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Urban Goods Distribution (UGD) plays an important role in the sustainable development of cities. Under the series of themes in the link below, you will find an inventory of the various programmes and initiatives which are funded by the European Commission and which have an urban dimension. The SUMO Toolkit is an instrument that prepares current and future results to be transferred in a practical way and according to decision maker’s needs.
Cities are evoluting in the recent years to become more sustainable, many different practices are being put into practice to overcome urban challenges. Emilia-Romagna Region has held the High Level Seminar in Bologna on 10th of September, coordinating and working with the other Italian partners (Municipality of Genoa and of Pisa and Province of Lucca). The high level seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized on the 12th of November in Sarajevo, conducted by REIC (Regional Education an Information Centre for Sustainable Development in South-East Europe). The City of Malaga, through the Urban Environmental Observatory (OMAU) and Municipal Social Housing Institute (IMV), has received the EUROCITIES Award 2014 in the category of Participation.
The Capitalization Event of Urban Empathy Project is an occasion for private and public organisations, interested in European Funding, to present to a round discussing table each own experience, result or new idea to be developed in the new programming period (2015-2020).
External organizations are invited to submit their project proposals and search partners among our structure. The Greek High Level Seminar was held in Thessaloniki on the 26th of September 2014, organized by the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (LHTEE), the only Greek partner participating in Urban Empathy Project.
The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering participated at the 2nd International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S 2014), in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2014. Projects, processes, innovation tools and urban sustainability were the core of the event held in Bologna on 11th September 2014. The Med Teenergy Project presents two successful demonstration cases, where the Project Guidelines, as result which is capitalized within Urban Empathy, have been put into practice. It is a working plattform of the initiative IUME - Towards an Integrated Urban Monitoring in Europe. On 11, 12 and 13 June 2014, the city of Malaga hosted the Eurocities Environment Forum, the main European cities platform based in Brussels. The Vauban district of Freiburg in southern Germany is a good example of sustainable urban living model. The next Eurocities Environment Forum will be held in Malaga, from 11 to 13 June 2014, within Urban Emapathy Project.
The CAT-MED Platform on Sustainable Urban Models - The Malaga SOHO neighborhood project and the model of Malaga Historical City Center as sustainable urban regeneration good practices in the UN-Habitat 7 World Urban Forum. The Transect Codes Council (TCC) is an advisory board to the Center for Applied Transect Studies (CATS).
In this workshop held by the MIT Senseable City Lab, in collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology, participants experimented with changing public spaces with the help of image processing, environmental sensors, and social media analysis.

In the future, the appearance of cities will not depart much from its current aspect, but it will change its performance: the resources will be used in a more efficient, reasonable, and generally urban centers will be more sustainable than they are today. The architect Carlo Ratti, director and researcher from MIT SENSEable City Laboratory, reveals that the change has already begun. Good practices from Intelligent Energy Europe and European Territorial Co-operation projects.
Urban Empathy paticipates in the Capitalization Event on ?Sustainable development and Spatial planning? The objective of PROPOLIS was to research, develop and test integrated land use and transport policies, tools and comprehensive assessment methodologies in order to define sustainable long-term urban strategies and to demonstrate their effects in European cities. The city of Parma (Italy) hosted on 29th and 30th October 2013 The 1st Technical Workshop and Public Seminar of CAT-MED Platform that involved the technical team of the General Secretariat of the Platform and regional members in Italy. The 29th October, it took place primarily a technical workshop focused on the objectives pursued and tools developed within the CAT-MED Platform.
The city of Parma (Italy) will host the next 29 and 30th October 2013 The 1st Regional Workshop and Public Seminar of CAT-MED Platform that will involve the technical team of the General Secretariat of the Platform and regional members in Italy. Between the 30th of September and the 2nd  of October Brest welcomed the CIVITAS Forum 2013, an annual event bringing together representatives of CIVITAS Forum Network member cities including their politicians and technical experts, and supporting cities to introduce ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility. The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is a leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities and healthier living conditions. CAT-MED Platform invited to CECODHAS POWER HOUSE NZE Challenge Project _ MED Task-Force Workshop and Technical Visit, coordinated by CECODHAS Housing Europe. The Urban Environment Observatory (OMAU) hosted on June 21st a Public Capitalization Seminary of Urban Empathy Project , in which representatives of a total of 35 European projects, financed by 17 different programs, as well as representatives of 9 European networks. Is your city struggling with getting adaptation to climate change in place or even getting started at all?
El Programme MED ha dado una nueva muestra de apoyo y refuerzo a las políticas y acciones en materia de Sostenibilidad Urbana.
La conferencia final del proyecto Ecomark tendrá lugar el 13 de diciembre de 2012 en la Universidad de Bologna. La Plataforma CAT-MED sobre Modelos Urbanos Sostenibles, se constituye tras la firma de la Carta de Málaga, el 7 de Feb. They are powerful engines for growth and jobs and as such make a significant contribution towards achieving both the Europe 2020 Strategy and the economic, social and territorial development of the EU.
It helps to support urban lifestyles, to serve and retain industrial and trading activities, and contributes to the competitiveness of industry in the region concerned (Anderson et al., 2005).
They have been asked also about what they need and attend from the future, in order to develop efficient urban policies. The project aims to identify five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for which indicators on sustainable urban models will be calculated.

A tool to keep you updated on what’s going on in urban sustainability and within the CAT MED Platform. In this post, we present a series of different articles and links to SUMO trendings, which has been more succesfull, during October 2014 - January 2015, at CAT-MED Platform and Urban Empathy Social Networks. More than 60 representatives of cantonal authorities and municipalities from the whole country took participation on this seminar.
In this post, we present a series of different articles and links to SUMO trendings, which has been more succesfull, during September-October 2014, at CAT-MED Platform and Urban Empathy Social Networks.
Our objective is to share ideas to create competitive proposals to respond to European calls and to find the right partnership among our experimented members. In this post, we present a series of different articles and links to SUMO trendings, which has been more succesfull at CAT-MED Platform and Urban Empathy Social Networks.
It is followed by a series of 6 events in different states of the Mediterranean area: Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina. The initiative is based on the voluntary contribution and informal co-operation between different European partners all concerned about urbanisation in Europe and its impacts . The Forum was attended by 29 cities from 15 different countries and more than 70 participants. The mission of the TCC is to support CATS in the expansion of the use of its open source Transect-based codes and modules, for planning and regulating the built environment as part of the natural environment. At the conference, city representatives, politicians and stakeholders debated the role of smart citizens in creating smart cities, and explore how cities can embrace and unleash the smart capacity of their citizens. The event was organised under the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Programme, a multilateral cooperation framework funded by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument. The Urban Empathy Project and CAT-MED Platform actively participated in the event and the sustainable urban issues and their relevance to the Mediterranean and European policies to achieve EU objectives 2020 were high on the agenda.
Find out more about URBAN EMPATHY, our capitalization process to exchange successful results ready to be disseminated & transferred to help improve related policies. As all the participants have many years of experience in projects of ETC programmes the exchange of ideas was vivid and fruitful. The European delegation was received on Wednesday 11 by the Mayor Francisco de la Torre, at the City Hall.
By 2001, it had 2,000 inhabitants and now is said to have 5,000 inhabitants with over 600 jobs.

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