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The other problem with being focused on perfection is that it can run (and ruin) your life, relationships and self-esteem.
From a work or business perspective, perfectionists can sometimes have a hard time either starting an important project (because we have set the bar so high we already think we will never be able to meet those self-imposed expectations) or getting it completed (because it can always be improved). This way of seeing things can keep us stuck in a rut and even stop us from reaching for our dreams and fulfilling our life’s purpose.
Finally, if you think that your perfectionist ways are only affecting you, remember that how we treat ourselves is how we treat others.
Secret Exit is a 100% independent game development company founded in 2006 by Jani Kahrama and Jetro Lauha. What would you say, as a Christian man, as well as a doctor, to teenage girl who’s struggling with self harm? You can’t drift far enough away from God that He will give up on you and stop pursuing you.
The other day, as I was commenting on something I wished I was doing better, a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of wabi sabi, the Japanese art of appreciating the beauty in the naturally imperfect world (i.e. I just love the idea of learning to cherish the drips and cracks in our lives, ourselves and in others rather than always trying to fix them. On the flip side, I have also spent a countless amount of energy striving for perfection which can be extremely exhausting.

How many of us have tried to “fix” a man thinking that if he just changed this or that he would be perfect (or at least acceptable enough to be called our boyfriend). I know I used to dread doing something for the first time because in my mind I had to be amazing at it as soon as I started.
It’s comforting knowing that most of us feel this way at some point or another and that we can slowly become kinder towards ourselves. It is lovely to be reminded of the beauty in imperfections and of the power of letting go of our quest for perfection! It takes a tremendous amount of persistent, dedicated effort on the part of a human being in order push God out of your life. All the ritual in the world won’t help you a bit when you find yourself struggling with temptation. You have a recipe book, you have all the ingredients, you have measuring cups and drinking glasses and straws, and you even shelled out for an awesome blender with tons of fancy attachments. I strongly encourage you to get professional help in both the psychological and the spiritual fields as you deal with this. Being constantly obsessed with making things better is a never ending quest since perfection is basically impossible to reach. When it comes to our quest for self-improvement, we can often be left feeling disappointed in ourselves and like we are never good enough.

Now, with a wabi sabi philosophy, I give myself permission to make mistakes and maybe not be that fabulous on my first try.
Rather than focusing on what we think we need to fix, we can put our attention towards all the gifts and talents we possess.
What sets a Christian apart from a non-Christian is not projecting an external image of human perfection, but an internal awareness of imperfection and a desire to pursue after God’s perfection.
The very fact that you continue to struggle and feel torn about your situation means that you still feel God calling you. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about living your best life and becoming the highest version of yourself but this doesn’t equate to trying to be perfect. You need to be working with someone who is aware that self-harm does not (necessarily) equal suicidality, but who will take it just as seriously. You have no influx of external energy to actuate the process that will turn your logical intentions into delicious outcomes.

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