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Mens and Womens Yoga Retreat in Tanzania – Womens Wellness Retreats – Spiritual Retreats for Women and Men in Arusha, Join Us! We believe that it is absolutely necessary to take “time off” once a year from your known daily routine of life, to connect with your inner spirit with like-minded individuals to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.
Block off 5 days for yourself and pre-register for the entire retreat as each day you will experience a deeper and closer glimpse of your authentic self. Join us for 5 days of fun-filled self-awareness interactive dialogue, meditation, breathing, asanas and chanting that will leave You feeling and looking new! Visit for a day, check in for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation, or plan a longer stay at one of these beautiful retreats.
The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California offers visitors 120 acres surrounded by ocean and mountains with hot mineral springs and a gorgeous location for relaxation, meditation, and other activities. The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck is an educational retreat center with workshops, natural food and beautiful surroundings. The Shambhala Mountain Center covers 600 acres of mountain valleys and natural beauty in the Colorado Rockies, perfect for those in search of a spiritual retreat. Kripalu offers retreats for individuals as well as training classes to learn more about yoga, healthy living, and other areas of professional development.
The Feathered Pipe Ranch is run by the Feathered Pipe Foundation and offers the ability to go on a personal retreat to relax and connect with nature and discover yourself.
The Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat is located in a remote forest location for the utmost tranquility and natural beauty. As the largest retreat center in Hawaii, Kalani is popular among those who wish to explore yoga in a natural and adventurous environment on 120 acres of accommodations, organic agriculture, and preserved heritage. With 100 acres of land, Rolling Meadows Yoga & Meditation Retreats provide the ideal location for yoga or spiritual renewal and meditation.
Insight Meditation Society holds the honor of being one of the first meditation retreat centers in the Western world and continues to give visitors guidance on Buddhist meditation through retreats. The Stowe Mountain Ranch Yoga Retreat Center is surrounded by the scenic landscape of Stowe, Vermont, and is a popular destination for yoga teachers and their students. The White Lotus Foundation mountain retreat center is set on 40 acres offering spectacular views of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean.
Surrounded by gorgeous forests, snow-capped mountains, and cool waterfalls, Big Sky Yoga offers numerous retreats throughout the year that focus on yoga with other activities included. Green Gulch Farm Zen Center is also known by the name of Green Dragon Temple and gives visitors the chance to experience a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist practice center for training in meditation and the ability to awaken themselves from within. 7 Centers Yoga in Arizona is a licensed school that provides training classes for yoga instructors as well as workshops in a gorgeous center with Spanish mission architecture. Mount Madonna Center is a destination for scenic retreats or conferences, located on mountain-top redwood forest as well as grassy overland spanning 355 acres of land in Northern California. Southern Dharma Retreat Center in North Carolina operates as a non-profit educational facility for teacher-led retreats that allow attendees to connect with their spirituality via silence, contemplation, and meditation.
The Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson is a luxury wellness spa resort that aims to help guests keep their life in balance. The Raj centers on a facility covering 36,000 square feet and 100 acres of land among the woodlands and rolling meadows in Iowa. The Yoga Lodge in Washington State is a combination of a bed and breakfast, inn, and Ayurveda and yoga learning center located on ten acres of secluded land to reduce distractions and provide a peaceful environment perfect for writing, healing, reflecting on life, connecting with nature, and practicing or learning Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.
Lake Shrine Temple is a Self-Realization Fellowship open for visitors looking to explore their spirituality and connect with their inner selves in a serene, beautiful location along 10 acres. If you are longing for a heart-opening journey of transformation and meditation, a life-changing encounter with a dedicated yogic community and an authentic spiritual guide, if you yearn for inner stillness, for communion with Nature and for the realization of your eternal Self, then the Sat Yoga Ashram is where your pilgrimage will come to fulfillment and where your heart will find rest. You will return to innocence as you join in singing, dancing, and listening to heart-opening music. You  will understand how it felt in the Garden of Eden as you taste the delicious vegetarian food, most  grown in our organic gardens and cooked superbly with love in our ashram kitchen. At a Sat Yoga retreat, you will receive soul-stirring insights with the power to free your mind from its fixations and open your heart to healing love. The most ancient esoteric knowledge and the insights of current science are masterfully woven together by Shunyamurti, Sat Yoga’s founder and retreat leader. Shunyamurti’s teachings are spontaneous, inspired, and unique to each retreat—and each retreatant.
