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There are a couple of ways to get Disneyland discount tickets. These discount tickets are available all throughout the year, but the discounts are more readily available in the off-season.
The best discounts available for Disneyland park tickets are from the authorized ticket reseller Get Away Today. To offer these discounts, Get Away Today purchases huge blocks of tickets from Disney and breaks them up to sell to guests visiting the Disneyland Resort. Through our exclusive partnership, we are able to offer the lowest priced Disneyland tickets. Pro Tip: Sometimes the lowest prices on Disneyland vacations can be found when you book a Disneyland package that includes both tickets and hotels.
After purchasing your tickets, you will be emailed a voucher which you can take to any of the Disneyland Resort ticket booths to pick up your tickets.
Three day and longer tickets also include one Magic Morning early entry admission into Disneyland Park to experience select attractions in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland one hour before the park opens on to the public on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. The other great reason to avoid visiting for just one day is that these tickets aren’t ever discounted to the general public. While I don’t highly recommend visiting Disneyland for only one day, it is possible to get a good feeling of the resort in this amount of time.
As you start to spend more and more time in Disneyland, there will be even more discounts available (access these longer stay discounts here). What this means is that upgrading from three days with park hopper to four days to four days with a park hopper will start to get less and less expensive.
There is no time wasted, they are necessary for the shows, and you’ll desperately want to jump between parks. For your easy Disneyland price comparison, here are the current maingate Disneyland ticket prices. Check out the full Disneyland ticket demand based pricing calendar below to understand the fluctuating prices for one day tickets. Rather than just booking all of the Disneyland tickets and hotels yourself online, Get Away Today provides for direct interaction with their top ranked travel agents. If you are going to visiting Disneyland for more than seven days throughout a period of 365 days, it is probably worth it for you to get a Disneyland annual pass. With the amount that we eat on our Disneyland vacations, the dining discount from having one pass comes in quite handy. This is only pass with no blackout dates and you can be admitted to the parks all 365 days of the year.
This pass allows admission into the parks on most days of year except for some busy blackout days–the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years. Included are discounts of up to 15% off at most dining locations and 20% off most merchandise. This pass is valid for 315 days throughout the year. Almost every holiday and Saturday is blocked off with this pass (this can vary, so check on the Disneyland Annual Pass blackout calendar). Some Disneyland annual passes are blocked out on busy days, like Saturdays in the peak season.
See the calendar for blackout dates for Disneyland annual passholders to make sure that you don’t visit on a day that you may be blocked out. To plan your full Disneyland vacation, be sure to visit our ultimate guide to planning a Disneyland vacation. If you want to get the full Southern California theme park experience, the CityPass is a fantastic option. Costco Canada provides a very steep discount of the Southern California CityPass, which can only be purchased by people with a Canadian address. Disneyland tickets can be used as credit towards the purchase of a higher-priced ticket or annual pass.
While the official statement from Disney is that they never replace lost tickets, that isn’t true.

