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This is the last part of my “Top Ten” series from my MS Dynamics World talk “Secrets to a Successful CRM Deployment”. With the introduction of the data centers in Sydney and Melbourne, we now have the option of getting CRM Online without the data ever leaving Australian shores. While data sovereignty is not a huge issue for most industries, for the finance industry there is still a lot of reservation about data heading overseas.
One of the major regulatory bodies for the Australian financial industry, APRA, has, in the past, issued strong warnings about using online services. Hierarchical Views I talked a little about hierarchical views in my Corpse Relationship Management post. This new feature provides a graphical view of a list of records which are related to each other but is only good for one entity type at a time. For example, in the corpse example, where the hierarchy is the link of which zombies created other ones, it is clear that Jim Grim is very active at creating zombies whereas this information may not have been clear in the traditional form views. Branching allows us to put conditionals into our process reflecting more closely what happens in the real world.

With a better alignment to actual processes, flows can be implemented in CRM and give a new employees a clear, guided process to follow, improving adoption and allowing them to learn the system and the business processes quickly. Fixing the Excel export so it works as the user expects is a great leap forward in assisting users to fully embrace Dynamics CRM. So, for example, if you need a field to appear based on the value of two other fields, this is now possible.
Folder Tracking for Mobility A new feature which, for me, the jury is still out on is folder tracking for mobility. This feature brings the tracking capability, previously only available to Outlook to any device. In essence, the user simply drags an email to a special folder and CRM picks it up and tracks it to CRM.
While it was possible to create custom help web pages back in the v1.2 and, from memory, the v3 days, when CRM Online came out it became a lot harder.
This is perfect for customised systems where the user may need assistance with a new entity or for the new user trying to get to grips with the system.

I created a similar search using workflows a number of years ago but there is no need for mine now that it is baked into the product and infinitely easier to administer. Those who have subsequently moved to CRM 2015 could not be happier and as this is the part of CRM users interact with the most, it is great Microsoft have made it so adoptable for all types of CRM users. Themes Many, many years ago, when I worked with SalesLogix, there was one thing I did to every demo system to guarantee a smile on the prospect’s face: add their logo to the system.
That was over 15 years ago so it is great to see Microsoft bring the ability to add themes to Dynamics CRM. If you are still on CRM 2013, seriously consider upgrading for the new menu and if you are about to implement a new CRM system, consider using themes to make the system truly part of your business.

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