years I have worked very hard on my spiritual wellbeing. I didnt feel that I deserved to reach for the stars.A A A  And of course there are reasons for that. Things are the way they are, and I have the power to choose how to build my life around it. I have been working on myself for numerous years, trying to find peace with myself, be content and happy with myself. I found a lot of good and valuable things in Buddhism.A A A  Like you, I cannot believe in 1 great power, outside ourselves, who can save you, keep you from harm, or make your life miserable. And I think you do too, because many of your ideas and suggestions coincide with Buddhist philosophy. It is up to us to make use of it.A A A  And I think a lot of these philosophies and working techniques are helpful to get things into perspective on the road of sobriety, especially for women. I love your book and website and is a huge data bank of resources, mind setters etc.A A A  Hell, it gave me the last push to make the only right decision for me!
I do not criticize your work here, Mark, really, however for me personally there is something missing.A A A  Now again, I am not an expert in any field, and I dont pretend to speak for ALL women, I just share some of my thoughts with you.
Not all, but many women have the need to nurture their spiritual side, lets say their soul, besides the mind altering and practical sides of a sober life.
Love the list, but I dont think a lot of women will get all excited about go-karting, test drives or paintball.
Same as with religion or groups, it is important to keep a critical mind and dont get over involved or lose yourself.
But most of all, they often offer practical exercises and ideas to make you feel at peace and more relaxed.
And in that state of mind, we are better equipped to deal with all the shit in our livesRead about anything that interests you ! And more importantly, make time to read !!!!!!Create a silent place for you to retreat for an hour.
Install a moment in your week that will be your time to spend on your own, away from the stress of sober and daily life. Anything, as long as the other family members respect your time off and leave you to yourself.
Women being most of the time, the manager of the household as well as holding a job, it is more difficult for them to claim some me-time.
They often dont have the possibility to walk out of the house for a couple of hours, like men tend to do whenever they feel the need.Engage your partner in the chores and running of the house and children.
It will take pressure of the woman and it will make her feel more respected and appreciated. Having more time to herself will give her the opportunity to rediscover her femininity, which will definitelyConnect with other women to discuss, talk, and experience other things than being and staying sober. Paint each others nails, dye each others hair, etc Reconnect with your femininity.Special women ex-drunkard to-do list:Watch old movies! Whenever I am in one of those sentimental moods, (like once a month or whenever sober life is too boring to bear), I love settling in front of the tv, with tea and M&Ms and a stack of old romantic movies.

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