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Hopefully some you of like pink, because the May apron, which was made from a vintage embroidered linen tablecloth, is very pink. This linen is heavyish, but I lined the bodice and neck pieces anyway just to give them a little more structure. The monthly apron giveaway will run for the rest of this year (and maybe longer), and I’ll try to post the apron in the beginning of the month.
You have not already won an apron in the monthly apron giveaway (if you’ve won an apron before this year, you can still enter).

To find previous patterns in this series, type “Summer Garlands” in the search box on my sidebar. Because I wanted to utilize as much of the tablecloth as possible, I constructed the apron front with two pieces, which means I have enough fabric left for another apron. The bias trim is made with a geometric print that I thought looked nice with the cross-stitching, and there’s a bit of vintage rick-rack inserted in the front seam. Since the publication of the acclaimed first volume, a virtual explosion in the number of exciting discoveries in dinosaur paleontology has made supplemental volumes necessary and indispensable.

I didn’t realize I had positioned those flowers right over the boobs until I put the apron on the dress form for photos. Like the previous supplements, this volume includes lengthy sections on dinosaurian schematics and genera and updates the encyclopedia's list of excluded genera.Supplemental volumes do not repeat information from earlier volumes, but build upon them.

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