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Through sound, breath and movement for joy, mental clarity, and emotional balance, we will chant Naam Simran and work with a healing Kabbalistic movement series as taught by Universal Kabbalah Master and Naam Yoga Founder, Dr. This is a group for anyone interested in the science of yoga, spirituality, health and wellness.
Let's come together to send healing energy to our loved ones and those in need across the globe. You will experience a Sound Reiki alignment bringing you an inner stillness and sense of well-being and be guided in meditation to let go of stress and tension. Together we will create a sacred space in which healing can occur and flow into our Mother Earth.
The group will come together to work with sacred sound along with hand postures arranged in a specific sequences for maximum healing impact.

Heather Hannan, Sound Reikia„? Master Teacher and singing healer from the Sound Reiki Institute will be holding a Sound Reikia„? Meditation and Healing Circle on Sept 9th,A  7-8:30pm.
This meditation will benefit all, whether you are practiced or would like to try something new. Share in insightful discussions and experience enlightening guided meditations accompanied by the sacred sound healing of the magnifident crystal singing bowls.
When chanting in a group the potential healing impact for oneself and the earth is exponentially increased by the number of people in the group. Each of the meditations will focus on a different area of healing with the goal of wholeness.
When you experience this powerful form of sound healing, not only do you experience this by hearing with your ears, but your entire being experiences the sensation of being bathed in vibrational tones of healing light and sound.

The beautiful sound and vibration of the bowls lift you into a new dimension of awareness within your own consciousness. We open each gathering with sacred drumming and end (weather permitting) with a fire ceremony at the medicine wheel outdoors.

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