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Regina talked about her sons and suddenly Ali asks her if she would disown on of them, if they did something really wrong, like selling a family heirloom to buy drugs. She looks around herself and sees the blond girl from before, who isn’t anybody knew. Hannah tells Emily to talk to Ben, because he’s been telling everybody that they had sex that weekend. They tease each other and Ali asks him what are he and his stoner friends doing behind his locked door. Spencer says she thought Ali was hanging out with Aria, and Ali answers that Aria wasn’t feeling that well after they had froyo. Spencer and Emily are there too, and Ali tells Spencer to stop stressing, as she took care of it.
This person has dark boots and probably young female hands.) A while later, Emily wakes up and Ali is with her. Ali goes on, saying that the girl lifted the knife up in the air and planted in her sister’s heart. Aria is shocked for her friend and tells Emily she’ll go with her, but Emily stops her. Aria and Ali turn in a small street, where they see Byron kissing the blonde student in his car. Aria arrives, saying that she doesn’t feel like going to a party, but wanted to see the girls all dressed up. The girls are about to start dancing, when they notice Jenna, dressed as Lady Gaga too (and looking a lot better than Ali).

The parents arrived and were horrified, but the little girl had a smile on her face as she watched the blood coming out of her sister’s heart. Spencer is texting and when Ali scolds her, she says she was earning some votes for the students’ elections.
Spencer burns it, but then Ali asks her why didn’t she look at them first, hinting that some of her friends might not have voted her.
The parents had no choice but send her away to a house for the criminals and insane, and that’s where she remained until yesterday, when she escaped and vowed to come back to Rosewood and stab every child who dared go trick or treat on Halloween.
Ali asks what kind of movie and Jason says that if he told her that he would have to kill her.
There’s a staring contest between the two, interrupted by Spencer, who sees someone in a Frankenstein baby costume outside, spying on them. Asked by the girls, Ali said that the note was from Jason’s buddies, but she looked scared.
Spencer says that she has to win now, as her parents are already planning her victory party.
Spencer thinks Melissa is just trying to survive in their family, but Ali puts her in doubt. She says she does it a lot and asks Hannah if she isn’t sick and tired to be herself. Emily receives a text from Ben, who wants her to go as sexy cop to the Halloween party, but she wants to go as an Indiana girl. Ali asks Aria how’s her mum, making Aria upset and attracting the attention of the others.

Suddenly Lucas pours his drink on Ali and starts saying he’s sorry and cleaning her shoes.
Ali tells her that no one likes a downer and since she saw her dad with that chick she takes the air away as soon as she enters in a room. Lucas says it was an accident and Ali takes advantage to tease him cruelly, calling him Hermie and suggesting that he’s an hermaphrodite. Hannah is surprised that Emily lost her virginity before all of them, because she thought she was a prude.
He says that his name is Lucas, but Ali keeps calling him Hermie and asks him if he still has both.
Hannah asks if she’s trying to scare them and Spencer says kids go in there all the time at Halloween.
Aria is scared and says she feels like something really bad happened in there, but Ali says it’s just an old house.
The front door od that house opens and in front of it there’s a car from Radley Sanitarium.

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