Once the gates of your inner knowing are open, you will find yourself channeling wisdom from the same ultimate Source. Shunyamurti’s energy and affirmation of your divine Being will ignite the flame of eternal Truth.
You will receive the precious opportunity to undergo an authentic shamanic rite of death and rebirth into the highest, most expansive, and most Real Pure Consciousness that is the essence of what the sages of every spiritual tradition have called the Presence of God, Buddha, the Tao, the Self Supreme. Whether you are an advanced yogi or just starting your inner journey, a Sat Yoga retreat offers an accelerated course in Self-realization. Our holy mountain of Arunachala, is named after the sacred hill of Shiva on which the sage Sri Ramana Maharshi dwelt in India, and whose gracious presence you can palpably feel when you are meditating here. You will greet the dawn in sublime peace after the first meditation of the day that begins at 4am. And there is singing, both to listen to and to join in, that will open your heart as well as your voice in full invocation of joyous flights into ecstatic divine consciousness. Every retreat offers some combination of devotional singing, creative writing, improvisational drama games, and other forms of transformational artistic expression. These activities enable us to let go of inhibition, to re-discover the freedom of creative play. The founder and yogic research director of the Sat Yoga Institute, Shunyamurti, leads our advanced retreats. His wise words and compassionate presence can trigger extraordinary transformative unfoldments. Karma yoga (egoless service in community chores) is not reflected on this sample schedule, but in general new participants contribute 3 – 5 hours during the week. Karma yoga (egoless action, known in Taoism as wu-wei) performed mostly in meditative silence, free from concern for outcome or affirmation, is a wondrous medicine for the soul.
Your ashram experience will be profoundly enriched by participating in communal maintenance activities in a state of sharing and synergy. Radha Ma and her staff offer mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan meals that are integral to our ashram life and retreats.
Dishes are created from organic produce grown in our own gardens or sourced from neighboring farms, or when necessary brought from the local feria (farmers market). Each simple, yet tastefully designed, room provides comfortable sleeping space for one to three, with private single rooms often available upon request for a supplemental fee. Our accommodations offer pleasant and spacious shared bathrooms as well as private balconies and large windows that overlook the natural beauty of the surrounding forests and gardens. Our booking process begins with an application form where you will be invited to tell us about yourself and share your motivation for participating in a retreat at the Sat Yoga Ashram. Please visit our Retreats FAQ’s page or use the adjacent form to send us any questions you may have before or during your application process.
Advanced 7-day Retreat Led by Sat Yoga Spiritual Director, Shunyamurti Our hearts yearn to return to the womb of the Goddess.
Today’s New York Times features a visit to contemplative communities located in upstate New York state, USA, including Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, located in Woodstock and the seat of His Holiness Orgyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. Visit the website to know more details on all upcoming yoga retreat Jamaica and Spiritual Yoga and Meditation schedules,fees and amenities. Come experience your inner magic at the upcoming Mens and Womens Wellness Retreats in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa. We welcome you to join us for one of the upcoming retreats in 2012, if it is anything like the retreat in 2011, than it is definitely something you must not miss. The continuity and growth experienced with like-minded individuals in the consecutive days of practice is guaranteed to leave you with a profound positive impact.
The power of yoga is in the breath work and your spoken word, and we emphasize this time and again. For all the yoga lovers it is time to roll up your mats and start planning your perfect yoga getaway in the lap of nature.
Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway where you can practice yoga, meditate and re-connect with nature, or want to take classes to learn about an ancient healing technique from top practitioners in the field, there are many incredible getaways to choose from in the United States for nearly every taste and budget. The Lodge is open 23 hours a day and includes a dining room, outdoor deck, sun room, and kitchen. Every day, there are multiple open classes and scheduled workshops, including topics such as meditation, yoga, movement, and Tai Chi.
