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I think what ended up happening was, her boyfriend and his brother went to jail (I know the brother did for sure) but I can't be sure about the boyfriend.
In the spring of 2009, after Heather and I had been driving each other’s sons to school for several months, I had to trade days at the last minute so I could go to New York. Here we lived on the same short street and attended the same block parties, yet unlike today’s adopted kids who freely share such information, we kept our adoptions quiet. Over the next several months, Heather and I talked about our birth families, and about the secrets we had to keep even after our reunions. It’s hard to find non-offensive words, politically correct words, or words that won’t hurt someone else’s feelings—which meant I often kept my own thoughts and feelings secret. That conference was the first time I’d ever been in a place where everyone spoke openly about adoption.
The following week we wondered: what if there was a place where a whole tribe of adoptees could connect and share their stories with people who understand what the words mean? It is estimated that there are more than 4 million of us impacted by the sealed records era, and there are 36 U.S.
It’s our great hope that this collection of stories grows and helps shine a light on that fact, and put a human face on those numbers. Donate & Support StoriesIf you find inspiration in our online family room, please become a supporting member! A high-school student's (Elisha Cuthbert) obsession with gambling leads to mounting debt and family tension. Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community of users.
In the months since Philomena debuted and went on to receive four Oscar nominations, Philomena (both the real person and the movie version) has brought international attention to Ireland’s adoption history and helped drum up support for legal changes that would allow Irish adoptees to access records that could help them trace their origins.

What I hadn’t realized until last year, and many of our friends who had been adopted hadn’t either, is that there are 39 U.S. Shining a light on that fact—and putting a human face on those numbers—was what inspired us to create Secret Sons & Daughters and begin collecting stories.
Having unrestricted access to your original birth certificate means having the right to the truth about your origins, your ancestry, your medical history—the nonfiction version of your life’s first chapter if you will.
To find out where your birth state stands on records access, visit our Discover Your Rights page. Christine was born in Massachusetts, adopted and raised in New York, and has been reunited with her biological families for more than twenty years. I had just spent two previous years studying the power of words to inform, to entertain, to connect and even to heal. I met American and British and Chinese adoptees, birth (first) moms, adoptive parents, social workers, and documentary filmmakers.
Secret Sons & Daughters grew from there, to include John Murphy, Jason Clawson, Darlene Coyne and Kendra Crookston, who believed in this idea of the power of stories and were the first to share their photographs and tales. In addition, we hope it will give adoptees an opportunity to be heard and foster a deeper understanding of what it was like to be adopted in an era of societal secrecy and shame. We want to hear about your secrets, searches, reunions, rejections, and about the relationships—both adoptive and birth—that you can’t live without.
We are ad-free, so your much needed donations, along with our participation in a few select affiliate programs, help sustain Secret Sons & Daughters' mission to create awareness, healing, and change through the power of stories.
With that said, it’s important to clarify that advocating for a right to one’s original birth certificate is often confused with advocating reunions. It’s a right every non-adopted adult enjoys, as well as adult adoptees in almost a dozen U.S.

In order to get information beyond what an original birth certificate offers, you have to make contact. Her award winning essay, Portrait in Nature and Nurture, is now included in an adoption training manual. I’d been reunited with my birth parents for more than twenty years, and while I’d written about adoption, I still struggle sometimes to find the right words to talk about it. This means millions of American adoptees have restricted access to their origins, ancestry, and in many cases, critical medical history that could help an adoptee and his or her children. This means millions of American adoptees have restricted access to their origins, ancestry, and in some cases—to medical history that could help an adoptee and his or her children with genetic-related illnesses, as Darlene Coyne’s story on this site shows. For some adoptees, connecting with biological families is meaningful well beyond an exchange of information, for others it’s not, and for others still, any sort of contact is not worth the potential complications. She received an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University and has been a journalist and travel writer for 14 years, a writing workshop leader, and a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts fellow. It’s a long story.” She said, “You’re what?” then shared that she recently visited her own birth mother, whom she’d met eighteen years earlier. What you do with that truth, whether or not you initiate a relationship, and at what level of contact (if available), is something very personal, something to be worked out within families, and something beyond the realm of legislation.

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