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Zen garden simplicity and harmony form a background for meditation and relaxation, for spiritual balance and health. Even five minutes can feel like a long time when you first start meditating, so you could even start smaller.
By setting a regular time you make meditation as much a part of your daily routine as eating breakfast and showering in the morning.
When you gather many lit candles, there is more light and so collective meditation results in a much stronger flow of vibrations. The graph below (same source as above) shows that beginner meditators who practiced for 11 days were over 90% likely to continue to a 12th day.
The solar spectrum is spread out among the following regimes: 5% UV, 43% visible and 52% infrared.
Upconversion is currently in the scientific research stage due to low efficiency of the energy conversion and Prof.
The energy transitions in the chemical system are difficult to complete due to quantum-mechanical reasons. A second approach is using nanophotonics, meaning using nanoparticles to manipulate light and direct to the structures the system needs it to go. Brazil and the United States ethanol production, sugar cane in Brazil and corn in the US, have significantly increased in the last 50 years.
EBI has 16 farm locations in the United States to grow energy crops and the effects of the crops on the surrounding environment, particularly the agricultural effects.
One of the main challenges of biofuel production is to create efficient and low cost conversion processes from the biomass to the actual biofuel. Conventional wind energy also has significant logistical challenges in transporting large wind blades through existing infrastructure.
Key challenges for VAWT are lower wind speeds and smaller size, which often to significant decreases in overall efficiency. Caltech set up a research wind farm (Caltech Field Laboratory for Optimized Wind Energy) to study how the turbines would perform in the field, where there are a lot more factors one has to account for. In India about 30%-50% of urban electricity is lost or stolen, leading to $4.2 billion loss with the government often looking the other way on the issue. Brewer conducted a study in Kenya, which showed that it could be more affordable to just connect households to the grid instead of building microgrids. In India, the situation is more complicated due to less established policies which aim to drive electricity prices lower for political reasons.
Brewer emphasizes that electrification has to be redefined to include the quality of power, and that the improved quality of clean power shows the value of solar. Electricity use by IT originates mainly from data centers, core network access networks, and end-user communications equipment. The emissions impact for electronics come mostly from the production phase, except for servers, whose emission originate primarily from the use phase. Data center GHG emissions are affected by infrastructure efficiency (PUE) and IT efficiency, which is the most important factor. Data on the internet show that while GDP grew, growth electricity and energy consumption, as well as GHG emissions, of the internet actually declined.
In the OECD countries, energy efficiency has increased by 35%, but energy demand has also increased by 20% total. Most of these effects tend to increase the amount of rebound, but some factors, such as habitual behavior, spill-over and virtuous cycles, can lead to decreases in the rebound effect. When applying the economic analysis of the rebound effect to the energy space, studies have shown that rebound effects from energy efficiency have contributed to economic growth in OECD economies.
Studies about energy consumption vs comfort in buildings show that buildings are being over-conditioned, both in the summer and in the winter. Personal comfort systems aim to switch conditioning to person-based conditioning as opposed to space-based conditioning. The idea of alliestesia is to move from thermal monotony to thermal delight, which ties into moving into more personalized conditioning systems. Industrial ecology focuses on the interplay of systems and processes in the transition to a sustainable future. Many LCAs have been qualitative and there are opportunities to improve the studies by adding quantitative metrics for resource and energy use. Powerful guided meditation CDs designed to assist one's ascension process and emotional healing. Contact the Star Beings, connect with the Immortal I AM and your Source Essence, heal your heart with the Source Light meditation and embrace your own Inner Power. Connect to Galactic Source, the Blue Beings and the vibrations of the Stars in this 38 minute meditation with background celestial music. Embody the Immortal I AM and identify with the deathless and timeless vibrations that transmute all fears. The final CD was created to guide the listener back to the Presence of the Immortal Source Awareness within. Created as powerful tools for bringing love into your heart and transforming your life and this set is well suited for those looking to heal the relationship aspect of their lives. How to purify the heart of ill-will through developing the intention to love and forgive everyone. I wanted to thank you, because with only 2 meditations done I’ve already found a lot more peace in my heart.
