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This meetup group Participants will be guided in physical Yoga, Yogic breathing exercises or called Pranayama (breath exercises) free of charge along with meditations which are holistic self healing tools that regulate the nervous system. Made available in pdf format for quick same-day delivery, and produced exactly like the original page by page.

We all must have heard of meditation, but meditation does not starts without a target to focus upon, and therefore the great yogis of India and Himalayas use to open the third eye or agya chakras of the practitioners for them to see the light within them and be able to focus upon the light & breath in order to control the mind and thoughts along with training the mind to response calmly during stressful situations and for them to be able to regulate the nervous system which is responsible to health and wellbeing of endocrine system etc. This group will help you live a balance, more fulfilled and content life, despite the external situations in the world as the source of your joy and peace would be from within you.

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