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Front is very good, but i dont like the back, screenshots just pasted and the text looks unofficial.
THe cover looks pretty nice but the back looks a little lacklusster compaired to the front. And i know for a fact that if i posted a box with the same back layout i'd get like 1 fav and barely any comments.
Sonic and the Secret Rings marks the hedgehog's first venture on to the Wii console, and rather than following the traditional Sonic scenario of running through a city or a tropical beach, this game follows an entirely new direction by following on the classic story book of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.
When I say the music for this game loosely based on the culture of the Arabian world, I do mean loosely.
The entire first disc covers all the stage tracks, which makes it very convenient for people like me who enjoys going straight to the real deal behind the music. Aside the aforementioned tracks by Le Club Bachraf, the soundtrack does have one more decent song, "Worth a Chance ~Original Version~". You could have tried to tie the screen shots and text in better and honestly the back just doesn't look very good to me, and i'm not saying this to be mean or anything. Since the game follows through a mystical journey of the fictional Arabian world, the composition behind the music for Seven Rings in Hand follows a very loose structure on the sound and culture of the Arabian night.
The entire soundtrack doesn't make it a point to strongly follow any good choice of instruments that can best represent the sands of time.

The entire first disc, which is populated by Runblebee, is nothing more than energetic hard rock music.
However, the only lyric-heavy song I actually could enjoy was "Unawakening Float", only because it comes it short burts.
The music could have done a better job representing Aladdin's world through the eyes of Sonic, but none of that appears here. A few selected themes on the second disc are exceptions, in which we do get rather nice string performances from Yoshiko Matsuda's ud as well as a couple of well-performed passages from Jun Chikuma's wind instrument, th enay.
This isn't necessarily bad in theory, but the instrumentals are repetitive and the lyrics are so cheesy; you could be fooled into thinking you were listening to a Saturday morning English-adapted Anime that was given little to no thought whatsoever in terms of quality. In addition, the song doesn't make it a point to state the obvious of what's going on, not like "The Wicked Wild" and their dinosaurs. What is left is a handful of cheesy songs and a number of short themes that can mostly be thrown aside. I think it would be better if you used the star field from front, behind the parchment paper on the back.
Both are equally wonderful, but I'll take the original because it's much more peaceful, and after hearing such a rough soundtrack all the way through the first disc, it's a fresh breath of air in the end. It's fine that Runblebee wanted to continue showing off Sonic's side of the hard rock, but it goes way out of bounds in the quality for this soundtrack.

It starts with an acoustic guitar, then slowly builds up with the rhythm guitar, then comes in very strong with the drums, all while the lyrics simply go on to sing "Must I float away?". It's so shameful that the only way I am able to tolerate these songs if they come with instrumental sections. This is especially sorrowful, because some of the guitar performances are actually pretty decent. I couldn't really stand listening to the rest of the first disc, especially not the main theme, "Seven Rings in Hand", as performed by Steven Conte.
In fact, "No Way Through" isn't entirely filled with lyrics for the most part, so it was one of the few songs I actually could enjoy.
It seems that the theme song that should have received an Arabian makeover actually doesn't. It's just a very repetitive rock song all the way through, save for some small changes in the lyrics, which I constantly forget what they are supposed to say and when.
An uninspiring guitar performance is the final nail in the coffin and not even the decent solo could save it.

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