Whether you’re experienced or just starting out with meditation, this set of guided meditations is a must have for your spiritual growth.
Of course, the primary focus of the meditation room should be in the wisdom & self-cultivation trigram of the Ba Gua. Would you like to rapidly shift your energy, mindset and personal lifestyle in the next 60 days? Upconversion combines low-energy photons, ideally in the infrared, to create new higher energy photons that can then be absorbed by the cell above the cell. Energy states created in the bandgap, real and imaginary, and are then combined under radiative re-combination. One way to potentially circumvent this problem is to change the symmetry of the chemical structure.
The particle has a core-shell structure, with the upconverting material being at the core and the nanophotonic material being the shell.
The global biofuel production is ~42 million gallons per day, with Brazil and the US carrying over 90% of the capacity. Studies also indicate that the energy crop can grow on land that is not being used for food production, which will avoid land use conflicts. In the semi-ariad Agave, Madagascar, plants grow with low environmental needs, meaning high water and nutrient efficiency. The conversion processes should yield a biofuel price that is competitive with fossil fuels without major subsidies.
Even though wind is often considered a mature industry, only very few countries get more than 10% of their energy from wind.
His starting point was wind power into wind farm x total turbine swept area, trying to capture what fraction of energy flux that goes into the wind farm volume is actually converted to electricity.

Additional challenges include societal acceptance, such as impact on birds, visual and acoustic signature. The results show that the VAWT would actually outperform the traditional modern HAWT farms, which was a pleasant surprise since the study only aimed to show that they would be comparable. Even though there are large rates of theft in electricity in urban areas, rural areas are a more difficult challenge due to the lack of infrastructure with many uneven loads. The reason why households decide not to connect is because it costs ~$400 per house, which is a significant economic barrier. Brewer’s student started a company called Gram Power to develop microgrid in India with the first microgrid launching in 2012. Another major conclusion is that small communities people do not steal from their neighbors, which has helped the development of microgrids. Data flows over the internet have changed from voice communications to fixed internet and in 2014 mobile data is making a big dent with project of ~20% of data flow. Data centers consume ~1.3% of global electricity and account for ~2% of US electricity consumption.
Maximal IT efficiency can save money and power by optimizing current and future energy generation processes. Data also indicates that downloading small data packets, such as music, from the internet is more environmentally friendly than physically transporting them in a CD or other medium. Two effects are commonly observed in the economics of consumer-side economics, the income effect and the substitution effect.
The frequency of the rebound effect is still highly debated, and depends strongly on the assumptions made by the writers of each study. Feedback loops between technology, operators, owners, designers, and other personnel is insufficient creating many inefficiencies. In current standards, engineering aims to create thermal monotony, in which an entire space is kept at the same ambient temperature. Moreover, understanding the science behind the process will make the studies more rigorous and the results more impactful. The Central Sun is what is responsible for sending high energies of Ascension to Earth via the solar flares. This meditation will enable the ego to soften and for the love of the angels to come through and refresh your being with their healing love and light. A powerful meditation to enable the meditator to transcend attachments to emotional and karmic dramas, external distractions and false beliefs about the nature of self. Those looking to draw more love and intimacy into their lives can benefit from these channelled CDs of inspirational talks. Talking on matters such as forgiveness, healing intimacy fears, moving beyond the dramas, opening the communication and releasing the desire to control love. A guided meditation to assist in releasing hurts and traumas through the process of forgiveness. Discover the blocks that lead one to attach to unhappy thoughts, negative emotions and destructive patterns. I’ve always had these thoughts in my head and have felt that there is much more than what meets the eye. Free Spirit will guide you all the way, shares his knowledge and wisdom and unconditional love. Strongly recommended for those wanting to explore themselves and Ascension in their meditation practices. In fact, it's best if you can place your meditation area in this trigram when you lay the Ba Gua over your entire home or apartment. This is NOT right for everyone - but if you're picked for a Rapid Change Strategy Sesssion, we'll dig into those hidden blockages and get you moving forward like never before. Solar concentration is not needed for upconverters to work, meaning that they work under any light. The PdOEP molecule creates energy states inside the materials allowing for energy transfer through chemical bonds. As a result, biofuels are often carbon positive, but have a better carbon efficiency than fossil fuels. A study in the UK yielded that the energy crop has no response to fertilizer and needs very little mineral nutrients from the soil, indicating that the crop is sustainable for growing.
