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The number of stay-at-home dads has nearly doubled since 1989, according to a new Pew Research Center report released Thursday. Numbering 2 million in 2012, men now represent 16% of stay-at-home parents — up from 10% in 1989. Driving this growth is a surge in the number of men who are staying home purely because they want to care for their children.
In 2012, 23% of dads said they stay at home because they are unable to find work — up from 15% in 1989. However, you need to get the phone interview and with 95% of HR professionals using LinkedIn to either find or vet candidates based on what they see there, your LinkedIn profile better be up to snuff. Both of these tactics are great ways to alleviate that gap in your resume and jump back into the rat race!
In a down economy -- in any economy, really -- we need to communicate to our children about what it means to "work." But first we have to define it for ourselves. Dismissing some tasks as "not work" may seem like you're diminishing their value, especially to kids who might not understand the semantic arguments of SAH (stay-at-home) vs WOH (work outside the home) in the adult world. How you define work and the role of work in your life is a tricky but important thing — and likely will change over time.
Click here to follow The Bitchy Waiter on Twitter.Click here to find The Bitchy Waiter on Facebook. This entry was posted in frazzled, stay-at-home mom on November 10, 2011 by The Bitchy Waiter. Heavens to Betsy, I cannot believe how many weeks have passed by since I have had a moment to sit down and write. The next morning I shook off my apple cider hangover and was surprised to see none of them were home yet. This entry was posted in frazzled, stay-at-home mom on January 18, 2011 by The Bitchy Waiter. This entry was posted in frazzled, stay-at-home mom, thanksgiving on November 27, 2010 by The Bitchy Waiter.
Tomorrow the whole family is getting into the mini–van and driving to the local pumpkin patch to choose our jack-o-lantern. This entry was posted in 1950's housewife, frazzled, stay-at-home mom on October 2, 2010 by The Bitchy Waiter. Oh dear, look how much time I spent writing about Hubby when I meant to be telling you all about how my washer broke down today and I had to wash everything by hand in the sink.
This entry was posted in 1950's housewife, stay-at-home mom on August 3, 2010 by The Bitchy Waiter.
I went to wake up Suzy Lou and she looked so cute in her Strawberry Shortcake sheets that I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. This entry was posted in 1950's housewife, stay-at-home mom on July 17, 2010 by The Bitchy Waiter.
What could possibly overshadow things like people leaving the door cracked open in the summer, scraping a fork across a plate, or failing to answer BOTH questions in an email? Since this little tidbit already gets under my skin like nothing else, I can only imagine how much it’s going to intensify when we have a baby.
I know it’s a hot, hot debate about who has it easier, or has it better, or who works harder: stay at home moms or working moms. I’m already offended when people tell me I don’t work or that we’re lucky we can survive on one paycheck.
Before I started getting all prematually preturbed, I figured I should look into all sides of the argument. There’s Sharon Beesley who couldn’t stand being a stay at home mom so much, she stopped staying at home. Erin Shea reminds us it’s not really about working or not working- it’s about the dramatic change your life takes when a child enters the picture.
The book is filled with mothers who think stay at home moms are lying when they say they are fulfilled by their role, and stories of moms who weren’t fulfilled until they left successful careers behind to spend their days going on playdates and playing make believe with their children. Even though I though I could imagine all sides of the possible story, this book brings eye opening stories into light, and makes you realize it’s not an easy answer at all: to work or not to work…or something in between? You can find Welcome to My World on Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Cloud (a free web app), or the Nook. But seriously, why do moms need to make others feel worse about their “status”? I think, as a teacher, I will get the best of both worlds – work 9 months out of the year and be a stay-at-home mom for 3 months. I love your point that you all have the same complaints and things to deal with regardless of work situation- so true!
I actually like having a combination of being home with my baby and going to work, but I do wish that on the days I was home I could just be a mom instead of trying to multi-task all day. Couldn’t agree with you all more that we need to support each other instead of being jealous, catty or just plain mean! I think it’s great that you’ve gotten to experience all sides of the situation!
Well seeing as I do not have children, I am not exactly an expert – nor do I have first hand knowledge of this topic to share.
I actually learned at PSU in one of my human development classes that the research says it’s best for the child when the mother does what she WANTS to do- not forced in a financial situation, from family, etc- and when she listens to her own personal gut the kid turns out best- whatever her decision may be!
Is it odd that I’m surprised to hear that you get this when you don’t have kids? Kyle is 24 years old and a now-retired computer engineer, who left Corporate America slavery and his life in Los Angeles behind to move abroad.
Please note, this is applicable to parents with school-age and above children.  A toddler is a different ballgame, I would imagine. Instead of making several batches of a recipe to perfect it, she just searches Google for the easiest one.
Instead of hand writing a letter to her mother containing pictures of the kids, she snaps a picture on her iPhone and sends it as an MMS.
Instead of hand washing clothes and then hanging them up to dry, she presses a couple of buttons on the dryer. Instead of going to the farmers market for fresh produce, she has the groceries delivered straight to her home. And of course, she has a smartphone with Yelp that lets her order a variety of different meals so she doesn’t even need to turn on the oven.
