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When I first met my partner Julie, almost thirteen years ago, I remember telling her that my greatest fear in life was that I would turn out to be “mediocre”. Right before the holidays, I had the opportunity to interview author and business philosopher Peter Block.
Of course, like most people with even a rudimentary exposure to spiritual teachings, I have heard that the only moment is the present moment.
I was recently sitting in the audience of a talk by a spiritual teacher who was pointing out, again and again, the timeless nature of being.

I loved hosting The Self-Acceptance Project, a free 23-part online video series in which I interview leading spiritual teachers, psychologists, writers and researchers about how to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves in any and every situation. Recently, someone who works at Sounds True asked me if I would be her “buddy” in an experiment.
One of the things I have been starting to notice is the “secret language of love” that can be felt under the surface of what is happening. What if living a “spiritual life” was actually synonymous with living a “heart-centered life”?

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