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Her 10 Success Secrets, shared with passion and purpose, will give you practical advice to get from here to there.
As a business coach, sales trainer, and national speaker, Lynn has mentored thousands of women entrepreneurs—leading with her heart and teaching how to think BIGGER and manifest abundance. Lynn Bardowski is a sought-after Direct Sales expert and empowering keynote speaker for Direct Sales conferences and Women's Organizations.
Lynn's worldwide recognition includes Top 100 Small Business Influencers, Enterprising Women of the Year and Top 101 Women in eCommerce. Holding successful Facebook Parties is like following the yellow brick road in search of the Wizard.
Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl.
Vendor events are key to getting out of your inner circle and making new connections, if you find events that are well attended, connect with your ideal client and have a strategy before you get there. Surprise your new friend by not asking them to “book a party.” That’s what every other vendor just did and now they are scared to make eye contact with you. If they say no, ask, “Do you enjoy (candles, jewelry, cooking, etc…)?” Find out if they are an ideal client before you ramble on about your biz. Lynn, This is a great post.As someone who runs a huge event each year, I've seen just about everything, from makeshift cardboard exhibits to portable department stores! Since I will be holding my first vendor event in October of this year I was really nervous, because i wanted to have a really good chance at making successful.
After running from table to table to take a selfie with family and friends at my daughter’s wedding, I realized I have a problem. Can it be that selfies take down the walls of insecurity, allowing a more confident, authentic you to shine through?
Outdoor Activities: Attempting an outside-your-comfort-zone activity in the great outdoors? Deb Bixler, multiple winner of the prestigious Direct Selling Live Power 50 Awards and host of the Cash Flow Radio Show, is one of the most recognized experts in the direct sales industry. A big impact habit is a business action that is so easy to do that you can do it every day forever! By creating a simple action that you can do daily for the long term, you will achieve greater results than doing massive action once and not again for a few months. Call one club that may need fundraisers a day and do it everyday will achieve more cash flow in your business than making 50 calls to clubs today and then doing it again in 60 days. Listen to Lynn Bardowski’s podcast with guest, Deb Bixler, by clicking on the  LISTEN NOW button below. Lynn Bardowski is an award-winning entrepreneur, radio host and best selling author of Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. Lynn takes the reader through her journey, taking the reader through both her highs and lows. Although I did pick up a few practical ideas, the main thing I got from this book is that your attitude matters. Fun and interesting as a DS consultant but not a lot of practical how-tons if that's what you are looking for.
Known as the Million $ Party Girl, Lynn is a risk-taking, working Mom, who discovered her inner Visionista when she was least expecting it; overcoming mommy guilt, fear, and failure to become a multimillion-dollar revenue-generating entrepreneur.
Lynn's relatable, humorous and energetic speaking style connects with worldwide audiences, and her social media influence will rock your audience engagement.
It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone, heart to provide great customer service and brains to get your marketing strategy right.
After 23 years in the direct selling trenches, I’ve become an expert at getting results at vendor events.
I know you’re excited about your new products, but you don’t need to bring them all to your vendor event. Odds are that not everyone who stops at your super attractive table will want or need what you have to offer.

