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Conscious Channel Paul Selig joins us LIVE in this Quantum Conversation to discuss how he came to channel the beings he brings forth to assist in personal and planetary evolution.
Patricia Diane Cota - Robles, founder of The World Congress on Illumination, joins us to share her insights on the energies of this Quantum Leap Year of 2016 !
From 2012 onward, all of us here on Earth have a very special opportunity a€“ to evolve beyond this 3-D world, into 5-D, and beyond! MultiA­sensory energetic intuitive and medium Christel Hughes joins us for this LIVE group Energy Session! Enjoy this intriguing discussion with researcher and spiritualist Frank Chiille who shares stories of Extra-Terrestial Contact by beings who look just like us. Listen in to Miriama€™s personal story and how she now communicates telepathically to indigenous tribes around the world. Debbie Johnson is a psychic medium who shares the messages of Angels and teaches you how to understand their messages in your own heart. The Stargate is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness. Listen and learn how you can create an energetic match for abundance and prosperity with a little help from Frequency Medicine. Medical Intuitive and Nemenhah Medicine Woman Mona Delfino is LIVE on today's Quantum Conversations to share on the current energies and transformation. Christopher Tims shares his real life experience with the mysteries of StarGates and much more in this Quantum Conversation.
People think of Christopher in many different ways, as a Teacher, Healer and Practical Mystic.
Join us for a Quantum Conversation on various healing modalities called Power Therapies which include Induced After Death Communication, Vortex Healing and Lifespan Integration. Rick Paris shares his remarkable story of his nearA­death experience that offered him the wisdom and confirmation that we absolutely create 100% of our reality. Enjoy this Show With a Pet Psychic who Answers Questions and Gives You Messages from Your Pets!
Larry Campbell receives and channels messages from Ancient beings, the Arcturians, Plaedians, Ascended Masters and other Sacred Spiritual Beings; guiding you into a deeper understanding within your journey of healing a€?selfa€?. Larry has channeled Sacred Geometry shapes used for healing, grounding, connecting, ascension and clearing. Experience the Council of Light, a group of Intergalactic Beings of Light from across the Multiverse who's main mission is to assist humanity in living in Joy.
Soul Body Fusion is a simple yet powerful tool for healing, wholeness and beyond that you can experience immediately.
Enjoy this Light Language Freqeuency Activation with Anrita Melchizedek of the Pleiadian and Melchizedek Light Network. In this fascinating call, Robert Potter shares information and insight from our benevolent space family and their part in Cosmic Disclosure. In this very special presentation, youa€™ll experience and connect with Metatrona€™s energy in this attunement with Tammy Majchrzak.
With over 25 years expertise in facilitating personal transformation through quantum field adjustments which heal the root cause of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance, Alison now also offers to share with you her remarkable connection as a trance medium and channel for source consciousness. Judy Satori brings forth information from Spirit that the crystal skulls found in different locations on this planet are 'markers in time', giving insight into what is to come for human kind. Matt Kahn joins us with Divine Transmission of Love that dissolves discord and opens & soothes the heart. Ascension Wayshower Sandra Walter returns to the show to offer her insight and intel from OnA­High experienced during her Gatekeeper's activities on Mt. Explore and experience 5th dimensional tools designed to unlock and amplify your intuitive genius with grace and ease. In this show we will definitely allow for the energies of 2016 come in full force to awaken our New Earth Template, also allowing for Cosmic Light to awaken two specific areas of our brains that governs sound that will allow for our template to possess unique qualities of light to speak the Language of our inherent soul DNA.
Join Cynthia Charis as she introduces us to the Super Beings of Divinity within us, the Avatars. We are literally transforming all that we are now to step up into the New Earth Vibration. A Mass Awakening is underway with more people awakening to their true selves and the energies coming in this September are some of the most intense energies streamed to Gaia from our Central Sun. Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy shares incredible insight in our current state of transition in both our internal and external worlds.
Judy is a Channel for Crystal Skulls Max and ShaNaRa and also Beings in Inner Earth and Telos, and many of the Ascended Masters and Angelic and Feary Realm, and more.