The Shambhala Mountain Center is designed to work with weekend or week-long getaways, either self-created or as a part of a scheduled program. The campus spans 150 acres in a holistic environment with a lakefront beach, labyrinth, trails, and hilltop views. There are a range of scheduled retreats as well as personal retreats to choose from, each of which includes lodging that is either private or shared. Kalani is designed to help guests get away from everything, offering simple lodging without phones or television, instead offering original art and access to all facilities.
They also hold off-site retreats in Sweden, Italy and Costa Rica, but the Maine campus is also popular with its rural, hilly views of the countryside.

There are 240 acres of secluded woods surrounding the Forest Refuge and Retreat Center, with the first offering programs for experienced meditators while the second has courses of all levels and durations. Each bedroom at the Stowe Mountain Ranch has a specific theme with its own name and picturesque views of mountains, horses, and barns. You can select from a campsite surrounded by natural beauty, a yurt, or indoor accommodations with more modern amenities. There is a Sunday program that is open to the public and includes lectures, tea, meditation, and more.
There is no on-site accommodation, however the center works with local hotels, lodges, and bed and breakfasts to offer lodging for all attendees regardless of budget. Visitors have the choice of rooms in hotel-style buildings, some of which include shared bathrooms, but no TVs or phones to help disconnect from the external world. The lodge has room for 25 people in various dormitories and there are also 3 private cabins and 4 tent platforms. There are a total of 117 luxury spa accommodations in the casita style as well as suites, all of which are divided between 6 villages to offer a range of features and rooms. Here guests can attend treatment programs that help them restore balance so the body can return to homeostasis and tap into its natural healing mechanisms. The Lodge offers private rooms to guests with the option of either shared or private baths.
The site has a natural spring-fed lake and gardens with swans, ducks, flowers, trees, and koi.
This is an opportunity to experience life at its purest and best, filled with creativity, joy, and grace; you will take many inner journeys via silent and guided meditations.
Your deepest existential questions can finally be answered, and you will become an explorer of the subtle dimensions of consciousness. At a Sat Yoga retreat, the inner invitation to attain samadhi—absorption in the God-Self—can, at last, be fulfilled. The serene atmosphere, filled with enlivening Shakti—a current of radiant divine energy—extinguishes the noise and chaos of the chattering mind and brings you to stillness, re-orders and revives the soul, and induces blissful awareness of the infinite vastness of consciousness and the sublime reality of Timeless Peace. We abide in outward silence until mid-day, sustaining a space of contemplation and augmented prana (life energy). Some retreats also include shamanic processes such as transcendental breathwork, meditative movement and dance, or pranic healing circles, designed to enhance your healing and transformative process.
Part of its power comes from engagement in service to the community, done in the spirit of generosity and love, all fruits of saying Yes to karma yoga. Ordinary chores such as preparing meals, harvesting fruits and vegetables, sweeping, setting tables, and washing dishes are transformed into magical moments in which to dissolve the illusion of separateness and feel the power of the living super-organism manifesting One Love that is the lifeblood of our spiritual tribe. With many raw options, Radha Ma’s Kitchen nourishes our Being with three hearty meals each day plus snacks. The soothing sounds of flowing water and sweet songs of native birds (and sometimes the awesome howls of monkeys!) provide the perfect conditions for meditation and relaxation. If you are inspired to help sustain goodness and life on our planet, please visit our donate page. They then spent the next two hours doing what’s called work practice, which consisted of scrubbing toilets and raking leaves, all in silence.
As your retreat leaders we will be there to follow our dream in nourishing the self and spirit with you. We will be treated to new and exciting informative workshops, challenging body postures, interactive discussions, guided meditation techniques, fun and joyful yoga classes, and delicious lunch time meals. Spouses are encouraged to join their partners at the 2012 Arusha Yoga Retreat; why not take a weekend break together. It is not important that you be able to contort your body into all sorts of wild positions, just comfortably lean in the right direction, breathe, relax, and celebrate and watch the inner journey begin.