A study concluded that globally there is a 1.5 billion acres available to grow the energy crop. A major chemical challenge is to convert different types of sugar contained in the plant simultaneously. HAWT have a higher power production efficiency than VAWT due to the physics of the energy generation, but they may not be the most effective way to increase wind power penetration. In the developing there is also an additional challenge of creating an energy infrastructure to support wind energy generation. Dabiri current studies focus on modeling the actual flow of the wind through the turbines using computational tools and creative experimental setups, in which he can test smaller scale models of the turbines. In rural areas, the power quality is also poor, leading to voltage spikes that destroy the electricity equipment. Brewer decided to collect data on electricity usage of Kenyan households to study how loads are distributed. Gram Power set up a prepaid model, where the meter is loaded up with credits that are sold by local entrepreneurs. Most of the electricity consumed by data centers is waste, which creates significant room for efficiency improvement.
IT advancements can also improve institutional efficiency, such as Walmart who optimized their supply chain using IT.
In the income effect, a monetary gain is the motivator to improve efficiency, and the extra income is then used to purchase additional things that lead to the rebound effect. This makes it difficult to quantify both the actual occurrence of the rebound effect and how it affects other sectors. Furthermore, even though much energy is wasted to over-condition the buildings, many people do not feel comfortable in the conditions, effectively creating a lose-lose situation. It turns out that having your hands be cooler or warmer in certain situations can actually make you feel more comfortable.
A reflection on the impermanence of human life, the importance of gratitude and clearing, a reflection on the body and creating a pathway to experiencing the deathless realities beyond this world. Work to release the need to control external situations that will then drain your energy field. In the Presence of Source there is healing, empowerment and a deeper spiritual self-identity – enabling one to progress further on the path of Ascension. Enhance this corner of your meditation room with live plants, spiritual symbols, or anything that pleases and relaxes you. The 'ah-ha' moments will shift the way you think forever and you'll finally get the answer as to why the results you currently seek have been just out of reach. Just become aware of all the thoughts and ideas and images sliding through your mind; almost like watching them on a screen. Energy crops have different energy returns, with corn being really low, ~1.5, prompting researchers to develop new crops to create biofuels.

Common cost metrics are the levelized cost of electricity and the capital cost of electricity. Modern turbines have ~50% efficiency in extracting the kinetic energy contained in the wind, with the Betz efficiency limit being ~60%. The calculations show that the Betz limit does not account for the wind farm efficiency holistically, as it does not account for interactions between neighboring wind turbines. The fish create a similar situation as the wind turbines, as both are displaying significant amount of fluids. A new bio-inspired idea of studying mass fluxes sea grass beds suggests that turbines should be placed with slightly different heights for better performance.
Gram Power also created a low-cost smart meter to develop an accurate billing system that can report loss or theft by measuring current draws.
Recent data also suggests that server installment has slowed down since 2008 due to more advanced computing capabilities. The largest data center inefficiencies are in enterprise data centers and originate mostly from institutional practices and not from technological developments.
Overall, better data collection and more system effects efficiency case studies to better asses the energy footprint of IT devices and its intertwined effects on energy usage of other sectors. The rebound effect describes an increase in energy demand that has been induced by an improvement in energy efficiency. In the substitution effect, a more efficient product has been acquired, but the usage has been increased significantly. Low energy use of buildings should be the first priority, as most energy use occurs during the lifetime of the building.
