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This booklet titled, Sufi Spiritual Techniques is made available in this post as PDF download and I am quoting a small section from this book that provide a general introduction to Sufi Meditation practice. The person who is God’s servant performs all that Almighty God has commanded, and in all that he does, and in all his states, remembers that God sees and knows.
The seeker after Reality sees in all things the Secret Oneness of God and continually cognizes this presence with Attraction and Love.
The first meditation is called the Faith of Vision, and the second is called the Faith of Reality. The seeker who aspires to perform the second meditation should withdraw to a lonely place apart from people and cleanse himself.
In this meditation, it is necessary to picture oneself turned towards God from all directions. According to Naqshbandi Path, there are six foundations such as: Repetition of Divine Name (Zikr), Meditation (Murakebe), Heart Consciousness, Keeping Contact, Bond of Love and Conversation with the Sheikh (Sohbet). What: For its season finale, Gypsum Gallery is hosting its first ever group exhibition by featuring 11 different artists curated by Nile Sunset Annex. What: If a double dose of Haifa’a Wahbe isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then the ROOM might just have the right TV program for you. What: This might be a little bit different than what you’d expect to be doing in Ramadan, but different might be good for your soul.
What: Al Azhar Park is playing host to a massive dish party for a communal iftar and then a Dina El Wedidy concert. What: Pepsi and Darb have come together for this year’s Mawaweel Festival to create the ultimate Ramadan experience. What: If anything can get us to get out of bed and drive to the other size of town, it’s the promise of good music and proper food.
What: There’s no denying that everyone and their mother has been interested in Sufi spiritual healing lately.
What: El Genaina Theater is hosting its Hayy Festival at the GrEEK Campus starting the 26th of June and features both local and international talent. What: Expand Business Development has enlisted the help of Egypt’s favorite marionette show to serve as the opening act for Layaly Ramadan. What: The newest issue of the experimental magazine features an excerpt of book project by Sahar Soliman and Noha Mokhtar aimed at exploring the parallels between the structure of the Egyptian family and the state. What: The only thing that’s better than watching your favorite band preform live is having dinner with them. What: If you didn’t grow up listening to Aida El Ayoubi, mostly because your mother was playing her on repeat, there might be something seriously wrong with you.

What: Al Hezb El Comedy is presenting the Ramadan Comedy Festival for the first time ever to promote a great cause. A a€?Dhikr is the means by which Stations yield their fruit, until the seeker reaches the Divine Presence.
When the Ziker involves the repetition of particular phrases a specific number of times, the beads are used to keep track so that the person performing Ziker can turn all of their focus on what is actually being said - as it can become difficult to concentrate simultaneously on the number and phrasing when one is doing so a substantial number of times. Essential to the progress of the follower of a shaykh towards the rending of veils and victory over this illusionary world is consistent and daily Sufi Meditation . It is advised the an individual does not consider taking part in repetitive Ziker without becoming an Allegiance (Bait) with a Murshid, Peer Sahib, Shaykh (Spiritual Guide) as otherwise you may find you attract Negativeness. Ziker is not Child play, You need a Spiritual Guide to prescribe the correct Words of Wisdom for you to do Ziker this can be different for each individual. Si les univers paralleles existent, pouvez-vous imaginer un dans lequel la relation entre les humains et les animaux est inversee ?
He must represent to himself that the entire existence of the revolving world from firmament to the uttermost depth is nothing at all.
If this state does not arise, the seeker can gain no benefit from his guide; but there is more than this to be discovered. The seeker represents, in his mind’s eye, the spirituality of his guide as a circle of light and pictures himself in the centre of that circle. This exhibition focuses on physical objects and their volatility despite our best attempts to define them. It includes the works of 11 various artists who have utilized different media to bring the posters to life.
Check their Facebook page for their full schedule of screenings, featuring Egyptian film classics with English subtitles.
Beit Hosn has decided making one of the best sohours in town was not enough and has put together an exciting program for all its patrons.
With art exhibitions, huge musical performances, food and a bazaar, there’s a little something for everyone.
Eat & Barrel has allegedly transformed its space into a “Ramadan Wonderland” complete with mini-tents. Join El Sheikh Zein Mahmoud for sohour and a night of folkloric storytelling and Sufi singing. Yes, you’ll have to drive all the way to Tagamoa and yes, you’ll spend half an hour trying to park at the mall, but it’ll be worth it. Not only will you enjoy a great lineup of comedians, but your money will go towards supporting Alwan Wa Awtar, an initiative that aims to help marginalized communities through art.

In contrast to the virtues of remembrance, Razi uses the perils of forgetfulness to show the importance of Ziker.
Additionally, as Qur'anic recital is viewed as the best form of dhikr, many Muslims engage in is the collective recital of the Qur'an.
This is done either aloud or in silent thought, and the Sufi's only duty in this regard is to simply hold the quality itself up so that his or her consciousness can perceive it.
He must empty himself of all rules and conditions and think of himself as alone in the Presence of God. As the lover sees the face of his beloved in his own face and loses himself in it, so does the seeker look upon his master. Sufi healing is designed to help us relax, stress less and connect with our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits.
Among the orders of Muslims that practice Ziker, there are some who advocate silent, individual prayer, while others join together in an outward, group expression of their love for God. Cherags, initiators and dance leaders must learn how to use wazifas as a psychological prescription to meet the needs of the individual Sufis or groups of Sufis who are their mureeds. Bennett, who was proficient in Turkish language from a small pamphlet in Osmanli Turkish published in Istanbul and long out of print.
If this meditation takes root with him, the seeker whoever he may be, becomes aware of the Perfection of God. But here the seeker must know that the spirituality of the master never separates from his image and whenever and wherever he call son it that spiritual image will help him.
Each mureed must learn to recognize divine attributes, both their place in nature and their function in the self and in others. In order to attain this state, he must drive out of his heart everything that is not reality – that is God. From this reflection, a light appears in the heart of the seeker and draws him on towards perfection.
If the seeker, coming into the presence of the master, annihilates his own self-hood and binds himself to that presence, the master can in a single instant raise him to the degree of Illumination.
It mentions various spiritual exercises which are mostly taken from Persian manuscripts of the 15th and 16th centuries, the translation of which into Turkish became very popular during the 19th century and had a fresh vogue after the partial relaxation of restrictions upon the practice of Sufism in Turkey after the death of Kemal Ataturk.
If the seeker perseveres in this way, in a short time he becomes a perfected man like his sheikh.

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