There are typically several workshops a week to select from, including communication retreats, Tai Chi, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, spiritual workshops, and more. There is a store on campus as well as access to the Ram Dass Library, and the Omega Wellness Center for life coaching, massage, shamanic healing, acupuncture, and more for over 45 services in total. There are over 100 programs throughout the year, including wisdom, Shambhala teachings, contemplative arts, body awareness, and mindful living.
There are daily classes for all interests, including 12 yoga styles, Lauhala weaving, hula, tai chi, dancing, meditation, and bodywork as well as life skills classes. There are comfortable rooms for ten within the farmhouse, which also hosts the living rooms, porch, sun room, and library.
There are three dorms at the Retreat Center with single rooms containing a closet, chair, and sink and shared bathrooms, while the Forest Refuge offers similar accommodations. There are at least six different retreats throughout the year, which provide several days of activities, yoga, breathing exercises, and more to relax. The B-LUXE Cowgirl Yoga retreat, for example, includes lodging in an A-frame cabin that has a living room, bath, bedroom, loft bedroom, and private porch. You can stay at Green Gulch Farm as part of an apprenticeship program, residential practice, or guest practice retreat.
There are several options for yoga teacher trainings as well as yoga retreats and intensive weekends for those who are interested in learning more without becoming a yoga instructor.
There are also cabins within a forest grove, with heat and electricity, and a separate shower house. The rooms are inviting with natural colors, luxury accommodations, and there is the option to stay in one of the Miraval Villas, which are private homes. Exploring the grounds shows visitors the Court of Religions which honors the main religions worldwide, the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial, and a museum featuring information on Paramahansa Yogananda. Your mind will be astonished and your heart opened by the profound teachings and group processes.
You can find a list of our next retreats on the bottom section of this page, or you can visit our Calendar page. But beyond my limited experience—Shambhala Buddhist retreats—there’s hundreds of other such institutions, a few of which are profiled in the below recent New York Times article.
An afternoon of instruction on the essentials of Buddhism led to more meditation, cleaning the dinner dishes, and sleeping in dorm-style accommodations. We have listed some of the perfect places in India to salute the sun.Osho Meditation Resort, PuneLooking for a quiet corner to relax and practice all your yoga postures? Three meals are served daily, made with fresh produce as well as fresh fruit and other snacks on hand all day long. Guests can swim or boat at Long Pond Lake, play tennis or basketball, walk along the trails of the 250-acre campus, relax in the Sauna or Sanctuary, and enjoy a sample workshop, film, or concert at night.
The land is also home to 8 miles of trails for hiking, meditation, Great Stupa tours, Kami shrine tours, and other classes.
There are also dozens of programs to choose from, such as hiking and yoga, mindful eating, integrative weight loss, detoxing for healing and health, creating a resilient life, and more.
Facilities at Kalani include a small gym, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, and a pool, all surrounded by a tropical jungle that ensures the campus is the ideal temperature at all times.
Throughout the grounds, there are extensive organic vegetable and flower gardens, walking paths, a spring-fed swimming pond, and sheep grazing. At the Retreat Center, there are meditation instructors offering daily guidance and instruction to help with compassion and awareness, as well as individual and group interviews with teachers.
To stay at the ranch, you must be a yoga teacher or with a yoga instructor leading the retreat. Some yoga retreats are combined with other workshops and classes, such as Thai massage and most also include meditation.
In the winter, retreats can include Nordic skiing in addition to yoga, while summer and fall retreats will typically include hiking, horseback riding, and other similar activities. Guest rooms are created in Japanese style in one of three buildings or in Hope Cottage for a personal, secluded retreat with gorgeous views.
An average year sees between 25 and 30 retreats led by teachers and the schedule is announced every January.
