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Experience a magical evening with music - we'll discuss music and listen to music and do a musical meditation! Please read our guidelines for RSVPing and attending events (scroll to the bottom of this intro). All of us on the Planet are ever-expanding ever-changing Beings - the Source expressed in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual form. Alexandre Tannous has been active as a musician, educator, composer, and as an ethnomusicologist. Driving a foreign visitor around Oslo, he gets lost, and all of a sudden they are back where they started. But at a recent meditation retreat at Lundsholm it dawned on him that the notion of a wheel is only one side of the story. Who does not wish for a breather from stressful routines and incessant demands – a little everyday-life nirvana? After the end of the Cold War, the American president and Congress established a commission headed by Gary Hart and Warren Rudman which was to advise the authorities on the formation of a new fundamental strategy on national security. But I forgot about all that one day when a girl with sunlight in her hair walked across the schoolyard. Before we discuss the principles of correct meditation, we shall first observe that thoughts arise in meditation, and that they may arise in either the centre or the border area of our awareness. Every week, you can rely on the Red Stripe Deals to deliver savings of at least 50 percent off six Windows 10 games and apps.
Here on Earth (and possibly on many other planets at the same time!) our Soul (non-physical) is focused into this time and space through our body (physical vessel).
He holds a Bachelor of Music with a double major in Music Theory and Composition, and a Master of Arts degree in Music Education from Columbia University Teachers College. What is it about sound that stimulates relaxation as well as psychological and existential processes?
It was a retreat with very long meditations that allowed the meditators to explore new aspects of the mind. Years ago I practised meditation based on maintaining the right attitude towards the world and oneself, as well as visualisations.
He navigates unknown waters with ease, but experiences great uncertainty when it comes to his own life. The repetition of a meditation sound, effortlessly and with an open mind, does not mean choosing a specific direction for ourselves.
The other side is more like a corkscrew: it goes round and round, but each rotation takes it deeper. So claims Peter Schwartz a well-known futurist and the author of the book Inevitable Surprises.
I knew that the world was somewhere else, a place out there from which the journalists sent their reports. I forgot about everything that day because of her, and my schoolwork meant nothing to me any more. If we only had been out there in the world, I thought, this moment would have had a deeper meaning. Around this lies a border area, the periphery, in which we register certain objects but do not see them as clearly as what is in focus. For a few minutes every day, you can escape with the relaxing Sound Meditation app (99 cents, usually $1.99).

Also, keep up with what’s hot, new and trending in the Windows Store on Twitter and Facebook. All with guidance from Spirit as I (Aga) work with various Loving and Higher-vibrational energies of Light. At the moment possibilities for growing and learning are expanding at an unimaginable pace. Please RSVP "Yes" whenever you're coming so that it helps us organise for the number of Light Beings attending.
As a recipient of the Mellon Fellowship he also earned a Master of Arts and a Master of Philosophy degrees in Ethnomusicology from Columbia University where he was enrolled in the PH.D. Periods where the mind wandered through thoughts and emotions regarding present and past life experiences were intermingled with more silent hours where the mind became quiet although awake and present. In contrast, the Acem method places no importance on any of this, but is simply based on repeating a sound mentally for half an hour twice a day.
What does he wish for – from everyday life, his career, relationships and the private realm?
It may feel as if we are back where we began, but in the meantime we ourselves have changed, and what initially feels like the same old place is actually a door into something new and untried. We bring it with us when we sit down to meditate – a longing for peace of mind and liberation from stress. The whole world was shocked by this act of terrorism, and most people found what happened unthinkable.
In its report, which was published in 2000, the scenario team warned that acts of terrorism represented the largest threat against the USA. It seemed to me in those days that the world was a sick place filled with evil and injustice. I only hoped that some day we would have a lesson about what had happened, but we never had that lesson. Surely, love would have found the right words, and I never would have fumbled the way I did, trying to undo her buttons.
Throttle down troublesome thoughts with water, rain, waves, birds, crickets and many other reminders of nature’s calming influence. She will have to embark on a long journey through picturesque lands, solve numerous puzzles, meet many intriguing characters and discover the truth about a terrible curse that had befallen her family.
The majority of the meditation music is by inspiring Christians artists and bands who we love listening to, and a few of the songs are from our recent instrumental album, Meditations Vol. It is a special event to experience an organ concert in this magnificent place, with an organ player who is among the best in the world, obviously talented from early on in his life – Olivier Latry. Rather, it brings us closer to the ongoing spontaneous activities in our mind, and to the resonances they generate. The tightness in your shoulders relaxes, your breathing slows down, your thoughts flow almost imperceptibly by. One of the scenarios even suggested that terrorists would destroy the World Trade Centre by crashing aircraft into it.
And instead of the classic lotus position, you sit in a chair with support in your lower back.
Nirvana is not only global shorthand for inner peace and well-being; it is also the brand name of the perfect mattress. In his book, Schwartz says, “The act of terrorism which took place that day was probably one of the most predicted events in history.

