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Considering my initially negative reaction to Super Mario Sunshine, I think it's pretty amazing that I lived up to my promise and played it throughout the month of April.
RE: Yoshi--yeah, it definitely seems like he was just slipped in there to appease folks who wanted him in Mario 64.
I'm sure you can tell from the name of this blog what it's all about, but if not here's the scoop: I'm a gay guy and I like video games. After putting more than 25 hours into it, I appear to be nearing the end of my Yo-Kai Watch playthrough. So, what do you think: is this just-announced Azure Striker Gunvolt physical release worth getting or a waste of money?
In news that is sure to thrill my pal Simon , the oh-so-British proprietor of the Red Parsley blog, I recently bought my first smartphone. Mario's brother returns to outer space as a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I doubt I'll write about it after today, though--outside of an eventual "Great Gaymathon" review, I mean--so I thought I'd wrap things up with a post about the five aspects of this GameCube title that I've come to love the most. The secret stages--Everyone seems to say these FLUDD-less levels are by far the best in the game.
Because I already covered Gelato Beach in the bullet point above, I decided to go with this one, which is part of Pinna Park.

Noki Bay--As much as I love Gelato Beach and Pinna Park, I'm pretty sure Noki Bay is the first world in Super Mario Sunshine that quite literally caused my jaw to drop. If that aptly describes you, what are some of your favorite aspects of this summery three-dimensional platformer? I'm also a writer, and since I don't often get to write about games professionally I decided to find another outlet for my obsession.
Unlike his secret unlockable status in Super Mario Galaxy, Luigi is being pushed to the forefront in this new trailer from Nintendo. I don't entirely agree with that (because I think a number of the "regular" ones are stellar, too), but I definitely agree they're pretty great. That was OK with me, though, as the idea of playing it over and over and over again brought me more joy than you can imagine. He's fully equipped to use the new power ups, ride Yoshi, and be his usual, bumbling self. Hopefully in Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo manages to implement Luigi in a more interesting way.
Sure, they make my palms sweat as much as any other game I've ever played, but that just adds to the ecstasy I feel when I finally conquer one. By the way, if the designers and programmers at Nintendo could pull this kind of thing off all the way back in the early 2000s, I'm pretty sure they'll be able pull off some similarly amazing things with the Wii U in the coming years.

This complete walkthrough will provide you with a 100% video playthrough and a screenshot of where you can find all the green stars.
One of the shines inside the hotel is probably the most vague and elaborate puzzle sequence I've ever seen in a Mario game. You will have to toss a turtle shell at it to break it.Green Star 2Walk out towards the water to find a green pipe. Turn on all the tiles to reveal the star.Green Star 3Head all the way to the right of the course. The happy Toad will then reward you with the green star.Stamp LocationAfter you star riding on Plessie, through the course you will see a stamp on the right. Secret 1UP At the location where you can go under with the pipes, go down and grab a secret 1UP.

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