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Snigger all you want, but when you actually think about, the delivery man does have a wealth of peculiar and strange knowledge about your life.
Luckily for you, JOE, with thanks to JUST EAT, are about to give you an insight into what these people know. Celebrate your favourite local takeaway with the takeaway awards, with thanks to JUST EAT. Vote and you could win free takeaway for a year.
They say you're never more than six feet from a rat in London and in the West End at least you are never very far from a takeaway venue either. Our very own vibrantly branded easy snap portioned controlled white sugar that come in boxes of 2000 sachets.
Our Takeaway cups are made using the highest grade & weight of paper to ensure no burnt fingers or leaky cups. Our very own premium single origin chocolate based on cocoa beans from the “Cote de Ivore” region of Africa, home of the world’s finest cocoa. The Cocoa is then blended with ultra fine sugar and Madagascan bourbon vanilla extract to make a smooth, creamy chocolate blend that is perfect for everything from iced chocolates to hot chocolates to mocha’s. Madura are Australian pioneers of eco-sensitive tea cultivation, they make pure, natural tea that is unrivalled in freshness and flavour. Naturally low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and full of flavour, Madura tea is grown in harmony within the world heritage rain forests and unpolluted rivers of the Tweed Valley, near Murwillumbah.
Each of our Coffee Blends have their very own Iconic Image & story to tell, which is why we created these movie posters to highlight the unique story of each of our coffee blends.
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HOT dogs were recently unveiled as one of the most lethal foods in America.The cinema treats result in around 80 choking deaths a year ? and a shocking 17 per cent of all child choking fatalities.
Known as fugu, it has been responsible for 315 poisonings and 31 fatalities over the past decade. That?s because the ugly-looking fish contains deadly amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin ? which has no antidote. Despite all that, fugu chefs attempt to leave just the right amount of the poison to tingle the diner?s tongue. IF the Jamaican fruit is scoffed before it?s fully ripe it can lead to vomiting and, in severe cases, liver failure.
IN Vietnam locals make a potent cocktail of the snake?s venom and rice wine ? and just one shot induces dizziness.
THE quick-boil method preferred for these shellfish in China leaves behind viruses and bacteria including deadly hepatitis A, typhoid and dysentery.

See if you needed to off someone for some reason, do you think you'd get away with it if you made them the fish but didn't bother with the proper process and they got poisoned and died ?
They even had a No.1 single last year with Let's Get Ready To Rhumble!, which they'd first recorded during their brief pop career in 1994. Last December when they appeared on Desert Island Discs they spoke about the fear their TV careers could have been over. They both come from council estates in Newcastle and met as child actors on BBC children's TV series Byker Grove when they were 14. Last year alone they were each paid more than A?6 million, but for years they kept the trappings of wealth to a minimum. Curry came second with 23 per cent of respondents voting it their favourite, leaving good old fish and chips a sadly diminished third on 20 per cent. If the Giant Namibian Bullfrog is not consumed in the breeding season, toxins can lead to kidney failure. That?s because the sea creatures are served ALIVE ? with the suckers known to grab inside people?s throats. They have been known to multiply inside you, leading to stomach pains, vomiting and even death. They raise naughty eyebrows, finish each other's sentences, laugh at pretty much anything and mention their mums every two minutes ('you've got to be good to your mam'). Last month they were awarded a special Landmark Award for 25 years in showbusiness and enjoyed tributes from Prince Charles, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and Bruce Forsyth.
Ant's mum brought up her son and his younger sister on her own, so while she held down two jobs, Ant (supposedly the shyer of the two) did most of the housework, cooked tea and is still 'brilliant at ironing and Sunday roasts'.
Ant and Lisa Armstrong - who works on Strictly and occasionally BGT - have been together for 18 years and married for nearly eight. Three separate districts of the city feature in a top 10 of the country's biggest chip-eating areas.Chicken tikka masala, a firm favourite on the Indian takeaway menu, was invented in Britain.
It goes without saying they're sitting 'in formation' (Ant on the left, Dec on the right as you look at them) as they always appear on television so as not to muddle the audience. Or driving to work - Joe, our driver, takes us everywhere and we always sit this way round in the back. They were filmed crying with laughter as the obliging X Factor judge pretended to phone Dannii Minogue using a banana taken from a fruit bowl at his house while an unsuspecting workman looked on bemused. After Takeaway, they're up to their eyes in BGT - they're already midway through the auditions.
But I think we kind of got to an age where we thought, "Ye-es, but we should enjoy ourselves a little bit too."' So they've spent the last three years decking out their matching houses with gyms and big screens and boys' gadgets.
One was years ago during their PJ & Duncan days, when they flew to Torremolinos to perform for GMTV, went straight out and got completely smashed, ate a full English breakfast at midnight, drank some more and then, for a reason neither of them can remember, Ant punched Dec in a lift and Dec knocked Ant's hat off in retaliation.

The masala sauce was added to satisfy the desire of British people to have their meat served in gravy."The traditional British chip may not be seen as a healthy alternative to the thinner French fries offered by the likes of McDonald's but it is. That's the best thing about him,' says Dec.Takeaway is back this evening for its 11th series - there was a break between 2009 and 2013 following a scandal when viewers paid to take part in a phone-in competition which they had no chance of winning. They make TV look spontaneous and easy, but they're famously hard-working, control every tiny detail and, according to Simon Cowell, are 'utter perfectionists'.
He did, though, make Dec ask Lisa's permission before buying a house three doors from theirs. Or that's what I paid for, but the installation man still has to keep coming back and I've been there three years!' Ant's got his own cinema.
A Salt and Battery, The Codfather, The Frying Scotsman, Oh My Cod, and Frying Nemo are just some of the more imaginative titles.Despite our love affair with takeaways, 58 per cent of respondents in the Morrisons poll worried about the cost of their habit, with 46 per cent saying they were concerned about its impact on their health and 37 per cent worried about the lack of nutritional labelling and the quality of the food. An impressive 18 per cent said they intended to change their takeaway habits within the next year. So there you are!'Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are arguably the most successful entertainment presenters in the history of television. People think we want to crack America, but we honestly don't have time right now.'Behind the bounce and cheery chat, they're tired.
But doesn't Lisa ever just say, 'Look, I love Dec, but not tonight, please?' 'It's more likely to be him saying it to Lisa,' says Dec. And we'd really love Prince Charles to come on - we've met him a few times, but we haven't mentioned it yet,' says Dec.
Occasionally, they completely lose it on screen as they did with Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell when he was on I'm A Celebrity.'He was just ridiculous, puffed-up and so funny,' says Ant. It'd be too tempting and then we'll never get on that New Year's Honours list.'And with that, the boys ('we'll always be "the boys", even when we're 60') bounce off for more tea, chat, vitamins and our three-hour photo shoot where they paint each other gold.
But it really started officially last year when we both decided to give it a go and it's been great. It's impossible not to like them, or want to share in their fun and laugh at their terrible jokes.
Surely it's only a matter of time before Sir Ant and Sir Dec are doing very silly things with the heir to the throne on Saturday night TV.
I can't exactly say in the Daily Mail she's a massive snorer, can I?''She purrs like a pneumatic drill, ha ha ha,' laughs Dec.
I came back from Australia and thought, "Look at my car, isn't it brilliant?" And I can't get in it.

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