In this article we consider how various inner situations in meditation can be understood in these terms. Carinthia - All My Fountains Are In You Genre: Ambient A beautiful and meditative meshing together of piano, guitar and organic soundscapes, the music of Carinthia is both calming and musically enchanting.
The works of Alexandre Tannous are frequently performed in the United States, Europe, and in Asia.
Over the last twenty years, half a dozen respected commissions have stated that an event similar to this one would occur. The World Premiere performance of his orchestral composition “Metamorphose” under his baton at Carnegie Hall in 1995 received a standing ovation.
It was a meditative experience, to be absorbed in the variations of the themes, following the flow of the melodies, moment-to moment, with the mind open to the richness and the subtleties of the sound produced by the organ-pipes. Experiences like this create an expectation that good meditation will produce a pleasant feeling. Most of them pointed to the World Trade Centre (partly because it had already been attacked once), mentioned the use of aircraft as weapons, or referred specifically to Osama bin Laden. During meditation, there are sometimes moments with strong impressions from the spontaneous activities of the mind which are more demanding to deal with than the mild, subtle spontaneous activities. As a parallel, during the concert, the sounds of the organ pipes were at times more demanding to follow, too. His ethnomusicological research investigates issues of acculturation, community, musical identity in an urban setting, and the concepts of talent, charisma, and leadership in music.
1 is our instrumental album, intended as meditation music for times of prayer and reflection. This has lead him to design a protocol of an integrated experience he calls “Sound Meditation” in which he shares the findings from his research, raising an awareness to how a specifically designed sound can have the ability to help us to disconnect from habitual patterns, and guiding people in how to disconnect from the mind in this setting while listening to the specific traditional instruments he plays.
Plus - we've also included are a couple of instrumental tracks from our latest album Echoes Of Wonder! Tony Anderson - Ember & Spiriteaux Genre: Cinematic Fantastically cinematic yet still emanating a sense of calm reflection, Tony Anderson's 2014 single Ember and 2015 single Spiriteaux are truly beautiful additions to this selection.
Port Blue - The Albatross (EP) Genre: Ambient Port Blue is a side project of Adam Young (better known as Owl City) - this ambient release is a beautiful introduction to a more meditational side of his music making.
A beautiful piano performance with a gentle backing synth - perfect to foster a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
This album, Atlas: Year One, is compiled of 30 songs, not all of which are as meditative as Moon and Uranus - which we've included in our Spotify playlist - but all well worth checking out! Bayside Worship - Selah Genre: Instrumental Just the one song from Bayside Worship concludes this list of our favourite Christian meditation music, and it's a beautiful instrumental piece that invites the listener into a time of reflection and contemplation. Buy now (iTunes)We really hope you have found or will find this music to be helpful in times of meditation and prayer. If you have any other suggestions (or maybe you write meditative music yourself), do let us know below!

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