Ascended Master Wayshower Lisa Transcendence joins us to talk about Quantum Existence: This is How WE Live (It IS Simple). NEW Earth & Quantum Existence, multi-dimensionality, embodiment, sleeping & dream states, expanded consciousness, galactic frequencies and more more more! The man who coined the term Heart-Coherency (the pre-cursor to Heart Math) joins us on todaya€™s Healing Conversation.

Joshua McGuire is Senior Lecturer in Musicianship at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University, where he teaches courses in Musicianship as well as Meditation for Musicians. McGuire is also an active writer, having penned the libretto for two full-length operas, The Secret of Luca (based on the novel by Ignazio Silone) and Roscoe (based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize winner William Kennedy), with music by Evan Mack. His own spiritual awakening in 1987 left him a clairvoyant and when he began to study energy healing, he discovered he could a€? for his clients. Join Kimberly Marooney to experience how easy it is to Activate Your Divinity, opening your heart to Divine Love. In the most pure, inspirational way, Patricia Diane shares an update of the Great Shift, and how the recent March energies have given us an "Incredible Quantum Shift into Higher Frequencies" in preparation for the coming Mystical Month of May.
Your ability to evolve beyond the 3-D world depends on this: Activating, Developing and Integrating your conscious mind and perception with your Light Body. Christel will do scanning sessions on our call to help you discover your ultimate balance point and shift what is in the way.
They are part of our Cosmic Family and this conversation offers comprehensive insight on Disclosure, ET Contact and the phenomenon of Orbs.
Living this reality, physically, as well as spiritually, allows you to discover, live and share your unique gifts and embrace your special path on Earth. Angels run consciousness and that's exactly how they communicate with us- in the consciousness of the heart.
Experience your sensitivity heightening as you are surrounded by a 12th dimensional energy-field during a live, quantum Stargate transmission. In this Quantum Conversation, we'll experience a Quantum Healing Sesison with Mas Sajady, who developed the ability to see and correct the energetic "blueprint" of people following his second near-death experience. He considers himself a reminder of The Oneness that you are, and simply a friend walking beside you discovering sights along the way. Donna Moorish is a gifted healer who assists clients in taking responsibility for their own healing.
Please join us for this LIVE Quantum Conversation with founder Anat Baniel and experience a short process to connect your brain to various parts of your body.
Working with the energy and messages he receives, he is able to activate and clear scalar energies within the blueprint of your mind body systems. This Quantum Conversation with Danielle also includes a Divine Light Activation from the Council of Light to assist you in feeling your Energy Signature. Once we become conscious of how this dis- ease is affecting our well-being and abundance or lack of it we may do the work of healing and clearing this with Ease at our own pace. Human Mastery is part of the Quantum Multidimensional Light body activation process and is Spiritual Mastery. Anrita shares on the current higher dimensional energies that are now available to us and how we can connect to the Unity Grid of Divine Love.
Ita€™s time that we look at our layers, masks, and our shadow as these keep us from being our authentic self. Experienced with forty years of study in UFOlogy and spirituality, Robert says he is also in contact with an earthA­based Venusian. This is a vibration that needs to be felt rather than explained, so join us in this high vibrational experience. Alison invites Master a€“ teacher of Lao Tzu and a doorway to self--realisation a€“ to speak through her, to enable you to receive the love, wisdom and power of the divine. Suzanne Lie who will channel messages from the Arcturians on Ascension and our new multidimensional abilities which are now coming forth. Matt Kahn is a Spiritual Teacher offering sacred heart wisdom that invites human consciousness into the joy of liberated existence. 5DThrive: Activate, Awaken, Transcend with Patrick Prohaska who brings forth within you a profound understanding of the multiA­dimensional nature of our universe, and gives you tools to create life on your terms. He is a direct voice medium and metaphysics expert, specializing in channeling and spirit communication. Louise Swartswalter's 7 Anti-Aging tips and experience quantum frequencies to help you move forward and achieve a younger you (healthy, vibrant, more energetic, and thinner if desired, with glowing skin and a€?brightera€?).
These Great Beings of Light are aspects of our higher bodies of consciousness and are awaiting our return into Oneness with them.
