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In order to listen to the sound samples you need an MP3 player, which you can download free. I have written about my vegetable garden before, but I have another garden, a secret garden.
Then there are some more familiar plants, like the poppies that come up everywhere in spring and the pale blue cornflowers that follow them in summer.
Your spikey plant is teasel, Dipsacus fullonum, a plant native to Europe and introduced to North America. The daisies are actually a type of fleabane, maybe Daisy Fleabane though I’m not sure.
The pink flower is a type of mallow, but I’m not sure which just off the top of my head. I had a feeling the pink flower might be a mallow, it looks very much like one in a post at Hagbourne Wildlife recently. Even the dandelions of spring are a part of it, fields of yellow that are just lovely to see, and which provide the emerging bees with some of their early-season food. The thistle has been the emblem of Scotland for over 700 years, and the story of how that happened is rather amusing.
The flowers change with the seasons, but there are always so many to see, all through the spring and summer.

It has the extremely rare flowering pattern of starting in the middle and then progressing in two bands toward the top and bottom (most flowers start either at the top or the bottom and only go one way).
Like teasel, it also grows easily and quickly in areas that have been disturbed, such as roadsides. Historically the dried flower heads were used to help rid a house of fleas, hence the common name fleabane. I just double-checked your location, and it looks like you’re well within the native range of most of those flowers. I’m going to have to get myself a good field-guide, I need to know more about what I’m pointing the camera at! Looking them up, it seems they are widespread in distribution, so it could well be the same species you get in the UK. You shouldn’t worry about comparing your own photos to mine and finding your own lacking in some way or other. She has a photo of some of them flowering on a rooftop, having somehow found room to put out roots. Thanks to “The Marvellous in Nature” for a post just a week or two ago which identifies this critter! The pink flower to its right grows on small shrubs that flower profusely, one or two of them would fill a niche in a garden very easily.

It’s a biennial, each plant living only two years, but their seeds are very sturdy and it grows very easily, so it often pops up in disturbed habitat like roadsides and fields.
My secret garden is the wild flowers around me, which I find as beautiful as any domestic garden I have seen. According to Wikipedia, Verbascum Thapsus is a biennial, so those plants had been there for a while! The yellow flower to the right is much smaller, but close up it’s really very delicate. I bet that if they were annuals instead of biennials, they would be popular with gardeners. Yaln?zca Kalomira ya da K-Moira olarak da biliniyor.ABD'ye goc eden Yunan bir ailenin cocugu olarak, cocuklugunu New York, West Hempstead'te gecirdi. Yunanistan'da Fame Story adl? muzik yar?smas?n? kazand? ve o gunden sonra Yunanistan'da tan?nan bir isim haline geldi, sohreti giderek art?.

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