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It was only then that my master glanced at me and acknowledged my presence.Five years later, I thought freely of right and wrong and spoke freely of approval or disapproval.

My master gave me a smile.Seven years later, my thoughts came naturally without any conceptions of right and wrong, and words came naturally without any intention of pleasing or offending. For the first time, my master invited me to sit by his side.Nine years later, no matter what came to my mind or what came out of my mouth, there was nothing that was right or wrong, pleasing or offending. Outdoor in fresh air, close to a large healthy tree, is best- Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes- Stand with your feet parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart, measured from your inside heels- Bend your knees slightly and lean them out a bit- Relax your lower back and tuck-in your tailbone. This will straighten the lower spine- Back of your thighs and buttocks should be totally relaxed and should shake like jelly when you pat them- Tuck your chin slightly inward- Keep the mouth closed with the tongue softly resting on the roof of the mouth- Keep the arms and hands relaxed by the sides of the body- Breathe deeply- Relax completelyQigong, like yoga, is a worldwide phenomenon now and you should be able to easily find a place where you can join people who meet regularly to practise it.

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