The Life in Balance Spa is one of the main attractions at this resort, where you will find life-enhancing treatments such as body renewals, Ayurveda treatments, Oriental and energy rituals, manicures and pedicures, hair care, massages, skin care, and specialty body work. The unique Taste of the Raj program lets you customize your activities during your stay, including wellness consultations, lifestyle and dietary recommendations, and various treatment options. Various temple activities include Lecture Service with inspiration and meditation, Inspirational Service with a Prayer Circle, meditation and related classes, yoga classes, and a study class, among others. Your body will enjoy the physical yoga classes, the morning walks through sacred forests, and bathing in the clear mountain stream beside shimmering waterfalls.
In our bungalows, (called bhavans), we are encouraged to be as quiet as possible, enabling each guest to enjoy the balm of undisturbed peace at every moment.
All offer spiritual practice and study, work, community and a respite from mental and physical ADHD culture.
I found visiting there essential to keeping a good perspective while living in New York City, which I certainly found overwhelming at times. When you register for a workshop, you can select among several accommodations, including standard rooms with shared bathrooms, premium rooms with upgraded bathrooms and privacy and internet or ocean views, Point Houses for private suites with living rooms, bedrooms, full kitchens, private decks, and dining areas, Bunk Bed Rooms, and various sleeping bag accommodations in meeting rooms.

Meals are eaten as a community in the Dining Hall with communal tables and hearty, organic, mostly vegetarian dishes. Three daily meals are included with all rooms and group rentals made with natural, healthy ingredients with accommodations for special dietary needs. Some programs are designed for professionals, while others such as yoga and hiking are ideal for anyone. Visitors can also schedule massage or bodywork, go horseback riding, or shop at the Shanti Boutique for meditation, chakra, yoga, and mantra-related items. The Historic Lodge is the main building on site and it is here where you will find the library, dining room, and spacious decks.
There are also various massage rooms and multiple activity spaces, including a ceremonial lodge. Retreats there can last between a weekend and three months, while those at the Forest Refuge must be at least a week. Gourmet vegetarian meals are included in all of the programs and attendees can explore the grounds as well.
The retreats can accommodate all levels of yoga enthusiasts and typically include two yoga sessions each day as well as other outdoor activities. During a guest practice retreat, you can partake in the Green Gulch community with classes, ceremonies, and lectures, and have time to yourself for introspection.
You can either attend one of the specific programs or stay nearby and attend the daily yoga sessions, with at least three options each day spanning all yoga styles and levels. Personal retreats give visitors the option to attend the daily yoga classes, walk along the hiking trails, or relax in the hot tub. No retreat will have more than 30 attendees and retreats are open to all levels of practitioners and include periods of silence, quiet reflection, and meditation. Visitors can also participate in the Miraval Equine Experience, exercise physiology, fitness classes, meditation, Pilates, yoga, hiking, climbing, biking, tennis, and more. During the week, there are yoga classes in small groups or you can schedule a private one on weekends.
The plush 28-acre campus is located in Korgaon Park, Pune which is a perfect amalgamation of traditional ashram and a luxury getaway. All-inclusive weekend workshop rates start at $730 per person for Standard accommodations; from $405 for Sleeping Bag accommodations.
You can select among various accommodations including camping sites that include shared baths, deluxe private cabins, or shared cabins.
Choose from five different types of rooms in the lodge, two options with tents, a seasonal dorm, and a Red Feather double to select from. Other activities include hiking along the numerous trails, exploring lakes, enjoying water activities like swimming and canoeing, and going on an afternoon excursion to a nearby destination such as local markets and cathedrals.
Workshops commonly take place in the Cedar River Yurt and the Forest Shelter, while Buddhaa€™s Playhouse and the Sanctuary offer options for quiet meditation and personal time. Depending on the season, visitors can enjoy a wood-fired sauna, go swimming, walk through the fields and woods, or go cross-country skiing. There, they will find swimming holes, secluded places perfect for isolated reflection, spring water, and hiking trails to explore. Yoga activities occur outdoors with the natural landscape in the background and all meals are included in the retreat price. Other activities at 7 Centers Yoga Arts include private yoga classes, hiking with yoga, nature hiking, psychic sleep, meditation, yogic cleansings, mantra and chanting, Pranayama, spiritual counsel, and various Ayurvedic services such as constitutional assessment and Abhyanga oil massage. There are also 12-week residential service learning programs to help guests learn about living within intentional yoga communities. There are also scholarships available for retreats to make it more affordable for those of all income levels.
