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A dear friend of mine, John Harricharan, author of best-selling, “When You can Walk on Water, Take the Boat,” explained to me that the real title comes from within you, like the book. Obviously a couple of these suggestions apply only to nonfiction books, but novelists can extrapolate what they say into the fiction realm. And for a little fun, once you’ve got a title or two in mind, head over to Lulu’s title scorer to see how it might work for you! In the meantime, I’m stuck with my title dilemma, none of my research having given me any definitive direction. This entry was posted in About Writing, Books, Creativity, Fiction, Ideas, Submissions, Tools, Words, Writing and tagged book titles, finding the right title, novel titles, titles. My two prospective titles are essentially the same–one a prepositional phrase, one the related two-noun combo.
I kindly ask you to read everything on the Title Page of this picture collection carefully. It has been printed 150 million times in many languages, fought over, filmed a couple of times and even served as the inspiration for a popular, if wildly irreverent Broadway musical.

Janes used the podcasts to explore the origin and often evolving meaning of historical documents both famous and less known.
After a few years and various adventures and misfortunes, Smith completed what he called a translation of the plates, and the resulting book is now published worldwide in more than 100 languages. Janes said he chose the topic because he wanted to explore the founding document of a faith, all of which are world-changing in their way. The Documents that Changed the World podcast series is also available on iTunes, with more than 60,000 downloads there so far. I was young and stubborn when my first novel came out and I insisted on my version of the title—years later, I learned that the publisher had been right, but it was a little late then. UW Today presents these periodically, and all of the podcasts are available online at the Information School website.
I wish I could have that upwelling of feeling about a title, but it’s never happened yet.
If your title is “How to increase your IQ by 10 points, studying an extra 5 hours a day,” I’m not interested.

And if you have any secrets, methods, or ideas about finding the right title, please share it here! You also don’t want a title so obscure or undescriptive that nothing will come up on a search. I sent them out to my online writing community and asked for opinions, and they came back weighing in more or less equally for each of the two titles.
With that confidence, the energy of the book can come through, almost like a light shining through the window.

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