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I am sure that someone more competent will answer better Your question, but I will only say that Bija Mantras are much more then just set of letters and finding them written down somewhere gives little chances of awakening the respective energy within one's being. This initiation is a part of the Intensive Yoga and Intensive Tantra courses many of them offer.
I had finished a smaller mandal 10x10a€? and was telling someone about it when they asked me if I could do a Sri Yantra. I’ve been experimenting with using yantras during my morning meditation practice lately. Tantra is the systematic use of the body and the mind as the physical instruments of divine realization. Tantra is therefore a very important and integral part of Hindu spiritualism and equally maintains its place in the ritual part of the religion. Generally speaking, we are more left hemisphere dominated and are lacking in right hemisphere education which causes some loss of imagination and of faith in higher values.

When a mantra is chanted according to the proper tantra, it is said that the sound vibrations gather force from the yantra and after reflecting from its surface, spread out into the universe and reach the deity. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. What is needed is a proper initiation, with a transfer of the energy from someone in whom this energy is already active - someone who received the initiation into the Mantra in the same way, following a linage of initiates.
Practitioners of tantra combine the universal pattern of the yantra with the cosmic sound of a mantra to achieve a higher state of awareness, in which individual being and universal being are one. One place which I know of, that respects this indication and offers to aspirants initiations in Bija Mantra of Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari (whom is represented by Shri Yantra) is International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN, associating many schools all over the world. They also serve in meditation as symbolic representations of the energy pattern of a deity as seen by Tantric seers in their vision. By coloring and drawing the geometrical yantra diagrams, based on the mathematical perfection of sages of the East, we can make both of our hemispheres work simultaneously and calmly, achieve faith and look to live in constant awareness.

When a mantra is uttered with specific rhythm, with sincerity of devotion and purity of thought and action, and with phonetic and grammatical accuracy, it is believed to invoke a particular deity and compel the deity to assist the invoker to achieve a desired end. As a tool, yantra meditation is used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, so as to help the practitioner to go beyond the normal framework of mind to the altered states of consciousness known as turiya. It took me almost the same amount of time to tile it as it did to figure out how to draw it!

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