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THE CLAIM: Curl Secret is a revolutionary new styler that gives you a “perfect curl” every time. The only work you have to do prep the piece of hair, place it in the device and clamp it shut.
The most important step to stress when using the product is having the curl chamber side of the device always face your head.
The only buyer we'd be hesitant to recommend Curl Secret to are those naturally gifted with the curling wand. Curl Secret not only changed the way we curl our hair, but better yet, changed who can curl their hair. Curl Secret is currently available at ULTA stores, and coming soon to drugstores nationwide. Conair's Curl Secret is one of a few "perfect" curl appliances hitting the market right now. Once you clamp the Curl Secret closed it will suck your hair up into the machine, curling the hair around a barrel.

My hair is currently just below my chin, in a bob that is definitely too short to use the Perfect Curl.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I recently purchased the Babylis Pro Perfect Curl and I've been using it away for a couple of months. To prove this to myself, and because I'm a product geek (!), I went ahead and purchased the Curl Secret and gave it a whirl to test its efficacy.
Curl your hair in layers, but for each layer, alternate with left and right direction (for example, on the left hand side of your face, your base layer might be all curled to the left, then the next layer will be all curled to the right, then the final layer, all to the left), and so on, depending on how many layers you want to introduce, and how tight you want the curls to appear.
For temperature and timer settings, you'll really need to experiment a bit, as the style you want to create will require different settings but these will vary depending on your own hair type, condition and length. It features an automatic curl chamber draws the hair in, heats, holds, and times it, creating any type of curl on any type of hair.
Over on my friend Kelly's blog, you can read her Curl Secret review (and watch her Curl Secret Tutorial Video).

The timing feature takes away the guessing game as to how long it takes to achieve the type curl you're after, and unlike regular curling irons, the chamber heats the hair from both sides and is coated with a ceramic finish, resulting in strong, more polished finish.
If this occurs, an automatic sensor will detect the tangle, release your hair, and turn down the heat to avoid any damage. Next, we clamped the device shut, triggering it to suck the strand into the chamber, making it disappear with no tangles or tugs. In 5-10 seconds, we heard a beeping noise, which alerted us it was time to release the strand.

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