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How do the world’s most prolific artists, business people, thinkers and inventors get the inspiration for their ideas, creations and achievements?
Back in 1937, personal development pioneer Napoleon Hill published ‘Think And Grow Rich’ a book that would soon go on to become one of the most influential publications of ALL time. In the book Hill claimed this was his ultimate technique for sourcing skills, ideas and inspiration.
Just before going to sleep at night, close your eyes, and see, in your imagination, a group of people seated with you around a Council Table.
I will warn you that what you learn in this video will all but destroy your ability to make excuses about external occurrences getting in the way of your success in life.
I’ve already posted several posts this week about how negativity creeps into our minds and destroys our outlook on life.

And thankyou, dear video creator, for telling people how destructive gossip is — not just for the gossipee, but also the gossiper. This video is a wakeup call for anyone who believes they’re the product of their environment (external inputs). The book was packed with techniques and instructions on how to develop a wealth mindset, and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. It was so controversial, in fact, that Hill himself was initially hesitant to even reveal it at all.
Either allows you to indeed get whatever you focus on, since the brain isn’t able to distinguish effectively between subconscious and conscious thought. Gossip is nothing more than an outward projection of the negative feelings you have about yourself folks!

Agreed?If you say “Absolutely!” please sign up to receive weekly updates from the extraordinary world of business, hand-picked from the web just for you. Its contents were so powerful that to this day, ‘Think And Grow Rich’ is widely regarded as a benchmark of all other books of its kind. You can change the way react to circumstances, how you strive for your goals, the fear that resides inside you. Now, not only do you have the opportunity to sit among those you consider to be great, but you can actually dominate the group, by serving as the Chairman.

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