Tickets can be purchased until two days before your trip from Get Away Today as mentioned above.
Disney Youth Education Series (YES) is a program offered throughout the year that provides educational classes on topics ranging from leadership to marine biology that are taught inside of the Disney theme parks. As a side benefit to these cool Disney classes is the opportunity to purchase discount Disneyland tickets.
After checking out the class options, be sure to request concierge level help from a special group ticketing agent from Get Away Today.
Disney offers discounts for entrance to Disneyland to large corporations and government agencies in Los Angeles. Also, most Disneyland Corporate Sponsors are given tickets or sell tickets to employees for a big discount.
Any teachers who are members of a union in the US or Canada are very likely to be eligible for heavily discounted tickets. You can find more information and advice on planning your Disneyland vacation by subscribing to our Disneyland discounts newsletter and by visiting the other articles available on the website. You can save more than $20 per ticket if you follow the instructions below and visit the best ticket reseller, Get Away Today.
Not only do they have better Disneyland discounts than the other resellers, but the customer service and easy support is absolutely fantastic.
When you book with Get Away Today, you will receive our exclusive low priced discount Disneyland tickets plus extra package bonuses in a special vacation package. Even after purchasing your tickets, you should subscribe to our deals email for exclusive discounts on shopping, dining, and transportation surrounding your Disneyland vacation. With the park hopper pass you are able to access both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland in the same day. This addition is quite worthwhile to experience popular attractions like Space Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight. The more days that you are thinking about spending, the more likely that your cost per day will be lower.
This seems to be the perfect amount of time to really get acclimated to the Disney lifestyle and take in all of the parts of the parks.
Depending on when you can see these shows, you’ll want to switch between the two parks to find the best viewing.
They are one of the few companies that can provide easy access direct tickets for the parks with the best level of customer service. Not only will you most likely save money on your tickets, but passes also provide a discount on food and merchandise.
Pick one person in your group who may return to Disneyland within the year and purchase an annual pass for them.
Included in this passport is also complimentary parking in the two main Disneyland Resort parking lots. The only people who should consider this pass are those who want to only visit Disneyland during the week and not during summer. If you know that the annual pass that you will purchase is blocked out on a certain day that you want to visit, purchase the annual pass that day. The pass includes entry to Sea World (1 day), Disneyland (3 days-includes early entry), and Legoland (1 day). These tickets must be picked up at the Disneyland Resort and not at any of the other destinations. But, to be eligible for an upgrade you must upgrade during the time period that your ticket is still valid. If you have already used a multi-day ticket in the parks and therefore already have a photo and name associated with it on the Disney servers, they can void your old ticket and print you a new one. If you missed this window of time, check the Disneyland Welcome center located inside the Harbor Boulevard Doubletree for the only official last-minute reduced price tickets. Check with your Human Resources department for all of the information regarding the available Disneyland ticket discounts.

It may sound like a good idea to purchase this and save a boatload of money, but Disney now has systems in place to stop purchases like this.
There are stories every year about people’s identity being stolen and Disneyland tickets being faked.
You aren’t limited and by choosing this option you can start the day in one park and end in the other.
Book your tickets at least two days before your arrival to ensure that they are processed in time for the first day of your Disneyland vacation. There are so many attractions, shows, and types of fantastic food that you have to try, that one day just isn’t enough. With this ticket you can get FastPasses in one park and then switch to the other park to get more FastPasses there. Even without the discounts that begin to pop up, the daily rate of the ticket will be very low. The more time that you have, the more you will be able to do and the more leisurely your pace can be. So, I really recommend getting the three to five day park hopper ticket to fully enjoy your Disneyland vacation. Also, realize that the food available in Disney California Adventure is far better than the greasier fare found inside of Disneyland. You can purchase vouchers at some Southern California supermarkets, but they cost the same amount as you would spend in park and you will still have to go through the same processing at Disneyland. This Annual Pass has the most blackout dates with every Saturday and Sunday blocked, all of July, most of August, and December. Often, families will upgrade their ticket to an annual pass on the last day of their visit.
Always remember to compare these ticket prices to the discounts available to the public (listed above). These Disneyland discount tickets vary in the amount that’s discounted from agency to agency. With every ticket that is used, a picture of the ticket holder is taken so that it cannot be shared. In fact, did you know that Disneyland Resort actually has more rides that Walt Disney World? The two computer systems that control the FastPass machines aren’t linked between the parks. Rather than just factoring in the amount of days in which a Disneyland pass would pay for itself, also include the discounts and parking benefits when making your decision.
So, if you purchased an annual pass on a Saturday that would usually be blocked out, you will be able to use your pass at both parks on that day.
When you upgrade a ticket the amount that you spent on the ticket will be applied towards the new pass.
The only big difference is that the Walt Disney World rides are spread out across four parks, while the Disneyland attractions are all pushed in close together.
Also, Disney California Adventure closes before Disneyland Park most nights, so to maximize your time, you’ll want to switch parks and head to Disneyland to end the night. Consider just purchasing one annual pass so that you will receive these benefits and discounts wherever you go, but don’t have to pay the high prices for all members of your party. If you purchased discounted tickets, the amount that you paid will be the amount that is applied towards a new pass. If you already exited the parks, visit the Guest Relations window on the left hand side of the Disneyland main gate.

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