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The Law Of Attraction-The law of attraction believes that what you think is actually possible. The Bible’s Teaching-Bible which is the holy book of all the Christians, emphasize on the faith and belief. Power Of Thought-In order to find out how the teachings of the bible are related to the law of attraction, we have to focus on certain points. Effect Of Thoughts-Both the bible and law of attraction says the way you think is the way you act but in different manner. Fight Of Thoughts-A human mind always goes through a fight between two bulls, one is a good thought and one is a bad thought.
As we have seen both the perspectives we can come to a conclusion that the law of attraction and bible both are not contradicting each other, in fact they both have some kind of correlation. Last summer, the popular vlogger, producer and director launched Beme for iOS, and now it's finally available for Android too. If you think positively then all the positive things will happen with you and same with the negative thoughts.
We have seen that both the law of attraction as well as bible are focusing on the power of positive thoughts.

Law of attraction says that your positive and negative thoughts lead your behavior and your behavior in turn leads your future. The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile. If you keep on thinking in a negative manner then you will realize that all the things will turn out in a negative way. This means that whatever you think from your heart and if believe it strongly, then that thought will materialize itself in the reality.
The only mere difference is bible says it is God who possesses all the energies and God is everywhere.
In other words, your future is in your own hands and depends on your thoughts whereas; bible says that your thoughts lead your actions. This is the moral of the law of attraction whereas bible does not talk about negative thoughts or bad bulls. It depends on person to person to decide how the teachings of the bible are related to the law of attraction. But the main idea of both the philosophies is same and that is turning your thoughts to positive and lives a happy life.

It constantly emphasize on the beliefs and positive thoughts so that one can lead a positive and happy life. Both the philosophies complement each other in a different manner which leads to common teachings.
There is one short story in bible about Joseph who became a king only by believing in his thoughts and dreams which he possessed since his childhood.
Law of attraction focuses on being spiritual whereas according to bible, being religious is the only way to get moksh.
Actually thinking is the work of sub-conscious mind and that’s why we never realize what we are actually thinking. It needs constant devotion and meditation to actually know about your thoughts and to heal them for positive approach.

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