The Cactus Flower Restaurant has a wide range of meals, including vegan options, while the Palm Court offers smoothies, and Brave Bill Lounge serves cocktails. Guests can also attend the Transcendental Meditation program to learn meditation and improve healing.
Take advantage of the sauna, orchards, gardens, or nature trails which connect to a local community trail. General Retreat programs have a loose structure with morning meditations, monastic counselors, and specific events. The rooms are designed for relaxation and disconnecting, hence there are no televisions or phones, but you can find pay phones and Wi-Fi throughout the campus. All rooms have relaxing sitting areas and basic amenities, although tent lodging does not include the bedding.
Other facilities on site include the bookstore, cafe, sauna, whirlpool, fitness center, meditation rooms, classrooms, and healing arts center. There is also a labyrinth to explore and a gift shop for inspirational books and hand-crafted presents.
Hale Aloha provides sandwiches, salads, snacks, ice cream, drinks, Wi-Fi, and a gift shop, or you can eat a full casual meal on the Lanai (veranda). Three vegetarian meals are included each day during every retreat with the ability to accommodate food allergies. There is also an outdoor hot tub, indoor cedar sauna, dining room, and a large kitchen with two cooking areas.
The B Bar ranch, where many of the retreats are held, covers 9,000 acres of land for relaxation and the chance to connect with nature. Other activities include tea classes and gatherings, watershed work parties, environmental education, and walking through the Redwood Creek Watershed as well as the Muir Woods. Guests can also select one of the other programs of varying durations, such as yoga teacher training, bodywork, and silent retreats. Each room comes with a continental breakfast and the Raj Restaurant offers a range of vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner.
There are retreats and workshops taking place most weeks which guests can join by contacting the retreat leader. For more structure, there is the Conducted Weekend Retreat program which has a concentrated schedule of classes. Guests can go for walks through the trails, explore the beachfront lake, or enjoy tea and great conversation with other like-minded people. Guests can also enjoy massages, daily programs, a Sweat Lodge in the form of the monthly Inipi Ceremony, hiking, and more than 150 events annually.
The buffet-style meals include tropical produce, fresh caught fish, and vegetarian options.
Silent retreats provide a time to allow for deep introspection with minimal distractions and limited conversation. A typical day during a retreat would include a morning hike or meditation, breakfast, some yoga, lunch, free time for exploring or resting, more yoga, dinner, and the evening program. All accommodations include three vegetarian meals as well as tea, coffee, and snacks during the day.
The Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center offers traditional massage, body therapies, and Ayurveda therapies. There are always coffee, tea, and snacks available, but those with allergies may have to provide their own food.
The restaurant includes the option of traditional family-style meals or private dining as well as a Sunday buffet. Vegetarian meals are served in the communal dietary menu and the rooms are comfortable, yet simple.
The buffet-style meals feature organic vegetarian dishes with the option for egg-, dairy-, and gluten-free meals upon request. There is also easy access to a swimming hole and waterfall as well as 20 popular hiking paths within several minutes of the ranch.
Single occupancy rates start at $90 in a Single room, and from $160 in a Double, including meals.
Beginners can learn from a 10-day yoga immersion retreat, and advanced students can join a yoga intensive detox retreat. The price includes use of Kalani's facilities (pool, hot tub and sauna) but does not include meals (website). Four-night yoga retreats start at $479 for tent accommodations, from $587 for a Dormitory, from $671 for a Double (website).
In-Residence Panchakarma Packages are $660 per day and include 2-3 hours of Ayurvedic Spa Treatments, Yoga classes, Evening Lectures, all meals and more (website). Ananda teaches the techniques of the Bihar School of Yoga, and offers classes in a variety of different forms of meditation and yogic practices designed to purify the mind and body. Established by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the non-religious Isha Foundation's ashram and yoga centre has been attracting visitors from around the world for the past so many years.

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