Use your smartphone to connect on Facebook, or put their cell phone # in your phone, while they’re engaged in conversation.
No one is going to say, “I prefer to pay full price.” This gives you the opportunity to share a special “event only” offer. Join my VIP group for direct sellers & get daily inspiration, monthly training webinars & a whole lot of girl power from a global community of Visionistas! This find of your blog couldn't have come at a better time as I have my first Vendor show on Nov 2.
Ellen’s Oscar selfie proved this is an instant ice-breaker, and a social media home run. Join Deb and Lynn on Million Dollar Party Girl Talk podcast to learn how to consistently work your business and get greater results.
She encourages readers with her wit and practical, no-nonsense approach to a home-based business. You are what you make yourself, and your business will be what you make of it, regardless of what you're doing or to what end.
Her insightful and down-to-earth storytelling will inspire you to take action and make your dreams come true!
Her topics include: Embrace Your Inner Visionista, Insane Facebook Party Success and Periscope for Direct Sellers. After so-so Facebook Party results and a few overposting-related headaches, I was beginning to think I’d never get out of the land of flying monkeys.
They aren’t always perfect, but this complete guide to vendor event success will help you make the most of your time and get better results.
You might miss the opportunity to get all their contact information, which you would be able to do during the ordering process.
You, on the other hand, will look like an expert merchandiser because you are going to use Triangle Marketing! Well, there’s only one grand prize winner but why not follow up by telling everyone they won something.
Looking through the hundreds (ok, thousands) of photos in my camera roll, many of which are selfies, I realized why. So, while it might be annoying to a few people I know (I’m not naming names) who think I need a selfies support group, I’m going to selfie-on. You will learn how to use a big impact habit in your direct sales and party plan business to achieve consistent success. I am inspired by Million $ Party Girl because she succeeded in ways that many feel impossible. If working from home matters to you, or making a certain amount of income is your goal--you can get there if you take responsibility and mentally and emotionally put yourself where you want to be. Big himself, and became the subject of worldwide media fascination, is revealing her secrets.
Placing an order slows down the interaction and gives you more time to make a connection and probe for more opportunities, including parties and recruiting leads. For example, I attended a vendor event and a jewelry rep cornered me as I approached her table, rambling on about her hostess offers and specials, before she took the time to find out anything about me.
If you’re a direct seller, create offers based on what your company is offering and make up “event only” coupons to seal the deal. Time is your money and knowing the method your lead prefers saves you time, doesn't waste their time, and will bring that first step of know,like and trust home quicker ! I’m more confident when I’m photographed in a selfie versus a traditional “say cheese” point and shoot pic, where smiles and body language are staged. Overall it was a very personal, thoughtful, and inspirational book, and well worth the read.
You can read up on it in my best-selling book, Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl.
Orange may be the new black but try some new verbiage like “get the gang together, “girl’s night out” or “wine down Wednesday.” If you wine it, they will come.

If she opened her eyes for one minute she would have noticed I was not wearing jewelry, a sure sign that I was not her ideal client.
The road to the top is not a straight line, and even those who achieve success had to travel it to get there!
What if the same strategy I use to hold successful home parties, works for Facebook parties too?… said me, to myself.
Everyone brought their dogs, which were adorable, but no one was interested in shopping with Fido on the leash. I created Triangle Marketing after learning that photographers compose photos using imaginary triangles because it’s more pleasing to the eye. People get the “help wanted” message and understand that it means you have a job opening and they can make money.
I might have referred a few jewelry lovin’ friends if the rep had asked the right questions and built a rapport with me. Who’s that girl with her Mom’s nose, blue eyes & natural smile who is comfortable in her own selfie-skin? Use props (cover with fabric*) to elevate products so they are displayed in the shape of a triangle. The confidence and connection gets even stronger when you engage friends and family members in your selfie fun by taking a group shot. Lynn’s vision, “To empower a gazillion women to discover their glow,” was her motivation for sharing the lessons learned over the last twenty-two years as a direct sales entrepreneur. 40 Facebook parties (30 held) and $13,000+ in online sales later, I discovered that I was right. The seemingly glamorous mansions of London and Beverly Hills housed a tumultuous and broken family life, battles with anxiety and depression, and a stint in rehab. I’ve even “staged” photos and had people line up at my table so it looks like I have the most crowded table at the event. Based on this example, the vendor display is a selection of jar candles, a high ticket item, and an iPad with product videos, visuals and marketing materials.
A prop can be a box, or even a pot that you found in the kitchen at the hall where the vendor event is located. Determined not to end up unemployed, penniless, and living in her parents basement under the control of her alcoholic mother, Tamara honed her natural business sense and invested in what she knew best - fashion.
Stock up on gift bags at the dollar store and add $1 to the cash and carry price so you can provide a gift bag with purchase, one-stop shopping! By the way, pics are more engaging when they include people, and not just products, in them. Clicking your ruby red shoes three times is not required, but any excuse to wear cute shoes works for me. Instead, share a pic of your crowded table with a comment like, “Having a blast raising money for (school name)!” and hashtag your product and company.
You can also create a form for attendees to fill out, but it’s not always easy to read someone’s handwriting and you might get bounce backs on email addresses. Since selling her share of the company, she has focused on creating a new eponymous lifestyle brand.
So get all “souped” up, and inspired to create some red, hot cuisine.  Maybe you will be the lucky chef who walks away with this delicious prize!
When ghostly footsteps were heard, they were continuous as if the presence was walking on an uncovered wooden floor of long ago. We asked questions that if answered, would give us clues about who these people used to be.
We just need to learn to see the holy breadcrumbs, the evidence of the Infinite, on life’s paths.

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