We are opening up to multidimensional aspect of ourselves, shifting our awareness and perspective. The Shift that is upon us does not allow us to take our "baggage" with us, and he offers sage advice on how we can best create and hold specific states of consciousness. Dorian Light will be using the Light Codes & Psychic Energetics to clear "key" emotional heart wall patterns that keep people from self-empowerment. She is very psychic and intuitive and she shares downloads and activations in today's show. His mission and purpose on this planet is to assist all in finding the Divine Way Path by removing negative imprints that hold us back. He is also the author of The Secret of Music: a look at the listening life, a collection of nonfiction essays on music and mindfulness.

In this live conversation with Suzanna Kennedy, we will discuss why is it so important to develop your Light Body now, what seemingly magical things can you do with your Light Body, and how can you develop and master your Light Body.
He also shares the story of his personal friend Albert Coe who assisted an off-planet being of Human form.
Living this reality gives rise to an inspired life, each and every day, rather than a life based on limiting beliefs, stories and judgments. Louise Swartswalter has developed a special technique using several bio-feedback programs to "broadcast" or beam specially-coded frequencies to your Quantum Field and your energetic, etheric field. We'll talk with Mas up close and personal about this episode in his life, when he miraculously escaped drowning by Divine Intervention. This is a form of light, energy, and information meant to accelerate a persona€™s evolution.
He founded the Order of the Blue Star in 1988 and has been sharing the Eternal Teachings since that time. There is no right or wrong with this process and everyone must go at the pace that is comfortable for them. The wholeness makes you more powerfully you a€”magnetic to health and all the good things that support your life. She discusses 9 dimensions and how we can move into 5th, 6, 7th 8 and 9th dimensional frequencies and what wea€™ll experience when we do. Exploring the shadow side, the parts we keep hidden leads us to see the deep layers that need healing and in some cases reclaiming.
As you expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond, you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. In this Healing Conversation, Matt shares insight on 5th Dimensional Consciousness and infuses this call with an energy transmission that helps you unravel from subconscious limitations in the 3D and 4D. She will share an update on the current Ascension energies and how we can best step into our full expression of Divinity. His ability to communicate with the Spirit realm and work in partnership with his Guidance has helped more than 55,000 clients in private readings over the last fifty-five years. Never before have we had the possibility to merge so completely and totally with the highest potential of our greatness.
We can shift from moment to moment if we so desire, and it’s an energetic shifting we all have the possibility to do. As humanity becomes more aware of it's internal guidance systems, then old paradigms or "stories" will be recognized as false or not-in-our-truth and will fall away. Then she will attune you to the new energies as well as align and activate long forgotten aspects of your true authentic self to come on line. She shares messages from Max and ShaNaRa with NEW information about another Crystal Skull still underground in Peru, called OM Shanti. Learn practical ways to fill your meals with love and joy, eat more mindfully, and bring more magic into your kitchen. She explains how this Frequency Medicine is just right for your specific needs based on your birthdate and name, and will assist you to clear out subconscious blockages that keep you challenged with abundance. Mas assists us in removing distortions and old belief systems that keep us from our dreams and passions. In particular, the attunement will place an energetic Arcturian Golden Star and Purple Sphere in each participanta€™s heart center that will allow them to transmit the AHL for others. He also founded and facilitates the Blue Star Mystery School and Sound Energy Dynamics; classes that reach world wide.
Anrita leads us on a Divine Transmission that takes up deep into the Sacred Heart where we merge the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience abilities are coming online, and with all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive,receive and interpret Light Language.
His teachings span the breadth and depth of all aspects of the human journey, helping you to fully open up to enjoying life as a cosmic playground. This can be a challenging time for many, but Jim says the choice is ours to choose powerful 5th Dimensional words to attain Higher Consciouness and states of awareness. This will help you to truly remember who you are as the Spark of the Divine having a human experience. Richard London is author of forthcoming books "Doctorate of Business Life" Creating Success and Wealth with No Limits and "Great Language- Great Life", Communicate to Wealth, Words that Create Miracles in your Life. As we anchored and integrated the most powerful wave of Ascension to ever hit the planet this past September, we created an unprecedented opportunity to raise the consciousness of the earth and achieve full assimilation and embodiment of our higher dimensional Selves. London is a bridge between Spirituality and the Business World, and he offers an excellent overview of his remarkable story of being downloaded with information in the womb and having a direct connection to Source, Creator Energy.

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