If you can outsource some of your career work to her, do so.  Make her edit your emails or reports to save you the time. If she considers herself as an equal partner in the marriage, she should have no problem complying to the above, or getting a part-time job.  If she fails to do either, then at least get her in the kitchen to make you a sandwich.

In fact, the majority have fallen into this role because they can’t find a job or are dealing with a health issue.
And the biggest share, or 35%, say they are in this situation because they are ill or disabled — a percentage that is down significantly from 56% in 1989.
And whatever the case for your gap (raise a family, take care of a sick family member, etc), it’s important to be proud of your decision, not regretful. She is also the author of Taking Your Brand from the Bench to the Playing Field -- Social Media Fundamentals for Business.
This isn't about "work-at-home" versus "stay-at-home" -- it's about effort and investment in whatever we do. Whether you have deliberately chosen to make a career of motherhood or of banking, or your job is more a result of circumstance, you have chosen a path.
In the dictionary it might be defined as "productive activity" or in other similarly nebulous terms.
Recognizing the value in all that work can lead to creative new ways to define roles, careers and the like. Noting the value, even of "fun" work, can help kids understand how all kinds of work contribute to the greater whole. Figuring it out, even a little bit, helps us communicate our core values to our children — and helps them understand the role of work in their lives and the many choices they will have in the future to see the value and reward in all different types of work.
I recently saw a horrible blog written by what appears to be a very unhappy middle-aged man who has spent his years waiting tables. It’s even protected by the law in most states and if it’s the law then we know it must be right, right? I just needed to write and let B****y Waiter know that breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing that women do. I guess with all the craziness of the holidays, time has just flown by and here it is already the middle of January. Since I am not waiting tables right now (full time actor, you know…) I thought it would be a good time to have entry #2 from that adorable housewife.
She was wrapped up like a mummy and I almost laughed so hard that it would have woken her up. Laundry, dusting, sewing, gardening, and then I capped it off with churning some homemade butter. It’s curated by Sarah Bryden-Brown, who also did Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom, I book I loved.
They’re not at their job because they’re forced to based on salary, but because having a career is ingrained in who they are as a person. I found myself particularly relating to Joanne Bamberger– who doesn’t wear a power suit to work, but isn’t twiddling her thumbs in her pajamas- and I don’t even have the “mom” part to add to the job description yet. Being a mother is hard no matter where you are, and I will never understand why this is a fight. I have been thinking about this a ton because I had an awesome maternity leave (June – August) and had a great time with my baby. Either way, I have a feeling I will experience all 3 situations as life changes through the years and I think they will all be hard, yet rewarding. However, both of my parents worked (away from the home) – and still do, while I was growing up. If you work from home, you are still a working mom and not a stay-at-home mom in my opinion. We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles. Hopefully it leads to a certain amount of personal fulfillment, and even a reasonable bank balance. You may not get paid in dollars for certain tasks, but you may see a return on your investment in time in other ways, whether it's personal satisfaction, time for something else or a savings in another area of your life.
Hubby said he will be home for dinner tonight so I am making his favorite: meatloaf and green peas with fresh rolls. Dinner was set for 3:00, so from the time I got up, I had eleven hours to get everything ready. I have already made candied apples for the road and tomorrow morning I will make some homemade apple cider to put in our family size thermos. Hubby worked late last night so I let him sleep in today and I mowed the lawn for him this morning.
That class I took at the Learning Annex on turn of the century homemaking is really paying off!
This funny Birthday card designed by Gary McCoy is absolutely fantastic as it shows how most ‘Stay-At- Home-Mom’s’ truly feel… Just take a good look at this mom’s face. I probably also have quite a list, but there’s one that stands out at the top so noticeably, the rest don’t matter. I don’t see it being difficult for people taking the leap from “work at home” to “stay at home mom”. Since I can’t do that, I did the next best thing- I read about walking in their shoes in the new book Welcome to My World. I worked 8-5 and was strapped to my computer, yet people assumed I did laundry and cooked all day. But I agree, working moms still have all the duties as stay at home moms when it comes to after school activities- yikes! I feel like I’m always waiting for the perfect job situation that will make me a happier, better mother, but the truth is, there is no right fit for everyone.
But how you define work and how you communicate the effort and value of that work is part of communicating core values to your children.
Is what you do at home — whether it's helping the kids with schoolwork or the laundry, or just keeping track of who goes where and when — work? I hope he can come to turns with it and maybe someday he won’t find a bosom so disturbing. Of course, there is always the chance that he will have to work late again or even spend the night at the office. I awoke this morning at 4:52 (a whole eight minutes before my alarm was set to go off!) to Suzy Lou climbing into bed with me because she had a bad dream. In fact, I’d venture to say I work harder than I ever did at any other job, but that’s a whole different story. I was offered another work from home job yesterday, but when I told them I was pregnant, they said they’d have to get back to me which shocked me.
She worked a full-time job which she had to commute to, carted my sister around to dance, soccer, etc before we had our license, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, gardened, ran errands, etc, etc.
If you don't see certain tasks as being of value, and communicate the return on the investment in those tasks, neither will your kids.