Particularly in the case of comfort, many decision makers may not care about how efficient their energy use is.
One way to address this problem is to use adaptive comfort, in which outdoor situations are re-created.
Similar to having desk lamps, personal conditioning units (PCS) can be used to create comfortable environments for individuals. Be guided to leave the Earth and connect safely with Immortal Star Beings to receive love, healing and Ascension codes – and return revitalized and in a new vibration of expansion.
Channelling in strength, light, power and courage so as to transform our fear of death into an innate knowing of the inherent Immortal Being in the core of our experience.
In this meditation, the listener is guided to strengthen their aura and self-confidence in order to become more aligned to positive manifestations, happiness, success, abundance and love.
In fact, the simpler the better, so that you can get started on meditating and relaxing in the room right away. Do not place it in the Fame & Reputation trigram of this room, because that segment is ruled by the fire element.
Chemical reactions used to convert biofuels may also be used to store hydrogen in chemical bonds for later application. In the fish schools, the fish actually use less energy to swim when compared to swimming individually, as they can take advantage of vortexes created by other fish. Whenever power theft occurs, the company shuts down the entire village, which has substantially decreased overall power theft. What matters most in IT energy usage are user PC’s, data centers and access networks. In data centers, older servers can consume ~60% of electricity while only delivering ~4% of the computing capabilities. One of the main reasons for institutional inefficiencies is the separation of business units from IT units, including separate budgets for the two departments.
Recent studies indicate that the best guess for an average direct rebound effect is between 10-30%.
Moreover, when looking at 30-year costs of buildings, only 6% make up operations and maintenance, which includes energy. The Blue Beings are highly advanced ascended immortals living close to the Galactic Sun and this meditation assists in the expansion of our Being to receive their love and wisdom.
A meditation designed to facilitate deep self-inquiry in order to enable the listener to transcend the limitations of the ego-self and plug into deeper Universal Awareness. A meditation room should be decorated in pleasing, sedate Feng Shui colors, with no patterns to create a busy, yang environment. In the case of wind farms, one important conclusion from that design is that efficiency would be improved if wind turbines rotated in different directions to take advantages of vortexes.
While the HAWT has 800 parts per unit, the VAWT has 12 parts per unit, which should lead to significant cost reductions. Moreover, 5-10% of income that is not spent on direct rebounds generates indirect rebound effects. 92% of the cost comes from the personnel, which influences decision makers stronger than energy reductions. Consider colors that would be suitable for a bedroom, like earthy green or sedate, light blue, or colors designed to enhance spirituality, like black. The aim is to design bimolecular systems that can absorb and convert energy in the infrared range. The increase in energy efficiency was a pleasant by-product, in addition to the educational component initiated by the overall power system. Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) has been focusing on reducing carbon emission by measuring performance of buildings in terms of energy and energy cost. Therefore, when marketing building energy efficiency it is critical to link energy reduction effects to effects personnel, which drive the cost of buildings. Moreover, the energy consumption of PCS is minimal when compared to the savings they provide. Brewer’s study with Gram Power also showed that the microgrid generated cleaner power than the larger grid due to smaller distances the electricity has to travel and the cleaner power source, such as solar photovoltaics. In the case of buildings, there are higher priorities for improved energy efficiency than creating renewable energy generation.
The energy efficiency of computing increases ~100x every decade and doubles about every 1.5 years, leading to tablets and mobile computing. In terms of PC’s, desktops are leveling off in their usage, while laptops continue to grow. And you desire a dedicated mentor to help you gain clarity, focus and massive action towards living a life you love and know youa€™re physically capable of achieving. Due to the level of personal interaction that one on one mentorship requires, I can only work with 6 people at this time.
So if you want to have that type of personal, confidential and one-pointed focus, attention and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY, reach out here to apply.

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