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Last week I gave a Values-Based Leadership course in the framework of the Master in Professional Development-Programa GAIA.
The SCM is an approach to leadership development focused on the process of enacting social change from multiple perspectives. The Model is sometimes called the 7Cs for Change because it espouses seven values of leadership that occur on three dimensions with the goal of positive social change.
The individual dimension consists of the values: consciousness of self, congruence, and commitment.

The group dimensions consists of the values: common purpose, collaboration, and controversy with civility.
Apasionada de la Innovacion Social, emprendimiento, microfinanzas e Inversiones de Impacto. During the class, we discussed the current leadership crisis, the New Leadership Paradigm and the importance of values for future leaders. The Model approaches leadership as a purposeful, collaborative, values-based process that results in positive social change.

What is the right entry point for emerging markets: targeting customers at the bottom or the middle of the pyramid?
Me encanta compartir recursos y apoyar a personas y organizaciones que quieren cambiar el mundo.

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