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If you're looking for a big meaty hand to come out of the sky to shake you (or him) saying ‘It's him! It's true that soulmate indicators are visible, but instead of screaming at us, I think of them more more like calm blue waters of possibility. When we do immerse ourselves deeply, fully, we experience more of who we really are: that is, a spiritual being having a human experience and not the other way around.
Imagine each relationship we have on a sliding scale, where karmic conflict is at one end, and harmonious soulmate love at the other. If you and your sweetie are both willing and make a loving, conscious, consistent effort over time, the two of you will move closer and closer to soulmate status.
You're the boring couple, that agree on most things and when you don't, you work it out no problemo. It's easy to believe in soulmates when we're all healthy, employed, faithful and financially secure, huh? One of the soulmate indicators to notice is how you work together, and the creative tension you have.
James Bowen was a street musician struggling to kick his drug habit when he met a ginger stray he dubbed Bob. The style of shoe you select can determine whether running is comfortable or painful, a positive or negative experience, and can affect your chances of sustaining an injury.
Running, biking, swimming and aerobics have all been widely cited as the best ways to burn calories.

After a delicious home-cooked meal, the last thing most people want to deal with is a mountain of dishes in the sink. You know the feeling — a week or so before your period begins, you start getting headaches or lower back pain.
It's been my experience that the truth doesn't scream — it whispers for us to come closer.
In each thought, emotion and action, we move closer to the soulmate relationship we desire. There's a distinct lack of drama to your union, though this doesn't mean there isn't passion.
Maybe before you met, you dreamt about each other or perhaps you inexplicably chose the same type of china pattern. Yet, being in love with our best friend is also desirable, even if one of the murkier soulmate indicators. I don't mean equal weight, height or bank account (bank accounts should not be wielded like swords).
If your marriage is in a challenging phase, then this is what I call a karmic relationship. I don't even mean intellectual accompishment, degrees or professional skill as I've met PhD's who are like emotional children. For example, a good friend of mine met her now husband when she was stood up on a date, and decided to go out alone.

For them to move out of the country, reveal that they were still in love with their ex, or whatever pattern that wrenched your heart in the past. Your body is devoid of dread, heaviness and has only a passing understanding of the sharp fingers of guilt, shame or the sting of criticism. If you're already lucky enough to be in love with your best friend that grew over time, then go no further! In times of challenge, the biggest part of you knows you'll work it out, so you can express yourself in ways you couldn't before. Your entire energy body is calmed in their presence, and when you make love, it feels like coming home. However, if you're in friendship-land it's truly tricky to make that sexual leap with gusto. Believing anything else is not only delusional, but it's the perfect receipe for excruciating disappointment.
When soulmates do, they tend to work through them and emerge transformed and stronger than ever, pitchers of lemonade in hand. Yet, when they work at problems, they always come up with unique solutions they wouldn't have found individually.

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