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Jade, a precious and painfully shy 17-year-old came to see me with the intention of feeling “happy again.” This young woman, has an IQ that’s almost Mensa worthy, achievements that will surely secure her a scholarship to any college, and two hospitalizations for attempting to end her own life. A survey released by the World Health Organization in May found depression to be the number one cause of illness and disability in adolescents worldwide.
Conversations focus on hopelessness, (What’s the point?) or are predominantly self-loathing (I’m not good enough).
Change in school performance, abrupt change in peer groups, or frequent absences from school. To learn more about other signs and symptoms of  teenage depression please visit the Mayo Clinic’s Article. This entry was posted in Parenting, Self Esteem Girls, Self Esteem Teenage and tagged depression in teen girls, helping teens with depression, is your daughter depressed, parenting, self-esteem for teens, self-esteem issues, signs of depression, signs of depression in girls, teen girls self-esteem.
Depression being the result of a low self esteem, mind set, or having low self esteem, not being able to advocate for yourself, and developing coping skills that allow you to move through your life. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Are you worried about your daughter having the "blues" or feelings of depression? The hormonal changes that come with puberty not only affect kids physically but also emotionally. However, hormones don’t always tell the full story, so don’t be too quick to write off her moodiness as just a passing phase. If you think your girl may be struggling with stress or depression, ask questions about her social life, school and other important areas of her world to gain more insight into her experience. You may recall the stress that came with trying to fit in and look a certain way when you were younger. Have regular discussions with your daughter about the messages society sends about beauty and deconstruct them together. From the changes that come with puberty to the pressures of excelling academically, succeeding socially and meeting unrealistic beauty ideals, it can be challenging to tell if your daughter is experiencing fleeting moodiness or more serious depression.
Common signs of depression in teenagers include sadness, withdrawal from family or friends, irritability or lack of interest in activities she normally enjoys.
Some kids strive to solely please their parents instead of being motivated by their own autonomy. A lack of physical activity, sufficient sleep or regular nutritious meals can exacerbate negative emotions. If she has started menstruating, help her become more in tune with the physical and emotional changes that happen before and during her period by encouraging her to track her cycle.
If your daughter has yet to begin menstruation, have plenty of conversations about it before it starts. Should you suspect your daughter is feeling depressed or down, avoid being confrontational.
Help your daughter recognize that sadness is an emotion that is part of the human experience. In fact, I have a quiz on this website and over 50% of girls have answered that they are ashamed of how they look. Ultimately, the problem is that we are trying to find teenage self esteem and worth apart from God.

However, I do believe there are other influences in our culture today that also contribute to this emptiness inside us.
Video Games and Body Image - are all those hours playing video games deepening the problem? Body Image Lies Women Believe - Read 26 different stories from 26 women and learn how to overcome body image lies with God's truth. Women today may feel they have come a long way since the inequality of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. While decades ago toy pushchairs, prams and household equipment like play ovens came in whites, reds and blues - aimed at both genders - today the majority are all pink.
And while the items above aimed at girls relate to being domesticated, in contrast boys today are encouraged to play with science sets, cars and action heroes.Let Toys Be Toys, set up by a group of British parents last November, are calling for this to change. He said: 'Recently, the company (Lego) started producing five curvy plastic 'friends' who bake, home-make, decorate, style hair and shop. Rainbow Bright: In her modern day incarnation, right, the character is taller and slimmer with more make-up and slicker hair. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You can blame hormones, blame the media, blame whatever you want but don’t ignore the signs and causes of teenage depression.
You may notice that they have to constantly be connected to friends or strangers online, needing to be around people physically, or always be physically or virtually connected. Realizing as we move through the stages of life, love, family, death, illness, we can perservere with the right tools. The tools and insights of a self advocating person, are hard earned and as a parent, wife, sister, daughter, 2 time cancer survivor, 2 new hips, and I could go on, but will not. All the components that go along with seeking help, asking questions, and most important of all, self advocating!!
Her bodily changes can also interact with other environmental factors that may contribute to depressive feelings. Kids often worry about their future, anything from being accepted to the "right" college to securing a stable job when they’ve grown up. Tell her you’re happy to lend a nonjudgemental ear if she wants to open up, but you understand if she’d rather not. Cousineau explains: “Cultural standards for beauty are so narrow and the majority of girls and women can’t – and will never – physically fit into these ideal image myths. For advice on how to do this, see our "Role of Media" section.” By helping her become media literate, you can give her an invaluable tool in resisting harmful media messages. Symptoms can be similar, but if they are persistent for two weeks or longer, it could indicate depression – and you should talk to her doctor.
Madeline Levine, a psychologist who has researched children from affluent families, writes in her best-selling book, The Price of Privilege, “What looks like healthy assimilation into the family and community – getting high grades, conforming to parents’ and community standards and being receptive to the interests and activities valued by others – can be deceptive. That way, she will feel much more emotionally equipped to manage her period when the time comes. Instead, engage her in an activity – anything from doing the dishes to walking the dog – and ask gentle questions about specific areas of her life to get a better sense of what she is going through. The popular My Little Pony - which back in the Eighties did resemble the figure of a horse - has now been given long, slim legs, huge eyes complete with long false eyelashes and a long, wavy mane to rival the Duchess of Cambridge's.It isn't just girls who suffer from the gender segregation of toys.

So many professionals and parents still don’t have the mental health awareness to see that teen depression is a big deal, especially in girls.
If you have noticed that any of these are persistent or present themselves in your teen, don’t wait to get on the phone with your school’s counselor and ask for resources or for people in your area that treat teen girls. A recent survey by the American Psychological Association has shown the level of stress that teens experience is comparable to that of adults. One third of the teens surveyed reported that stress caused them feelings of depression or sadness.
Explain that keeping her emotions bottled up can only make them seem worse than they are, so encourage her talk to her peers, teachers or other family members. Jean Kilbourne asserts that these pressures are worse for girls today than they were 40 years ago, thanks to the thousands of images of unattainable beauty they’re likely to be exposed to on a weekly basis. Additionally, some girls experience a drop in their academic performance, but not all girls do. Kids can present as models of competence and still lack a fundamental sense of who they are.
Encourage her independence, relieve her of your expectations, and support her in identifying her own values and interests. Ita€™s no surprise that the vast majority of adults with eating disorders are women.' Psychologist Steve Biddulph agrees. In the United States, fewer than half of adolescents with a mental health problem receive treatment. What’s more, it seems that teen girls in the US are almost three times more likely to suffer from depression than boys of the same age. Others may want to avoid being too closely monitored, especially while their sense of identity and independence is developing. You might want to also suggest she keep a "for her eyes only" journal where she can vent and try to make sense of her emotions.
In his book, Raising Girls, he points to how little girls are are continually being bombarded with the message that it's their looks and being 'hot' that is the most important thing.
This is about doing the right thing by our children and giving them a real and varied choice. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2011, 1.4 million girls ages 12-17 in the United States experienced an episode of depression. Talking to your daughter about the impact hormones may have on her moods can help her understand that what she is experiencing is perfectly normal.
A recent UK survey reported similar findings in that girls between the ages of 15 – 19 had one of the highest numbers of hospital admissions for stress, behind only middle-aged men. While the media is to blame, he also points to the toy industry playing their part.He gives the example of a new range of 'Friends' Lego aimed at girls (predominantly pink of course) that focuses on being beautiful and marginalises female roles in society. Such elevated levels of stress are associated with poor body image, lower self-esteem and increased depressive symptoms.

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