Once he falls in love with the right girl and becomes a father, he will understand how truly wonderful it is to feed a child by the nipple of his wife. The poor dear works tirelessly when it comes to training his secretary but he loves it so who am I to judge? But Christmas came and went and it was filled with so much joy and love that my face hurt from smiling for so many days.
He gave Suzy Loo a limited edition vintage Barbie doll and Billy Boo a limited edition Ken doll. I had two glasses of sparkling apple cider and I don’t care what the bottle says, I swear to goodness that I was bit tipsy! They said they drank too many Cosmos and Meat took care of them all night long at his place called The Dungeon. I made a turkey but I also baked a ham, made a pot roast and created my first ever Tofurkey Meatloaf because we had so many people come over and I wanted everyone to have their choice of food to give thanks over.
I noticed that she kept giving my hubby an odd look, so she must be very sad that she can’t be with her family at this time of year. The only difference between being in an office and being at home is you get to wear more comfortable clothes.
Hubby had to work late that night because he was training a new secretary but I took lots of pictures so it was almost like he was there, LOL. I told him he spent too much money, but he assured me that they just came from his personal collection and he was trying to make room in his home since Sam moved in. When I went to bed with the kids, Hubby was driving his secretary home and Bryan and his roommate were going to another party they heard about that was happening in an abandoned warehouse down by the piers. I don’t know why any of them needed to watch their figure because all of them were about a size 2 and pretty as a picture. Thank goodness last night was not a night that Hubby shares a bed with me or he would have been so cross if he would have woken up three hours before he needed to. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for groceries that week but I dipped into my secret stash of dollars that I keep in the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator. The poor thing had to stay in bed all day while we spent the afternoon admiring the fall colors and going on a hayride. LOL!) I went into the kitchen and saw my darling hubby drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper over the sink. The little angel had thrown his Thomas the Tank blanket off the bed and he wasn’t covered up at all.
I videotaped the whole thing and I will be posting it soon so you can see for yourself how precious it was.
For me staying home was much easier, but that’s because I have a really easy-going baby and I am good at entertaining myself so I never got bored. It really is true, dear, no matter what you try to show me on your videos.) I am not ashamed when I feed.
Billy wanted to be something called Iron Man and Suzy wanted to be a Pussy Cat Doll, but after some persuading they finally agreed that my ideas are much better. I knew that he was soon going to be too old to have that moment with me and when I saw him blowing out his five candles, I couldn’t resist. When I go to the beach or the swimming pool, I wear my one-piece with the cute little skirt and the polka-dot cover up, but when it comes time to feed my children, if some skin shows, then so be it.
They borrowed $200 dollars from my cookie jar to thank Meat for his services (I guess Meat towed their car home for them) and he went on his way.
We were going to have my parents over as well as my sister and her family but my sweet husband had the best idea ever.
I dreamed once that I was at the grocery store looking through my coupon wallet when I realized that I was in nothing but my slip and pantyhose and my hair was in curlers! And if you are reading this please tell Veronica that I said hello when you see her tonight and I hope things pick up for her, the poor thing. Of course he didn’t want to, what with all his friends there watching, but I just told him how much better his birthday cake would taste if he had it with some milk first. An Orphan Thanksgiving is when you extend an invitiation to anyone else who may not have someplace else to go for Thanksgiving.
I took down the Honey Do List from the refrigerator and made him pinky swear that he would not get off of that mattress.
They all went down to the basement into my husband’s office for a nap and hubby even joined them while I cleaned up the dishes. I asked Suzy if she wanted some but she was texting on her phone and said, “No thanks, Mom. I was going to invite the homeless man who washes the windows at the church, but my dear sweet husband filled up those slots so quickly that I had to rescind my invite to Wally the Window Washer. He must have had a terrible dream with night sweats because the sheets were even damp in a couple of places. I still made Suzy Lou her scrambled egg whites and crispy bacon so my morning routine was a little off.
I also wanted to invite our neighbor who lost her husband three weeks ago, but Hubby was insistent that his guests were more in need. One girl came up to get some Gatorade because she said the Tofurkey meatloaf made her thirsty, but she hurried right back in as soon as she was finished.
It really threw me in a tizzy to be so off schedule but sometimes we moms just have to let the kids know how special they are and be wild and crazy. He told me that he stayed in bed the whole day and that when he wanted a drink of water he didn’t want to break his promise. He saw me in a beauty contest he was judging for and asked me on a date the day after I got second place.
I heard one of them say something about new underwear so I am pretty sure that my husband was enlisting their help for my Christmas present. He knows that the best way to find out what a woman wants for a gift is to ask another woman, so I let him stay in there and devise the perfect plan for his Christmas shopping.
Last year, the poor dear was so busy with work, he only had time to make me a handmade gift certificate good for one free kiss whenever I wanted it.
She went out on one date with each of the three judges but I guess things didn’t work out for her, because one date was all she ever got with each of them. Just don’t forget your brassiere this time, silly goose!) Anyhoo, this year hubby will be fine for our Autumnal outing, (I wuv you, Hubby! Hubby still sees her once a week because she has had a hard life and he feels like he can give her good advice.

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