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Look up the phrase "independence"  on Wikipedia and you'll get a definition about countries, nations and states and self government.
Did you catch The 87th Academy Awards last month? I saw The Birdman recently and really enjoyed it.
If you look back at the winners of the Oscar over the past 20 years you'll see that more than half of the winners for Best Motion Picture are about the ability of the human spirit to triumph over adversity and our own human weaknesses. In last week's post I talked about how hypnosis is a natural state we all go into; while watching TV, while driving, while exercising, before we go to bed and right after we wake up. That attached diagram, (courtesy of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute) is what I use with every new client to explain how hypnosis and hypnotherapy works.
Many people think that the practice of saying affirmations is kind of a new agey, hokey thing. There is an allegedly factual account that when the Spanish galleons approached the New World, they were invisible to the Aztec people.
Today's post features a video, "Hypnosis 101" with me and Lauren Herrera, owner and head trainer of  Pilates Barbell Club in Pasadena.
These celebrities have used hypnosis or self hypnosis for relaxation, career success and to quit smoking. Why not learn this valuable tool for yourself?
Hypnotherapists provide treatment for vocational and avocational self-improvement and are not licensed by the state as healing arts practitioners. Without question, your subconscious rules your conscious choices and has its own set of rules.
Rule #1: The subconscious does not think in the traditional sense but reacts out of the brains primitive fight or flight programming. Rule #4: The strongest memories held in the subconscious are anchored with a strong emotion.

Take charge of your imagination; manage your thinking and – limit the amount of negative input from the Internet or television.
This system of energy healing has not been evaluated, tested, or approved by any medical regulatory authority.
Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek help from the appropriate health-care professional.
Unless you reprogram your subconscious, it will continue directing your thoughts, emotions and behaviors based on what is already familiar and comfortable-and most of that was probably downloaded before you were seven years old! When the conquistadors approached the shore with helmets on their heads, they were perceived by Montezuma and his people as gods walking on water.
Lauren and I have teamed up and made a series of videos about the mental aspect of physical fitness and training. Find out how they affect your well-being and how to tip your beliefs toward better health and happiness. If you've been reading my blogs for any period of time, you know it's all about your programming. What your subconscious mind wants is based on your childhood conditioning, past experiences and beliefs.
There may be a variety of reasons that contribute to this, yet the most important is this: We adults forget 90% of what's ever happened to us. Manage your thinking by visualizing what you want, not what you don’t want .  Think about it.  The subconscious does rule! Top athletes, public speakers and musicians use mental rehearsal, a type of visualizing, to practice their skills. Murphy teaches how to achieve your desires using what he calls the scientific prayer method, rather than staying subject to old programming.

That is the mind body connection at work!Rewiring your neuro-circuits may sound complicated, but the techniques are surprisingly easy. What it takes is knowledge, conscious awareness, belief in your new possibility, commitment and repetition with emotion.
The more you practice, the more likely you are to change your circuitry, which also changes your chemistry and genetic expression. Right before sleep and immediately upon awakening are times you are naturally at the very receptive theta level of deep hypnosis and meditation. Read more about these methods and experience some of them by clicking on the image links below. Once you create a vibrational match to the new beliefs that are now stored in the subconscious, it will work to attract what you need to help you fulfill your desires.Release your expectations and tight grip on your desire. They provides you with treatment for depressive disorder or sedative drugs which experience sleepy, or they will deliver you to therapy classes. The power of the subconscious mind will work for you instead of against you as you accomplish your health and life goals with greater ease.
Because to be rid of agoraphobia, you have to deal with the program in the mind that causes higher stress.
Once the possibility has been determined, it then creates the choice whether to FIGHT or FLEE from the possibility. Of course, you can't flee from your signs, so instead, we go into 'safety searching for mode'.

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